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Fen tiger in Little Shelford

Has the infamous Fen Tiger been spotted in Little Shelford?

The Cambridge News reported over the Christmas period that a sighting had been reported to Cambridgeshire Police in 2017.

However, according to the report, the sighting wasn't followed up by police.

Posted Jan 3 2020

Cricket news

Little Shelford Cricket Club is starting a Colts Section open to Girls and Boys 10-15 which will be lead by Ian Reid, well known locally as a successful Colts Coach who will join the LSCC in January to lead the Colts Section.

This is an exciting development for the Cricket Club and they hope to encourage many young people to come and take up the game of cricket from Little Shelford and other local Villages. 

if you are age 10-15 and would like to join the Colts teams or would like more information contact Neil Orpwood neilorpwood@msn.com

  • A date for you diary, our Old Boys Game to kick off the season will be on 25th April. This is always good fun, good cricket and a great social event. Refreshments will be available during and after the game. All are welcome to watch and this would also be the perfect opportunity to learn about the LSCC Colts. Put the date in your diary and look forward to Spring.
David Jones, Chairman, LSCC davidjhjones@btinternet.com 847213 Posted Dec 30 2019

Greater Cambridge Local Plan: The First Conversation

Ever walked past a building and wondered how it got planning permission? Worried about climate change and how we are going to adapt? Trying to buy a house and finding it really difficult?

The Council’s Local Plan is the document that shapes our area’s future and answers these big questions. It covers the key themes of climate change, biodiversity and green spaces, wellbeing and social inclusion, and great places. It will affect what kind of new homes get built and where, where businesses can grow and how buildings, streets and spaces should be designed. As a result, the Local Plan affects all of us – yet most people have never even heard of it.

But things are changing and we want you to be a part of it.

For the first time ever, Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council are preparing a joint Local Plan for the Greater Cambridge area: and this time we want to do better than ever before at working with you all to make it happen.

We will be starting a big conversation with the community, with many different ways to get involved, online and offline, on Monday 13 January. Please look out for more information nearer the time, and get in touch at www.greatercambridgeplanning.org

Help shape our future together! Posted Dec 16 2019

New and existing Yoga classes in Little Shelford 

A new yoga class is starting in Little Shelford in the New Year.

Mondays 11.00(beginning 13thJanuary 2020) ‘Reprogramme’ – This class incorporates very gentle somatic movements to encourage proprioception (thinking and feeling into body parts) and to try and encourage healthy movement patterns and letting go of unhelpful movement habits. This class will include a long session of deep relaxation and encouragement of positive thoughts and beliefs through hypnotic suggestions and visualisations. 

Fridays 11.00(beginning Friday 17thJanuary 2020) ‘Subtle Yoga’ - This class incorporates slow, conscious, mindful flowing movements, which are made accessible for everyone, some Pranayama (breath work) and a little bit of Yogic philosophy.

Both classes are beneficial at increasing parasympathetic nervous system function, thereby building nervous system resilience to stresses, and can help with chronic physical and mental health conditions. Both classes also encourage greater internal awareness, which can be peaceful and nurturing creating a deeper sense of Self contributing to overall health and wellbeing. Classes cost £10 for ‘drop in’ sessions or £35.00 for a block of 4. 1:1 or small group sessions can also be discussed. 

Classes are run by Michelle who is a Chartered Physiotherapist, Yoga and Pilates Teacher and Hypnotherapist. 

For more information or to book a place in one of these classes please contact michelle@honourourbody.co.uk  Reposted Dec 24

Historic house sold

One of the oldest houses in the village has been sold.

The two bedroom house on the High Street was on the market with Tucker Gardner for £500,000.

The house was the King William IV Pub until about 1910.

This is from the Victorian History of Cambridgeshire:

"Opposite the Hall Farm is the Maltern Close. Near the cart gate once stood a big black barn and house both burned down about the year 1851. It belonged to Seward Lofts who had a brewery there. On the Eastern side of Maltern Close there is a narrow field with a cart gate opening to the Whittlesford Road. There are fine elm trees making an avenue up to the house and cottage which form two sides of the yard called King William Close. The King William public house was hired by Hudson the brewer until 1910 when it was found to be superfluous."

