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Little Shelford news

Read news published after January 2017 here.

Double village theft

A welder and a drill were stolen in a break-in at a barn in High Street Little Shelford, between 9pm on Jan 13 and 12 noon on Jan 14th.

And on the same dates, registration plates were stolen from a car in Beech Close.

DVD warning

Villagers have been advised NOT to try to use DVDs that have mysteriously been posted through some letterboxes.

Villager David Jones, who lives in Church Street, said: "We have been advised that the mystery DVD delivered through letter boxes in the Village last night is a scam and contains viruses.

"So it would be best not to try to open and read the DVD. Apparently the same DVD was distributed in Harston recently and caused many problems."
Wildife group update                                 

The Shelford Wildlife Group has spent a very productive morning down at Bradmere Pond.
Jonno Record from Shelford Tree Service and Guy Belcher, from Cambridge Biodiversity, pollarded one of the large willow trees on the edge of the pond. With a great backup force we managed to clear all the branches and lit a huge bonfire to burn most of them.
The pond looks in good shape now for the coming spring.

Diana Haines

Bird scarer complaints

There have been several complaints to the Parish Council about late night noise caused by a bird scarer in the Whittlesford Road area.

The National Farmers Union has a Code of Practice. It states they should not use auditory bird scarers after sunset or before sunrise.

Noise nuisance, including bird scarer usage not complying with the code, should be reported to the Environment Health Dept at South Cambs District Council

Contact Details:
03450 450 063

Speedwatch update

Charlie Cooke and Robyn Sorrill are now stepping down as co-ordinations of the Little Shelford Speedwatch group.  In their year and a half of running the scheme, there have been 12 "outings" by volunteers, usually with Charlie and/or Robyn in attendance. Speeding  was noted on 11 of these outings.  The fastest speeds were 45 mph on the Newton Road and on Bridge Lane, near the school.  One motorist was clocked at 46mph on the Whittlesford Rd. Overall, there were 89 motorists exceeding the 30 mph speed limit!
Each of these motorists received a warning letter from the police.

It is because of the dedication by Charlie and Robyn, along, of course, with the Speedwatch volunteers, that motorists have come to realise that we take speeding very seriously in Little Shelford.  However,  constant vigilance is required.  If anyone feels they would like to volunteer to fill the vacancy to coordinate the scheme please contact Mary Palazzo at  mary.palazzo@btconnect.com 

We wish Charlie and Robyn well and thank them warmly for all their enthusiasm and help with getting Speedwatch off the ground.

Another village burglary

Another home has been burgled in the village.

On November 17th, a house was burgled in High Street. A ground floor window was forced and a wallet stolen.

This follows another burglary in Hauxton Road on October 27.

Bracelet found

A very distinctive ladies gold bracelet with a large stone was found in Church Street, Little Shelford on the morning of the 6th November 2016. It was found near the Church and there was a function on at the Church that morning.

The bracelet has a inscription on the reverse of the side.

The bracelet has been reported to Police at Sawston. The owner will need to be able to prove that it belongs to them and be able to confirm the inscription on the back and colour of the stone.

Police believe that the bracelet will have some sentimental value to the owner.

Any enquiries regarding this please email jane.brockett@cambs.pnn.police.uk or leanne.fisher@cambs.pnn.police.uk or make contact on
01223 497610 or 07850 142430

Pavement repair

Pavement at the junction of Whittlesford Road and Church Street is going to be repaired after an elderly lady tripped on the holes and hurt herself.

The accident happened in the summer. However the Parish Council had to complain twice to get he work carried out.

The repairs will be made before the end of January.

 Church alarmed

A new alarm has been installed at All Saints Church to protect the roof, following a recent spate of lead and copper thefts from Churches across South Cambridgeshire

There was an attempt to steal lead at Great Shelford Church on November 16 but their scaffolding alarm protected them.
Apple watch found

An Apple watch has been found along Bradmere Lane in Little Shelford. 

Call 845995 if you are the owner.

Bike stolen

A hybrid bike has been stolen on the outskirts of the village.

On November 10th between 10.45 am 12.30pm on Hauxton Road approximately half a mile outside of the village, the Gents silver hybrid cycle which was secured to lamp post using a steel cable lock around frame and rear wheel was stolen.
Little Shelford house burglary

A house in Hauxton Road, Little Shelford has been burgled.

