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Bus survey results


The results of the survey up until January 14 2014 are published below. 61 people responded to the survey.

 Question 2

If you never use the bus service please briefly state your reasons for not doing so


Not currently using as children too young to use independently but they will!                               
I would use it if I were sure of its times and route. It seems rather erratic - I'm not sure where the 16 stops are. People wait t the end of Mingle Lane but the stop appears to be on Hinton Way.
Have a car but think it is a very valuable service. Would be v. isolated without transport.


A very limited service. If there were more buses in a day I would certainly use the service


The route takes the bus around Stapleford and Trumpington and takes 45minutes to do a 4.5 mile journey which is too long. Stapleford and Trumpington already have good bus services so I think that our bus should go straight to Cambridge centre. There should also be a bus that returns to Little Shelford during the late morning so that passengers do not have to wait until mid- afternoon to return to Little Shelford.


Not convenient times.

Because I don't think I can use my day-rider ticket on it.

The times I need to use it there is not a service and if I do it stops at too many different places.

Use own transport

Currently I am able to cycle around.

Cycle or drive

It is not regular enough so hard to know what times it comes.

Car, bike and feet satisfy my needs.

Service too infrequent

Cycle links and train links are more than adequate.

We have recently moved into the area and tend to cycle.

Does not run at convenient times


Car has been easier with younger children, not frequent enough

Very long waiting times, not frequent enough

At the moment I am still able to cycle to Cambridge.

My needs are met by P&R

Use the Park and Ride because the No 31 is so infrequent

Have a car

I always find it easier to use a car or push bike. My daughter does use a bus but from Great Shelford as they run more offen and would prefer to walk or cycle to the main bus stop opposite the post office.

I cycle or drive.

Typically cycle - not really investigated bus option

Not frequent enough

Service is too infrequent.

Don't know when it is due, or how long it would take to get to town. Would it be able to go to the parts that I need to go?

I do find the P & R suits me. but when I am too old to drive, the use of such a bus service would be MUCH appreciated.

We travel by car to the Park & Ride or sometimes park in Cambridge.

Buses do not run frequently enough so its easier to use the P&R site.

Too infrequent to be useful.

Not enough buses through the day so I use my car

Stopped using bus service into Cambridge several years ago because infrequent and very indirect route.

It doesn't run regularly enough to make it useful to me.

It is too infrequent for it to be of any use to me.

I am 93 & disabled so unable to use buses but I feel that the 31 bus is a lifeline for many in the village.

Question 10

Please write any other comments you may have about the Little Shelford bus service below.

Might be difficult to negotiate the Whittlesford Rd/Church St junction safely; if it came down Church St that would exacerbate traffic issues.

I would like just one service that went straight through Trumpington into town without doubling back to Addenbrooke's - this diversion takes such a long time if you don't happen to be visiting the hospital. Only in favour of the number 7 bus being re-routed through Little Shelford if some of the buses were direct and not diverting to Addenbrooke's. I tend to use the park & ride because it is direct. I would prefer to use a standard village service (ie no need to use care) but ALL of them seem to divert to Addenbrooke's which adds c20 minutes to the journey into town (unless the service were to go down Hinton Way and along Babraham Rd which would be fairly direct.
My only concern is the speed of lorries/cars along Bridge Lane towards Gt Shelford at school times, particularly 8.30-9 and 3.20-4 (?going and leaving?). Children are v. vulnerable on the thin parts of footpath.
31 is an excellent bus. Keeps to time, friendly and speedy.
If the 31 ran through Shelford/Cambridge Rd I would use it more. The 7 bus is very poor quality and never comes on time so I don't think it would help much.

This is a valuable service for my son to get into school and return on a daily basis. I would need to drive him if it was not available.

I have lived in a row of 9 cottages on the Whittlesford Road half way between Whittlesford and Little Shelford for 35 years. I'm not a driver and for the first 20 or so years we were serviced by the 112 from Saffron Walden and then the 35. I used this service daily for work and my daughters to attend Hills Road college and have a degree of independence at weekends. When the service ended - to my shock and after long discourse with the Local Authority - I was obliged to walk the mile and a quarter along the Whittlesford Road to Little Shelford. I don't object to the walk but the road has no pavement, no streetlights and no speed limit and, at 7.15 in the morning in the winter, it is dark. I am now retired and can catch a later bus but, if the 31 were to be withdrawn, I'd have another mile to walk to Great Shelford post office. I'd also like to point out that there are now six young children living here and, as they get older, it would be difficult for them to achieve a degree of independence without a local bus service. I should be absolutely delighted if the Saffron Walden no. 7 could be re-routed along the Whittlesford Road once again.