Bus  news and survey
Most residents will be aware of the main Stagecoach City 7 bus service that runs through Great Shelford and Stapleford on the A1301 (London Road and Tunwells Lane), but may not be aware of the two other 'rural' services the 7A and 31 operated under tender to Cambridgeshire County Council (soon to become the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority) by A2B Travel of Melbourn.

There appears to be some confusion amongst some residents as to who is responsible for routes, timetable etc. of these services, or to whom complaints should be made, so I will clarify the situation.

The City 7 service is commercially operated by Stagecoach, they set the route, timetable and fares, there is no subsidy from the local authority and as such Stagecoach can amend routes timetables and fares at will subject to giving the necessary notice to the Traffic Commissioners office. All complaints should be made to Stagecoach telephone No 01223 433250 email cambridge.enquiries@stagecoachbus.com

The 7A Hinxton, IWM/Heathfield, Whittlesford, Sawston, Stapleford, Gt Shelford, Trumpington P&R and 31 Fowlmere, Thriplow, Newton, Harston, Hauxton, Lt.Shelford, Gt Shelford, Stapleford & Addenbrookes (note one early morning & two afternoon/evening service run between Cambridge Drummer Street and Barley but with no return journeys) are run on routes and timetables set by Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) who also set the fares. The bus operator (A2B) only operates the services in accordance with CCC terms of contract. So any queries with the route/timetable should be taken up with CCC Transport Department, currently at Shire Hall Cambridge but that is expected to change in 2020 due to the council moving its headquarters from Shire Hall. The contact telephone number is 0345 045 0675, email address is transport@cambridgeshire.gov.uk In fact to avoid confrontation with drivers and avoid unpleasantness ALL complaints should be made to CCC, not the bus driver.

Meanwhile a public survey on bus services has been launched. There is a six-week survey to canvas public views on Cambridgeshire bus services and how they can be improved. 

The public will have the opportunity to feedback on the current bus network, what they think is working and what could be improved through a series of focus groups and survey that can be completed online or by phone. 

Respondents will be asked to comment on current levels of satisfaction with bus services and their support for a range of suggested improvements including more frequent services, an expansion of the bus network and new routes. 

Other ideas for improving services include greater use of technology such as driverless shuttles and more use of alternative fuels such as electric buses. The results of the survey with the public will be used as an evidence base for what needs to change, which will be taken forward by the Authority and developed into a plan for how to improve the bus network. Posted Nov 7 2019

Appeal for help - Little Shelford War Dead

Can you help? The village currently has photos and additional comprehensive information for only five of our war dead. So, could you help us find information about the other people from Little Shelford?

We are after photos and any additional information about the Little Shelford War Dead from both the Great War and World War II. 

Any newly discovered information and photos will be put it on the Little Shelford history web site, will be used in the exhibition on 24 November and will also be added  into the History Society archives.

The list of those remembered are: 

Great War

AUSTIN, Arthur [Edward] 
CARTER, Richard Arthur 
DARLEY, Walter Ernest 
DRIVER, Frederick William 
GODFREY, Jess[e] 
HARVEY, William A 
MEADOWS, Ernest Edward 
PEARL, Frederick 
PEARL, Sidney Charles 
TAYLOR, William Frederick 

World War Two

BAILEY, Dora Ellen 
FROSTE, Victor George 
OLIVER, Mostyn William 
NEAVES, Percy John 
POOLEY, Derek Arthur 
TABNER, Eric Edward (Ely Cathedral Memorial under Little Shelford)

Additional Names
Buried in All Saints Church Yard and recognised as an official war grave:
21 October 1916 Age 22, Nurse Voluntary Aid Detachment
02 January 1918, Age 31, Canadian Field Artillery, Canadian

SOURCE: Little Shelford War Memorial – Great War and Second World War Names. SourceRoll of Honour - Cambridgeshire - Little Shelford All Saints 