Between 4.30pm on 26th October and 7.15am on October 27th, burglars gained entry to the victim’s property by forcing open the rear ground floor kitchen window.

They used a garden chair to climb into the kitchen and once in the property have gone to the main bedroom upstairs. An untidy search has been conducted with drawers and cupboards left open and the contents left on the floor. Jewellery appears to be targeted as jewellery boxes have been emptied.

They then went to the spare room to the front of the property on the ground floor, closed the door behind them and placed a cleaning broom against the door to block access. They have exited the property through the window which they opened from the inside.

SSYI update

In the past year, SSYI has delivered 416.5 hours of face to face delivery with young people. They engage with 97 young people regularly with very positive feedback from the young people about how much they appreciate belonging to SSYI. 

They have been investing in 13 young leaders who been giving their time and energy in youth clubs, committee meetings and advisory boards. 

SSYI have provided 8 trips throughout the year with young people, challenging, giving new experiences and growing their confidence. 

The Friday Youth Club remains the flagship activity. It attracts young people from across the area providing an alternative to engaging with negative and anti social behaviour. 

They run an after school football project called Mix It Up which is a non competitive, fun and social way for young people to come together. They also deliver a youth café style club called RED for those aged 14+, which was born out of a need for the older young people to relieve the pressures and stress of exams. This space allows them to engage socially, in a relaxed, calm and chat room atmosphere where we often go deeper in conversations on those bigger questions and issues of life. Alongside these open access projects they deliver a Youth Action Committee, One to One support sessions, detached work, residentials and trips. 

SSYI has a new member on our team called Zac Britton. SSYI has partnered with St. Andrew’s in Stapleford to employ Zac in a joint role to build on the existing youth work in SSYI and to develop the youth work in St. Andrews. They are really excited to have him on board as the work of SSYI is growing and so we need to grow our capacity to deliver quality youth work.

As Zac has a passion for skating they have an exciting plan to start up a new open access project called Shred It Up. This is a skating project, where they will take a bunch of young people in a mini bus, with their gear, and visit Cambridge based skate sites to ride their skateboards, scooters, BMXs or blades. Additionally, the Youth Action Committee recently agreed that they wanted to give something back to the community and, as a result, they have been working alongside the Playscape Committee to see how together, they can support and help with the development of the Great Shelford recreational ground.

For further information and contact details, please visit their website: www.ssyi.club

Bidding auction for Shelford writer's third novel

Little Shelford writer Sarah Vaughan's new novel has been at the centre of a "good six figures" bidding auction.

Simon & Schuster has won what it has labelled a “psychological drama” by Sarah Vaughan at auction.

The publisher acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to Anatomy of a Scandal, and a second novel. Former Guardian journalist Vaughan has published two novels with Hodder.

Agent Lizzy Kremer said she sent the novel to 10 publishers and received “not one rejection”, which the agent said was unprecedented, “but it is so rare for a book to be both grippingly page-turning, and beautifully written. Sarah tackles a difficult subject with great sensitivity.”

The novel centres on a marriage that begins to unravel when the husband is accused of a terrible crime. Sophie is sure her husband James is innocent and desperately tries to protect her family, but Kate, the prosecuting barrister, is certain James is guilty and determined to see him pay for his crime.

Jo Dickinson, publishing director for fiction at Simon and Schuster, said: “I absolutely loved Anatomy of a Scandal from the first page; it represents a new focus from Sarah on the dilemmas that women face when their lives are touched by crime. Sarah has created a stunning novel that is thought-provoking, brave, real and emotional.”

Author Vaughan said: “I’ve been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of those who bid for my novel, and thrilled that it resonates. I’m delighted to be joining Simon & Schuster

Anatomy of a Scandal will be published in the UK in hardback and e-book in January 2018. 
Read a profile of Sarah Vaughan here.                            

                                                                            Wildife group update

The Wildlife Group had a working morning at Bradmere Pond on October 15 and 16th.

They cut back and tidied up, also cutting back some of the Yellow Flag Irises. They left some in heaps so anyone can go and help themselves.

They are Pollarding some of the willows on Sunday 6th November, so if anyone can help, please contact them. You will be very welcome.

 Diana Haines


Cars vandalised

Two cars have been vandalised in Church Street.

The incident happened between 7.15pm on Oct 14th and 9am on October 15th when a Landrover Freelander and a Volkswagen Golf were scratched.

