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Council tax poll

Little Shelford Parish Council spends around £18,000 every year, which comes from the village’s share of your council tax bills. Around a third of that money goes on the outstanding mortgage on the Village Hall.

After we pay the part time clerk, (the parish councillors are all unpaid volunteers) that leaves around £9,000 to pay for grass cutting at the Wale Recreation Ground, general maintenance around the village, the allotments, tree trimming and minor grants.

Historically, our bills per head are some of the lowest in Cambridgeshire. But the council is becoming increasingly aware that there isn’t enough money in the pot to do the things we may need to do in the near future. This could include helping to pay the balance for the new Sports and Community Pavilion and refurbishing the play area on the Wale Recreation Ground.

The Parish Council is now trying to decide what is the best way forward. If, for example, the council borrowed £60,000 to pay the outstanding amount on the pavilion and refurbish the play area, that would cost a Band D home 27p a week if we took the loan out over 15 years.

We decided to carry out this poll to get the view of the wider village before a final decision on whether to take out a further loan is taken by the Parish Council on January 29 2014.
You can take the council tax poll here