Please contact David Jones on 847213 or email davidhjones@btinternet.com
Posted Oct 27 2019

Special Church service

You are invited to  A Great War Commemorative Evensong All Saints Church, Little Shelford Sunday 24th November 2019 at 6pm featuring the choir of St Catharine’s College Cambridge

This Evensong will be the final part of All Saint’s commemoration of the end of the Great War. It will be almost 100 years to the day since a Memorial Service was held at All Saints to commemorate the placing in the Church of the memorial to those from the Village who died. The original memorial service was on Tuesday 25th November 1919 at 6pm.

Earlier this year the original order of service was found in the home of Tony Pooley, at 93 High Street, formerly the King William IV pub. Tony is one of the oldest residents of Little Shelford, has lived in High Street all his life and is happy to see the original service sheet used in this way.

This Memorial Evensong will follow many parts of the original Memorial Service. which included the Choir of St Catharine’s College. In 1919 All Saints was in the Patronage of St Catharine’s College, and we are pleased that their current Director of Music, Dr Ed Wickham and the College Chaplain have been supportive of our Commemorative Evensong.

The Original Memorial Service was presided over by the Rector of All Saints, the Rev Edward Trevor Septimus Carr, who was also Bursar and Fellow of St Catharine’s College and the Address was given by Rev Charles Inchbald Radford, Chaplain to the Armed Forces. As well as an act of remembrance, Hymns sung included “For all the Saints” and “Through the night of doubt and sorrow” as well as Anthems and Psalms including Howells “I heard a voice from heaven”.

We invite everyone to join us for this special occasion. All who attend will receive a copy of the original Memorial Order of Service. There will also be an exhibition about Little Shelford in the Great War in the North Building which you will be welcome to visit. The timetable for the evening will be:

5pm       Little Shelford in the Great War Exhibition Open for Viewing       North Building

6pm       Special Commemorative Evensong             All Saints Church

7pm       Refreshments and Great War Exhibition viewing (All welcome)  North Building

Keep the date and join us for this very special Evensong.

For more information contact:  office@allsaintslittleshelford.org or davidjhjones@btinternet.com

Read the order of service on the Little Shelford history website.
Posted 21/10/19

Community woodland meeting

Could Little Shelford soon have its own community wood?

Blennies Patch is an area of parish-owned land at the end of Garden Fields, which is used in part for allotments, but mostly for paddocks.

At the village weekend residents were asked about ideas for making more use of the land. There was a great deal of support for a community orchard. In the September meeting the Parish Council agreed to move ahead and invite villagers to get involved in such a project. A first meeting has taken place, attended by residents and councillors. This will be followed up with visits to comparable local projects.

Blennies Patch is quite a big area and the project will be focussed on one unused paddock only at this point. The hope and expectation is that this will lead to a truly community led and resourced amenity. A visit is taking place to Blennie's Patch on November 10th at 2pm.

For more details, please email Parish Councillor David Martin on davidm1961@gmail.com
Posted Sept 25 2019

Good neighbours needed

Last year we had a survey to ask what the village wanted. As a direct result we now have:

* Monthly afternoon teas at the Pavillion to go with the monthly coffee morning at the North Building
* Occasional ‘sing-alongs’ at the Navigator

But the idea of putting the many who volunteered in touch with the several that requested occasional visits has gone quiet.
This will require a formalised ‘committee’ and a bit of effort. Grants may be available from Cambs County Council to support this.

If you can find some time and are keen to be involved, please contact:
Richard Patterson
7 Garden Fields
Little Shelford
07903 359 699

Special anniversary service

A Special Commemorative Evensong with the choir of St Catharine’s College Cambridge is taking place at All Saints Church.

On Tuesday 25th November 1919 at 6pm, All Saints Church was packed for a Memorial Service that was to serve two purposes. Firstly, to commemorate the placing in the Church of the memorial to those who died in the Great War and secondly to raise funds for the Cambridgeshire County War memorial. The Villagers were joined by the choir of St Catharine’s College.