Money available for Shelford groups 

The Rotary Club of Cambridge Sawston wants to hear from local charities / organisations that might benefit by a grant from the 2017 Sawston Fun Run.  

They donate around £15,000 each year to charities and organisations serving communities in villages around Sawston. Since 1986 they have donated over £425,000 to local hospitals, hospices, schools, youth organisations and local branches of national charities.     

Preference is given to specific projects but the selection is based on the strength of each case. The closing date for applications is 30th November. Application forms are available on the website www.sawstonfunrun.co.uk.    

This great local event has expanded over the years and regularly attracts about 1,000 entrants. It has become the largest community event of its type in the area - organised and managed by Rotary club volunteers, with support from local businesses and youth organisations.

Past sponsors and advertisers are already confirming their backing. We would love to hear from any other business or individual who is willing to be involved.
Ian Chamberlain
Tel: 01223 872243, email: enquiries@sawstonfunrun.co.uk 
                                                                                Speed survey

The Parish Council has launched a Little Shelford speed survey to understand whether action needs to be take-in the village. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/7WC7JGT

Bike found

Jillian Clements has found a boys blue bike which she's looking after. If the bike is yours, please contact her on 01223 844490

Art class relaunches

If you have ever had the desire to paint and discover the magic of watercolour, why not join the village group for theirr Autumn 8-week term which starts on Monday, 3 October until 28 November 2016, 10.00 am-12.00 noon, £25 per term.

We still have a few places for both beginners and experienced artists where you have the option of doing your own thing or joining in the weekly studies when some practical guidance and tuition is given.

Please contact Victor Franklin, tel. 01223 842276, email victorfranklin123@btinternet.com.

Neighbourhood Plan for Little Shelford launch

A Neighbourhood Plan is being created so that villagers can set out their views and aspirations for Little Shelford. 

A neighbourhood plan allows the people of Little Shelford to directly influence how the village will develop for years to come.

South Cambridgeshire District Council will be legally required to take its recommendations into account as part of the wider planning process.

The Plan is not just about housing and other building development in the parish (although that is obviously a major issue for many of us).

It can address anything to do with the parish that is of concern to its residents, organisationsand businesses such as traffic, parking, shops, social facilities, green spaces, healthcare and jobs.

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Neighbourhood Planning is a way for communities to take a proactive approach to deciding the future of the places where they live and work. It is not a legal requirement but a right, which communities can use to determine the development and use of land and to make other improvements to their neighbourhood, including the development of homes, shops, offices, infrastructure and their design.
The Neighbourhood Plan can:
propose more development than the Local Plan
identify the most suitable sites for development
help to determine what type and design of development should take place

Who and what is involved?

The parish council initiates the process and works with the community to develop their proposals. The consent of local people must be secured through a referendum before the plan can be passed.

Interested? Please come along on September 22 or email davidm1961@gmail.com

Coffee morning

 Christine Ruffles and Penny Saich are extremely grateful to all the coffee drinkers, cake makers and generous supporters who came to the Arthur Rank coffee morning on Tuesday 14th June. The excellent sum of £466 was raised for the charity.

                                                                                    £900 grant for Little Shelford

A popular and scenic walk along the River Cam in Little Shelford has benefited from a £900 grant, which paid for extensive repairs to a wooden footbridge across a former ice pond on Wale Recreation Ground. Resident, Robin Haines, who applied for the grant on behalf of Little Shelford Parish Council, said “repairing the bridge made a real difference to villagers and visitors alike who can now continue enjoying our beautiful walk and it will be even more popular once we have renovated the adjacent children playground, for which we are now fund raising.

Robin Haines
                                                             Little Shelford’s only real footpath – back in action

 We tried, we failed (last year) to open up a circular path for Little Shelford. But the campaign for that did spawn a little extension to our only real footpath – Bradmere Lane.

Shelagh MacKenzie led the team that got some funds and added a short circular path through the woods at the end of Bradmere Lane. The good news is that we have just done the annual culling of the nettles to open it up again.

(Bradmere Lane is on your right just after you turn from High Street into Whittlesford Road). At the start is a picnic bench looking over our village pond, which is looking lovely just now.

If you want a laugh see the video of the gang getting the sign put up. (Best with the audio!)


