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Little Shelford Community Magazine

New weekly magazine to keep us connected

A new magazine has been created by the villagers of Little Shelford. The first edition was published on March 24. A document containing the magazine can be found at the bottom of the page.

The  weekly chat 'magazine' is to be circulated online for those who have the internet, and in printable format in case some of you can print it off for those neighbours who don't use computers. 

The idea is to have some topics of conversation each week, to be published every Tuesday until we're all safely out the other side of coronavirus. 

Any villagers can submit material (by email) to one or more of the topics to  libby.ahluwalia@btinternet  by the Friday of each week, and Libby will select an interesting range of responses and put them together into a 'magazine' that will be published every Tuesday. You can have your name on your contribution or not, whichever you prefer. You could also submit photos if you like. 

"We'll stick to topics that aren't too controversial as the idea is to bring us together, help us to 'meet' new people even though we're isolated, and give us something more fun to think about than symptoms and toilet paper," said Libby.

"You can just read it and not contribute, if you like; if you're not so confident with writing but would enjoy having your say then you could contribute via a phone call. Children can join in, and teenagers too.

"I'm hoping that, in such an interesting community, we might even end up with an archive of material entertaining enough to make into a book," she said.

In the second edition edition:


In this issue …


A host of golden daffodils – Thriplow                                       page 5


How sad am I?  - a wildlife contribution from Neil Orpwood

page 10


My grandfather, the bigamist – from Mary Palazzo             page 12


Extending the life-span of wood – from Jimmy Altham      page 14


I spy with my little eye      (for children)                                                page   15                                   

Museums and places to ‘visit’ online                                         page 16


A den in the garden – from Diana Haines                                page 18


Listen in – podcast of the week                                                  page 18


Poetry of the week – contributions from Shaista Tayabali, Jimmy Altham and Derek and Brenda Bishop                                        page 19


Photo of the week – from David Ahluwalia                             page 22


Browsing through old photographs                                          page 23


A night in at the theatre – from Jake Dann                             page 25


Staying fit – from Rosa Dann                                                                  page 26


Magnificent Magnolias, a walk around the village                 page 27


Film club – from Julie Darsley                                                     page 29



Desert Island Discs  - from Sally Evans                                     page 30


Recipes – from Julie Darsley                                                                    page 32


British News Archive – from David Jones                                page 35


Sing, Little Shelford!                                                                                 page 38


For the next issue                                                                           page 40


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