Earlier this year the original order of service was found and as a final part of our commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the end of the Great War. All Saints will hold this special evensong on November 24 almost 100 years to the day, using many aspects of this original order of service.

Keep the date and join us for this very special service. For more information contact: office@allsaintslittleshelford.org

The photo (left) shows the Rev Charles Radford, an army chaplain, who preached at the original memorial service. 

You can read the original order of service here. Posted 17/9/19

Tractor stolen

A tractor has been stolen from Bradmere Lane off Whittlesford Road in September. It was completely chained up because the owner had two mowers stolen from there over two weeks ago.

The tractor was stored in a three sided shed. 

A number of homes backing onto Camping Close have also reported fruit from their tress being stolen. Posted 17/9/19

New guides leader
1st Shelford Guides is delighted that they'll be restarting on Mon 28 October with new members to the leadership team.

If you’d like to find out about places for Guides (girls aged 10-14 years) or to volunteer, please go to www.girlguiding.org.uk and click on ‘Information for parents’ or ‘Get involved’, or email lisa.macgregor@ntlworld.com. Posted Sept 4 2019

Cricket update

The Little Shelford cricket first team, having been promoted last season into a tougher league, have cemented their position in the new league (CCA Junior League 1 South) finishing mid-table and creating a solid platform for a launch for promotion next season. 

The second team secured promotion from CCA Junior League 4 South by being runners up in the league. That's two promotions in successive seasons for the LSCC second team.

We would invite all of those who want to support our Village Cricket team to join the players and VP's and their partners for our end of season celebration dinner which is being held on Saturday 21st September at 7pm in the Little Shelford Memorial Hall. Tickets are £25 and include a 3 course Thai meal from the Navigator and a bottle of red and white wine on each table of 8. 

Hear reports from our Captains on the heroics and funny moments of the season and join us for the presentation of the player's awards. Those who would like to attend should contact me on 847213 or e-mail me on davidjhjones@btinternet.com.

All Saints Church repairs

Quinquennial repairs at All Saints Church have been successfully completed

Every Church of England church is surveyed every five years and a list of any necessary repairs is drawn up. We have just completed the works from the latest survey following about 18 months of planning. 

The most visible works are high up on the parapet beside the tower where new creamy stone catches the light, and relaid tiles and new mortar have yet to acquire the patina of ages.  The works to the Church Street wall are also obvious – the gappy-toothed missing and decayed brickwork, has been repaired, coping stones lifted and replaced, and the pedestrian gate cleaned, repainted and rehung on rebuilt pillars.  To see other repairs, you need to walk around the churchyard, but once in it, the new clean-cut stone repairs to windows and the porch buttresses are easy to see. 

Herringbone Restoration, who specialise in church works carried them out.  They were encouraged by the cheerful reception from pedestrians along Church Street.

The church congregation has borne the greater part of the cost which, all up, is about £25,000.  We have been helped by four grant-making bodies - Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust, the Garfield Weston Foundation, the Veneziana Fund and the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme – for whom we are very grateful.  Many thanks also to the Parish Council which readily lent its voice to applications when necessary.

The church is now open seven days a week – please do visit.

David Brock, Church Warden 
Posted Aug 30 2019

Shelford rave

Thousands of people from Great Shelford, Little Shelford and Stapleford were woken by a rave on the outskirts of Little Shelford in the early hours of August 17.

The rave took place at St Margaret’s Mount on Newton Road.

Police were called to the unofficial event at around 1am. The rave finally came to an end shortly after 11am when the heavy rain began.

“Thousands of people as far as 4 miles from the site (ie. Sawston and Stapleford) were seriously inconvenienced, many unable to sleep,” said District Councillor Peter Fane.

“The persistent low beat carried literally five miles - we’re over 3 miles away which is why I and others bothered to walk out at 3.30am to track down the source of the noise (which I originally thought must be across the street) so that I could report it.