Little Shelford street party


More than 100 people attended a street party in Church Street on June 11th to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. 

A purse was stolen from a lady's handbag during the party.

Thanks to villagers Andrew Stephenson and Jo Thorndyke for making it happen. Photos by Richard Patterson.

Footpath changes proposed

There are proposals to re-route a footpath between the Shelfords and Harston.

Network rail is looking to divert the route it away from a (dangerous) gated crossing. It will mean more time on the road and you will not be able to cross a field.

Network Rail want to close a railway crossing on the existing footpath which starts near the end of Newton Road.

The changes would mean pedestrians would instead have to turn right and walk several hundred metres along Harston Road. That will mean that more of the proposed new route would be along the side of the road. 

If interested see attached.Any comments please direct to anglialevelcrossings@networkrail.co.uk

The black dotted line is the current footpath. The red dotted line shows the proposed new route. More details at www.networkrail.co.uk/anglialevelcrossings

Beech Close break-in

Beech Close has seen its third break-in. In the latest theft a van was broken into on May 19th. While no tools were taken, the owner lost some important paperwork. It was contained in a blue soft briefcase.

Please get in touch if you see anything dumped around the village.
£900 grant

A £900 grant has been received from South Cambridgeshire Council to repair the footbridge over the former ice pond in the Wale Recreation Ground.

New Shelford home cooking service

The chef at the former award winning Sycamore House restaurant is now offering to cook meals in people's homes.

Michael Sharpe can be contacted on 843396.

Parish Council May headlines

Proposals to convert the former Sycamore House restaurant into residential accommodation were supported by the Council.

South Cambs Council has been asked to take action developers at 25 Church Street after protected trees were allegedly removed and too much of the garden wall was cut away

Little Shelford will develop its own Neighbourhood Plan rather than combine efforts with Great Shelford and Stapleford. A public meeting will kick the plan off in June.

There are half plot & 1 qtr allotment plots available.

Brie Lury and Sarah Penn are the two new Parish Councillors.

Andrew Hawthorn is the new Council Vice Chairman. David Martin was re-elected as the Chairman.

Here is a full list of portfolios:

Chairman David Martin

Vice Chairman Andrew Hawthorn

Finance Andrew Hawthorn

Planning (2) Brie Lury / Sarah Penn

Village Design Statement DS David Martin / Andrew Hawthorn

Trees David Jones

Pavilion trustees David Munro, Andrew Hawthorn, Sarah Penn

Wale Recreation Ground David Jones

Playground appeal David Jones

Transport (Roads/buses) Mary Palazzo

Police liaison Mary Palazzo

Village Hall David Munro

Phonebox library Mary Palazzo

Allotments To be agreed

Church David Jones

Entertainments Committee David Jones, David Munro, Brie Lury

There are still vacancies for two more Parish Councillors. You can read the full minutes of the Parish Council meeting here.

Playground update

We would like to thank everyone who came to support us at our coffee morning at the pavilion yesterday. Despite the weather we had a great turnout and managed to raise £318.00! This now brings our total to £6778 for Little Shelford's new playground. Susannah Manning

Shelford election results

Parish Council Chairman Charlie Nightingale has held his Shelford and Stapleford seat in the South Cambridgeshire Council elections on May 5.


Charles Nightingale





Mike Nettleton





Peter Robert Fane

Liberal Democrat




Sophi Berridge





Little Shelford Parish Council (no formal election as there were only 7 candidates



http://scambs.moderngov.co.uk/mgImages/pixel.gifDavid Jonathan Hadley JONES

http://scambs.moderngov.co.uk/mgImages/pixel.gifBrie Lury

http://scambs.moderngov.co.uk/mgImages/pixel.gifDavid MARTIN

http://scambs.moderngov.co.uk/mgImages/pixel.gifDavid Munro

http://scambs.moderngov.co.uk/mgImages/pixel.gifMary PALAZZO

http://scambs.moderngov.co.uk/mgImages/pixel.gifSarah Penn

Little Shelford's oldest resident dies

Little Shelford's oldest surviving resident has died aged 106. Nancy Giggle lived in Dennison Villa on High Street for most of her life and moved to a care home less than 10 years ago.

She is survived by her nephew Peter

The funeral took place on 27th April at All saints Church, Little Shelford Church.

This will be followed with a short Service at Cambridge Crematorium just off the A14, near Bar Hill.

