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Little Shelford news

Read news published before February 2017 here. 

Playground Renovation target reached

The Little Shelford Playground Action Group are delighted to announce that we have reached our target for the renovation of the new playground at the Wale Recreation Ground of £84,000. 

This has been achieved through grants, donations and fundraising activities. A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved throughout the process. We hope that work will start on the playground in May/June - all ready to use for the summer.

 The next step is to choose our contractor and we will shortly be meeting with HAGS SMP and Kompan to discuss their final plans, with the intention of making a final decision at the Parish Council meeting on March 19th.

Further details of progress will be posted here and on our facebook page:

Little Shelford ‘Good Neighbours’

‘There is a plan to organise ‘something’ in Little Shelford to provide a little assistance to those in the village needing a little help/company.

We have arranged a visit from Sarah Bellow, Community Development Officer South Cambs to give us some ideas and a steer at 7.30pm on Tuesday 20 March. (Venue to be confirmed).

If you are interested in being involved, or if you are or know someone that could do with some help, please contact Richard Patterson at:

7 Garden Fields, Little Shelford

07903 359 699

Parish Council January headlines

PCSO Chris Wiseman attended the meeting after several complaints about poor parking in Little Shelford. He asked people to ring 101 and report the cars if they are blocking the pavement or parked too close to a junction.

The Parish Council has agreed to spend up to £8,000 on lighting for the track leading to the Sports Pavilion. The style and number of the lights has now to be agreed with South Cambridgeshire Council.

The Council is increasing its share of the Council Tax bills by just under 2%. The budget will increase from £28,000 to £29,000, providing extra money for possible junction changes and tree work at the Rec.

Proposals to change the priority for traffic at the junction of Church Street, Whittlesford Road and Bridge Lane are being pitched to the county council in May.

Speed sign updates for the village are now expected to be installed in the spring.

A village spring clean will take place on the afternoon of February 25, organised by David Jones. The tidy up will start at 2pm, while there will be a chance to meet your parish councillors from 4pm.

The park and ride at Trumpington might be moved to a site at Hauxton near the M11 junction. The Parish Council is concerned about the possible changes and their impact on Little Shelford. There will be a briefing for all villagers at the next Parish Council meeting on March 19th.

There are three allotments at Garden Fields currently available for 2018. If you are interested, please contact the Parish Clerk. littleshelfordparishclerk@aol.com

There are Parish Council elections on May 3.

The full minutes of the meeting on January 18 can be read here

School head is leaving

Great and Little Shelford school head teacher Alison Evans is leaving later this year.

Mrs Evans is re-locating to be near her family, including her three grandsons, two of whom have been born in the last few months. 

"Being five hours away from them is too far to be able to see them regularly enough," she said in a letter to parents at the school.

Ther head teacher will leave the school at the end of the summer term.

Mrs Mitchell will be leaving at Easter, due to her husband’s job relocation to Harrogate. Mr Paduano and Mrs Jenkins are leaving full-time teaching at the end of the school year for a healthier work-life balance.

Have your say on Local Plan changes

A six-week public consultation has begun on proposed modifications to the draft Local Plans for South Cambridgeshire.

Independently-appointed Planning Inspectors have reviewed the two Local Plans submitted by Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council, held hearings and visited sites. They have now asked for a consultation to be carried out on some proposed modifications. 

The draft plans make provisions for 44,000 new jobs and 33,500 new homes by 2031. The Inspectors consider the proposed modifications may be necessary to make the two Local Plans ‘sound’. Their final conclusions will be given in their reports in due course. 

Between now and 5pm on Friday 16 February, residents, businesses, developers and parishes are being invited to comment on proposed modifications to the plans.