The 7.45 service to Cambridge is very efficient even though it does the rounds of Stapleford. It is much faster than the No.7 Bus since it does not have to plough through the Trumpington morning crush. It is kept fairly full during Term time by a lot of Perse School pupils and there is a regular sprinkling of passengers alighting at Addenbrookes, but patronage of this early service by by adult Little Shelfordians is sparse.

The service has not been reliable on time particularly return from Cambridge in the evening

I do not think we need more buses. If the bus runs the same route, but cuts parts out, and runs say only two or three times a week, but still keep the early morning bus for the workers and students. We only need one bus in the mornings and one in the afternoon. After going to Stapleford, go straight down Hinton Way into Cambridge, there is no need to return from Stapleford, up Cambridge Road, Gt Shelford, and round Anstey Way Trumpington. There are plenty of buses to serve these residents. Thank you.

The 31 provides a good service, only the limited frequency is an issue. It is frustrating living in Hauxton without a car and if the Citi7 passed through Little Shelford it would help enormously. I know several people who don't use the 31 service as they are not sure when it runs.

The 7 already has a circuitous route into Cambridge all round Addenbrooke's - an alternative direct route is needed PLUS a village option - links with both P and R's would help.

Why didn't ALL the residents of Little Shelford have one of these questionnaire/surveys put through their door? Only by chance did I, a resident of Little Shelford, find it in Great Shelford Library.

Incredibly important to keep this service and make it more frequent. In the long term, there will be many more people needing the service due to an increasing ageing population.

At present the first journey from Cambridge is at 2pm.which I find very inconvenient and I hope a new service would include a morning journey from Cambridge.

Prefer afternoon route via Mingle Lane, Babraham Rd.

Perhaps a mini-bus service would be more cost effective.

Could the C7 be re-routed to come through Little Shelford. A village bus to the Park and Ride would be very useful

Strongly agree with Question 9 mainly for my young family, aged 11 to 16.

Traffic into Cambridge is dreadful. Anything that encourages people out of their cars is a good thing. At present the 31 is too infrequent, though its timing suits me on some days for work. Its route is rather contorted, but perhaps understandable given that is to serve small villages.

Suggestion #9 seems very sensible, especially for teenagers.

Why not run a more regular small bus/mini bus to Trumpington park & ride & back

We must also consider the needs of other users from Thriplow, Newton, Hauxton, etc who rely on the service and have less access to public transport.. There are a variety of users whose needs differ.

I can drive to the P&R but am anxious for those, particularly the non drivers & disabled, who have no means of getting to Cambridge or to Great Shelford for medical and other essential services.

We don't have the same need for the bus service as others who may find a regular service very useful particularly in the light of increasing congestion and parking problems in Cambridge. I can see that to run an economic service there has to be regular demand and this should determine the need for a service and the regularity of bus times, it's difficult to comment further without knowing the results of the survey.

If the Number 7 could be re-routed through Little Shelford not only would it provide a better service into Cambridge but would connect with Saffron Walden and other local villages. This would make it easier for people without their own transport to visit other people/places and so improve the quality of their lives.

A bus service needs to be frequent to be of any use - users need to have a general sense that if they want a bus at a reasonable hour in the day then one will be due soon. Users do not typically plan their day around convenient bus times. Bus journeys are typically slower and less convenient than car journeys, as cars can be used on demand, so unless a frequent service is provided then there is little incentive to use the bus at all as waiting for a bus or delaying a journey until a bus is due effectively lengthens journey times significantly.

When my children were younger the buses were more frequent and they used it at least once a week.

The Whippet Coaches contract is much better than the previous contractor. It seems to run to time, is a much higher quality of vehicle, and the drivers are more pleasant. It does seem to usually arrive late for the 18.20 return service however, while Cozy's was always on time?

Would a bus service from Little Shelford to Trumpington or Babraham Road Park & Ride be a more integrated approach, perhaps with a minibus

Having a regular reliable bus service from LS into Cambridge would improve the quality of my life immeasurably.

For the past 20 years the bus service between Little Shelford and Cambridge has been, at best, erratic. This has always seemed unreasonable to me, given the number of potential users of a frequent, reliable service.

When I was younger I used the No. 7 frequently