“I walked up there 3.30am with some others (one from Stapleford) to identify site, but police were already there and subsequently assured us at 5am they “had it in hand”, meaning that with only a few officers on duty they didn’t have the resources to shut it down,” said Councillor Fane.

“There is a risk that because raves elsewhere have been shut down quickly and this one was allowed to go on into the morning, South Cambridgeshire may be a popular choice for rave organisers in the future,” Councillor Fane said.

“I will be asking the Environmental Health department at SDDC (responsible for noise nuisance) to meet with the police with some urgency to review procedures for dealing with raves, as they have been able to do successfully in other parts of the county already this summer.”

See a video of the rave on the Cambridge live website
Posted Aug 28 2019

New bus signs

Four new bus stop signs known as flags have been erected in Little Shelford.

Steve Edmondson and John Wakefield have replaced four bus stop flags in Little Shelford. These are in Newton Road, High Street and Bridge Lane. Also a timetable case with the current Number 31 bus timetable has been installed at the Bridge Lane bus stop.

The pair have previously replaced signs in Great Shelford and Stapleford.

Steve decided to do something himself about the poor state of bus stops and timetables on local bus routes after he found that Cambridgeshire County Council had no money available for bus stop/timetable replacements despite subsidising the non commercially profitable bus services. Steve has already replaced signs in his own area around  Haslingfield, and in Hauxton and Stapleford, he has received donations to costs (each bus top flag costs £25) from the parish councils. Posted Aug 27 2019

Little Shelford lightening strike

A house in Little Shelford has been struck by lightening.

Maurice Palmer's house on the High Street lost power for nine days after the strike. Their car was also damaged in the strike.

"The bed clothes were even singed by the lightening strike," said Maurice. "The good thing is that neither Jessie or me were hurt in the incident."

Nine year old climbs three highest mountains

A nine year old Little Shelford girl has climbed Britain's three highest mountains to raise almost £2,000 for Jimmy's Night Shelter.

Jessie Godsall has climbed Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell during 2019.

The pupil at Great and Little Shelford Primary School said; " feel sad when I see homeless people, it seems so unfair and I am worried that they are unhappy and cold and hungry and wish I could do something to help."

You can visit Jessie's fundraising page here.

More than 80 at first sing-along

The first village Sing-Along was held on Sunday 28th April, enthusiastically led by maestro David Adams. No less than 80 people enjoyed the very informal singing of a selection of music from Oliver! and other musicals. Appropriately, in view of the recent Liverpool victory, the last song of the evening was 'You'll never walk alone’!

Thanks to Charles Kingdon for making it happen in response to requests for something like this in last year’s Good Neighbour’s survey.

We would also like to thank the Navigator for hosting the event and for generously providing some extra sustenance.

The next event is in planning and will be announced shortly.

Richard Patterson

Villager of the Year

Ray Saich from Hauxton Road was awarded the Villager of the Year shield at the Annual Village Meeting in April.

For the past 40 years , he has been chair of the Little Shelford Cricket Club. He has just relinquished that post with the club at an all-time high. 

He is also chair of the History Society, instrumental in the running of the Bowls Club and a Pavilion Trustee, as well as being a supporter of most village activities. 

Ray is pictured (left) receiving the trophy from Parish Council Chair Andrew Hawthorne.

Shelford Guides urgently need a new leader or could face closure

A qualified Girlguiding leader, or someone who is willing to undertake the Girlguiding Leadership Qualification, is urgently needed to share the running of 1st Shelford Guides with the current leaders. No previous experience is required.

Guides is the section of Girlguiding for girls aged 10-14 years, and is great fun and highly rewarding to volunteer for!

The unit meets once weekly during term time. To find out more, please contact Lisa (shelforddistrict@gmail.com) and visit www.girlguiding.org.uk (search for Guides and Leadership Qualification)

Little Shelford week-end donations

A number of donations have been made by the Little Shelford Entertainments Committee to local groups. They include;
  • Sports Pavilion £300
  • Little Shelford Bowls Club £150
  • Shelford Twinning Association £100
  • Little Shelford Wildlife Group £500
  • Good Neighbours' teas £200
  • Shelford and Stapleford Youth Initiative £350
  • Little Shelford History Society £150
  • Shelford Rugby Club £150

Rowing one million metres

Local company PML are planning to row a million metres in May for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices.