The key modifications include: 
A method to calculate whether there is enough suitable land readily available in the next five years to meet the number of homes that need to be built 
Changing policies so affordable housing is sought on sites of more than ten homes. The Government hopes this will encourage more small developments 
Changes to site boundaries and policies at the proposed new town north of Waterbeach and new village at Bourn Airfield 
Allocation of additional employment land at the Addenbrooke’s Campus 
A new policy to say we will begin to review the Local Plans in 2019 with a view to preparing a joint Local Plan for both Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. This was a commitment the two councils had already made as part of the Greater Cambridge Partnership agreement with Government .

To view the full list of modifications and take part in the public consultation, visit www.scambs.gov.uk/mainmods or https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/local-plan-review-consultations

Police consultation

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has launched a consultation regarding the police precept.

The Commissioner is proposing to increase the policing part of the Council Tax by £1 per month per household - £12.00 per year (based on a Band D property)

The press release can be found here - http://www.cambridgeshire-pcc.gov.uk/say-police-funding-cambridgeshire/

The survey itself can be found at - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/W3CD8P3

They would welcome your opinion. The consultation will be running until January 29th.

New business from former Police Officer

Little Shelford's former police officer Gary Kendall has launched a new gardening service.

Gary was Little Shelford's Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).

Now he has started a gardening service with his partner Sam (Pictured left). Their services include lawn cutting, hedge trimming, fence painting, weeding, patio cleaning and general garden clearance.

"I was the PCSO for 10 years in the Shelfords and Stapleford area, but I have always loved gardening," said Gary.

"So when I decided to move on from the police service, it is great to be able to do something everyday that I love so much, and to be able to help people with a good honest and reliable service.

"Sam and me already have satisfied customers in the area, and manage an estate in Thriplow."

Gary can be contacted on 07598307035.

Distraction burglary

There has been a distraction burglary in Hauxton Road, Little Shelford.

The incident happened on November 13 around 12.30pm.

The householder discovered a man in their home who claimed to be from the waterboard. 

The male spent some time distracting the householder while two further men searched upstairs. The male was described as white 21-40ys, 5"8 - 5"10, with short curly brown hair.

The householder became suspicious and called for help in the street. The men then left the property.

Always make sure you have secured any back or side doors before you answer the door to callers.

The 'waterboard' does not exist so be suspicious of any caller mentioning this, it will typically be Cambridge Water or Anglian Water in this area.

Use a side window, or spy-hole to check callers identity before letting them in. Genuine tradespeople or utility workers will not mind waiting while you make some checks.

Many utility companies will offer customers passwords so they can be re-assured the employee is genuine. Always use the contact number on your bill, not a number given to you by a caller.Call 999 if you are suspicious.

Not Sure? Don't Open the Door.

Shelford Medical Practice proposed changes

Shelford Medical Practice could merge with the larger Granta Group in 2018. The move would ensure the future sustainability of the Medical Practice in Great Shelford.

The merger could happen for several reasons:

1) Specialist outpatients services for Shelford and Stapleford would be provided as part of any new arrangement

2) An emergency home care service across the area would be provided by the merged group

3) Any merger would guarantee the future of the Shelford Medical Practice

4) Management services would be shared between the different members of the group.

The Granta Group currently has 3 practices operating from four different sites, including Sawston.

A consultation about any changes is expected to happen in early 2018. Read a statement from the Shelford Medical Practice.

* The Shelford Medical Practice, which has 9,000 patients, is also considering options around a new medical practice building for the Shelfords and Stapleford.

                                           Great Shelford Library User Survey highlights and update

User Survey - highlights

I am delighted to report that the recent User survey received 404 responses, which is a quite exceptional response rate.  Thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to respond. In this short article I don’t have space to give the full results but these will be available at our AGM at the Library on 30thJanuary 2018.

As expected most respondents came from (in order) Great Shelford, Stapleford, Harston, Little Shelford, Trumpington, Whittlesford, and Hauxton but also from 11 other villages and from Cambridge. 

