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Highways Warden

Little Shelford now has its own dedicated ”Highways Warden” This is a new initiative for villages to have a designated person to deal with any road and street issues as well as with any emergency that arises before emergency vehicles arrive.eg flooding on a road; a road blocked by a tree.
The village's Highways Warden is Parish Councillor Mary Toll, who lives in the High Street. There are 70 wardens countywide.

The appointment follows a pilot scheme at Whittlesea. The County Council is inviting volunteers in each parish to take on the role of a Highway Warden, to:

  • Improve Parish Council understanding of budget allocation, pressures and network management policies
  • Provide communication and filter for local concerns over highway issues to avoid matters being forwarded when there is little expectation of delivery
  • Raise awareness of planned work across the road and pavement network in advance
  • Provide better feedback to Parish Council meetings
  • Provide feedback to the service on perceived performance
  • Reduce time spent dealing with requests from Parish Councils
  • Help project manage funding applications for minor works.

Future plans are to hold an annual meeting for Highways Wardens to share issues and best practice, to be briefed on work programmes and to be briefed on work programmes and seasonal service issues such as winter gritting and grass cutting.

Mary Toll can be contacted on 845562 or via email on  egtoll@aol.com