Between May 1st and 31st, they want as many people to sign up to their 15 minute rowing slots on doodle poll (you can book more than 1 slot if you are feeling fit, they have showers) , all they ask is you make a donation on your visit to the office and ideally you get others including Friends , Family and Colleagues to also donate. You can also nominate one of the PML team to row on your behalf for a donation and come along and witness their efforts.

All of this will raise vital funds for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices who provide care and support for children and young people with life-threatening conditions. The charity has HRH The Duchess of Cambridge as its Royal Patron and local Ambassador's including Ed Sheeran and Frankie Dettori.

They have the indoor rowing machines set up at our head office just outside Little Shelford.  PML. Moor Barn, Shelford Road, Harston,CB22 5HN

Please come along to their offices and row, support, grab a drink, encourage or put some cash in the bucket at PML office on the day or donate at the link below.

Library loyalty card scheme

Great Shelford library has launched its own loyalty card.

People borrowing foir or more adult fiction or non-fiction books at once receive a special stamp on their card.

Four stamps will entitle them to a free standard sized tea or coffee at the Shelford Deli.

The scheme has been launched initially as a pilot until June 30.

Changes for Little Shelford bus service

The timings for the new bus service for Little Shelford which launched in December are changing.

The shuttle bus to the Trumpington park and ride works on a "hail and ride" basis and operatese in the morning and afternoon peak times.

The service originally ran every 20 minutes. But from March 25, it will run every 30 minutes instead.

The price is £1 per trip. The route includes London Road, (Harston) Newton Road and Hauxton Road, (Little Shelford) and High Street and Church Road, Hauxton to the Trumpington Park and Ride.

See the revised bus timetable here.

Shelford spring clean

There was a record turnout for the Village spring clean on March 3. The haul included four tyres and a microwave. Thanks to the record number of volunteers who turned out on the wet afternoon.

Snakes alive in Little Shelford

A home in Little Shelford has had grass snakes in their garden over the summer.

David Wilding, who lives off the High Street ,has had snakes in his pond most years for the last five years. They appear in spring and seem to feed on frog spawn and small frogs. 

Last August David saw two snakes, about 6 inches long, which had recently hatched, 

"I am not sure what happened to them," said David. "They often fall foul of cats and other predators. The snakes do not really bite, unless you are a frog. We saw one battle between a pair, which I had to resolve with the fish net, I let them both go. If they are cornered they can defend themselves, but typically they hide away."

Historical find near Little Shelford

An Celtic woad grinder up to 2,000 years old has been found near Little Shelford.

The 7cm item is believed to be made of bronze.

A blue dye was obtained from Woad leaves which were ground down with grinders like the one found near Little Shelford. The dye was used by the Celts to paint their bodies and frighten their enemies.

The find has been reported on Metal Detecting Forum. The find was made by someone identified only as Kranglemeister.

Photo; Metal Detecting Forum.

New business from former Police Officer

Little Shelford's former police officer Gary Kendall has launched a new gardening service.

Gary was Little Shelford's Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).

Now he has started a gardening service with his partner Sam (Pictured left). Their services include lawn cutting, hedge trimming, fence painting, weeding, patio cleaning and general garden clearance.

"I was the PCSO for 10 years in the Shelfords and Stapleford area, but I have always loved gardening," said Gary.

"So when I decided to move on from the police service, it is great to be able to do something everyday that I love so much, and to be able to help people with a good honest and reliable service.

"Sam and me already have satisfied customers in the area, and manage an estate in Thriplow."

Gary can be contacted on 07598307035.

Village book now available
A book about Little Shelford is now available.

‘a snapshot in time’ is a 45 page book about our village has been produced by the Pavilion Art group.

There are a few copies left costing £20. Please contact Sue Fox 842936 orAllen Boothroyd 843313 if you would like a copy.