Read more about Nancy's life in the Shelfords here.

Speeding in Little Shelford

Ten drivers were caught speeding in Bridge Lane in one hour in the latest speed survey.

The village's speed watch team went out on April 20 and 21st. On Thursday 20th between 2.30pm and 3.30p., 10 people were caught going over 36 mph in the Bridge Lane area. One was driving at at 42 mph . On Friday morning, April 21st, 4 people were caught over 36 mph on Whittlesford road and nearly 1 in 3 were found to be going over 30 mph.

Car crimes in Little Shelford

A thief was caught smoking in a car after several vehicles were broken into in and around Little Shelford and Harston overnight between April 19 and 20.

There were reports of crimes in Hauxton Road, Little Shelford and addresses in High Street, Queens Close, and The Limes in Harston.. Various items have been stolen including cash, small change, CDs and other items. When one victim went to his vehicle he discovered a young lad sitting in the front passenger seat and smoking. He got out of the vehicle and ran and got onto a bicycle and cycled away.

The description we have is that of a white male about 5’ 11” with brown hair, early 20’s and wearing glasses. He was carrying a blue ruck sack.

Donations for Little Shelford groups

A number of local groups have received donations from the September Fun Week-end. They are: 


£300 pavilion fund
£100 wildlife fund
£100 Shelford Twinning Association
£100 Little Shelford local history society
£200 SSYI
£2k playground

  • Elderly woman robbed in street

    A theft was reported in Church Street, Little Shelford on Saturday 9th April at 5pm. Two men worked together to distract an elderly lady. Whilst one man distracted her, the other one stole a bank card from her handbag that was left on her bicycle.

    Watch found

    A ladies watch was found on the Wale Recreation ground with a white strap. It has a diamanté decoration round the face, but no obvious manufacturer's name. Contact davidm1961@gmail.com

    March Parish Council headlines

    • The Parish Council has agreed to pay for improvements at the entrance to Wale Recreation Ground after apologising for taking so long to get quotes for the work. 

    • The Council is spending more than £4,000 to get rid of the Chaffer beetles on the Rec.
    • Up to £900 is being spent on repairing the bridge on the nature walk at the Rec.
    • Councillors have complained about the poor state of the pavements
    • Four councillors - Gail Pilkington, Phil Evans, Andrew Stevenson and Rachel Bateman are not standing for-re-election on May 5
    You can read the full minutes

    Gas gun pigeon scarer

     "I apologise to all of those in the village that have been disturbed by the noise from the gas gun keeping pigeons off the Oilseed Rape crop this year.

    Pigeons have been a real problem for us in 2016. Over the last month has been an absolutely critical time with the pigeons very nearly writing off the main part of the crop in two fields either side of the railway line. Early on we tried flags and scarecrows but to little effect. The gas gun has proved the only reliable deterrent, with some actual shooting, but this is not always possible and we have also had theft of the shooters netting.

    As the temperature is now warming up and following an application of fertiliser the crop is starting to grow and if we can just keep the pigeons off for long enough, the crop will grow away from them and be safe from damage and the gas guns can be removed. Weather permitting I hope this will be fairly soon.

    Oilseed Rape is a break crop and we generally do not suffer the same pigeon problems on Wheat and Barley so this is not a disturbance that you will have every year.

    The Gun is on a timer so that it should not be going off through the night. Soon after day break is when the birds first start to attack the fields, but I have asked for the timer to be set rather later than day break!"

    Jim Bryant

    3 crimes in 24 hours

    There were 3 crimes in 24 hours on High Street, Little Shelford.
    • A shed was broken into but nothing was stolen.
    • Burglars removed a lock from a garage door and several bikes were reported stolen.
    • And thieves  entered an outbuilding and stolen a television. An unlocked vehicle was also entered and a sat-nav was stolen.

    Fancy joining the Parish Council?

    Would you like to help Little Shelford to be an even better place to live in the future?

    Your Parish Council will have several vacancies in the elections on May 5.

    However, if you want to put your hat in the ring, you have to submit your forms by April 7th.

    If you want more details of what being a Parish Councillor involves, you can email Clerk Penny Tanna at
    littleshelfordparishclerk@aol.com or current Council chairman David Martin at davidm1961@gmail.com – he is also on 845995.

    There’s more details at:

  • The local Beaver group 1st Shelfords and Stapleford have, with the help of Simon Sparrow, made 5 bird boxes for Little Shelford Wildlife Group. These boxes will be put up on the Wale Rec in Little Shelford in February. Representatives of the Wildlife group Diane and Robin Haines and Judy Boothroyd came to take receipt of the boxes.

  • Shelford present mystery

    New year presents mysteriously appeared on a doorstep in Little Shelford from a lady called Urma to a Mrs K M Hitchcock, Marcus, Mary T and Violet.

    However, after an appeal on this website, the rightful owners in Little Shelford have been tracked down.

    Phone box library update

    Thanks to all for your continuing contributions to the telephone box library. Those of you who are regular users may be aware that currently the children's books are rather depleted. I would very much welcome any picture books as well as fiction and non-fiction for junior school children and adolescents that you may wish to donate.

    In general, I would remind you to leave books in the telephone box when it looks as if there is space for them. At times, so many books have been donated at once that it's difficult to see the books for the books! When this happens I have to donate the overflow to Oxfam since we don't have storage facilities. This seems a great pity...

    We're aiming for a steady supply of a range of good quality books, both fiction and non fiction. If you see that the library is over full, then please hang on to your donations until the shelves thin out a bit. Then please do leave them and know that the whole village thanks you, as do I.

    Many thanks for your continuing support,

    Mary Palazzo

                                                                    Parish Council January update

    £2,800 is being spent at the Wale Recreation Ground to get rid of the Chaffer beetles, which have caused lots of problems on the grass.
    Ten drivers were caught speeding when the village’s speed watch team carried out a one hour survey in Bridge Lane in January.
    The village’s share of the council tax bills is going up by 1% - the total parish council budget in 2016/17 will be £30,690 

    The parish council is writing to the county council to complain again about the loss of street lights in the village. The village has lost 24% of its lights, although the county council says the official figure is only 10%.
    A defibrillator is being installed on the outside wall of the Navigator pub following the efforts of parish councillor David Munro.
    The Village Design Statement is being finalised, setting out planning advice for Little Shelford in the future. Draft copies will be available in February, with the next parish Council meeting on March 21st starting at 7pm with the first hour set aside for a public meeting to discuss the proposals in the document.
    There’s an election in May for anyone in the village who wants to join the parish council.
    Annabelle’s, a sandwich bar whose rubbish was dumped in Bradmere Lane has written to the village to apologise – and they sent a £100 cheque to say sorry.
    The Parish Council is planning to use the money to help pay for a street party in the summer to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.
    Read the full Parish Council minutes here.

    Sandwich bar fined for dumping rubbish in Little Shelford 

    Annabelle’s, a sandwich bar whose rubbish was dumped in Little Shelford, has written to the village to apologise – and they sent a £100 cheque to say sorry. 

    Director Jon Hall, 55 of Robinson Court, Great Shelford was fined £1,531 by Cambridge Magistrates. Two separate dumps in both Little Shelford and Haslingfield were traced back to his business, Annabelles, in Hills Road, Cambridge, which an employee claimed they had been told to flytip.

    "Upon discovering it, I immediately went to the scene and removed all the rubbish," said Annabelle's partner Jon Hall.

    "I utterly abhor littering and I wish to apologise to all residents. By way of compensation, I have sent a cheque for £100 which I offer by way of compensation for the unsightly mess that the villagers were subject to."

    The money will help to pay for a village street party in the summer.

    Safari supper

    After the fantastic success of the first 2 Safari Suppers we are having a break this year and will return in 2017 to make the event a biennial event. Thank you to everyone who has joined in and supported this so far.
    Four New Year crimes in Little Shelford 

    Criminal Damage to a vehicle was reported in Hauxton Road, Little Shelford. This occurred on Wednesday 6th January. The rear windscreen of a vehicle was broken whilst parked on a private driveway overnight.

    Criminal Damage was also reported at Hauxton Road, Little Shelford on New Year’s Eve where the offender broke the security light.

    Criminal Damage to a vehicle was reported in Moor Close, Little Shelford. This also occurred overnight on New Year’s Eve. The offender have pulled out the right hand wing mirror cracking the plastic casing. 

    A mountain bike was stolen from a house in Hauxton Road, Little Shelford. This occurred on Friday 1st January at approximately 01.00am

    Read Little Shelford news from 2015 here.