Most comments were hugely enthusiastic about the Library – for example, when asked to state how much they valued the library the average score was 9.35/10.  This is a powerful level of support for the library as it is and for having a professional librarian, with much praise for Rosemary.  Contrary to many people’s opinion of Great Shelford, the largest group of respondents were in the 31-65 age bracket, and not the over 65’s!

A number of respondents asked that the library provide more activities for children and adults. The Friends Committee is actively discussing this with Councillors and the Library Service to see how we can make this happen.

At a time when we are facing an uncertain future (how many times I have said that!) it is very reassuring to see that from our survey over 80% of respondents were prepared to pay something extra towards the cost of maintaining the library, if required. This included several respondents who do not use the library themselves but see it as an essential community resource.

The majority of respondents stated that they would support an increase in Parish Council precept and many added that this should apply to all surrounding villages too.  However a significant proportion stated that they pay enough council taxes already.  

Also 64% of respondents were willing to lobby councillors/the local MP to protect the future of the library. 

National Libraries Week

We raised £350 from the book sale so thanks very much if you took part.  We also had a very interesting and well-attended talk from Helen Harwood entitled “The ties that bind us: a look at the village community past and present”.

Alan Lyne 
Chairman of Friends of Great Shelford Library Committee 
November 2017

Shed break-ins

Two sheds in Hauxton Road, Little Shelford were broken into between November 13 and 14.

A third shed in Garden Fields was broken into between November 20 and 21st.

Sawston Fun Run seeks organisations looking for funds


If you know a local charity or organisation that might benefit by receiving funds from the Sawston Fun Run, let us know.  We are inviting local charities and organisations to apply to be a beneficiary of the event to be held on Sunday 13th May 2018.


Each year, the event, donates around £15,000 to charities and organisations serving villages around Sawston. Since 1986 we have raised more than £440,000 for local hospitals, hospices, schools, youth groups, support groups and local branches of national charities.    


You need to identify a specific project or activity that needs support, tell us who will benefit, and say when the funds are needed. Whilst capital projects are preferred, the selection is based on the strength of each case. The closing date for applications is 30th November. Application forms are available off the website www.sawstonfunrun.co.uk or by contacting me by phone or email.   

Ian Chamberlain, Rotary Club of Cambridge Sawston   Tel: 01223 872243,   email:  enquiries@sawstonfunrun.co.uk  

Junction changes considered

Little Shelford Parish Council is exploring the possibility of changing the priorities for the Whittlesford Road/ Church Street/ Bridge Lane junction.

The views of villagers were sought in the October 2017 newsletter. 

Feedback to the proposals can now be read on Little Shelford Online

 Playground Renovation Update

The Little Shelford Playground Action Group were delighted to find out that they had secured a £38,000 grant from the Wren Community Action Fund towards the renovation of the new playground. 

This means that over £61,000 has now been raised with the help of fundraising events, donations and grants, and brings the project significantly closer to its target of £84,000. Further grant application results are due imminently, so it is hoped that work on the brand new playground will commence in the next 6 months. 

Susie Manning, Chair of the Action Group said: "Thank you so much for everyone who has contributed so far and attended the fundraising events! We are now in our last push and would love to get the project started in the next few months, so please if you were considering donating we are nearly there and any amount would be crucial in hitting our final target so we can get building! Many thanks from all the Playground Action Group".

If you would like to make a donation towards the project, please contact Susie on susannahmanning@googlemail.com

New Little Shelford bus service

A new bus service linking Little Shelford with the Trumpington park and ride will be launched early in 2018.

The service will travel along Hauxton Road and Newton Road in Little Shelford.

It is likely to operate every 20 minutes at peak times of the day. There are also plans for it to run at weekends.

The new, regular service will allow Little Shelford commuters to Cambridge to get to work by public transport,

The bus service is being subsidised for 10 years by Redrow, the new developers of the new homes at Hauxton Meadows.

The service is about to go out to tender. It is expected to start early in 2018.

New houses on the market

Two new houses in Church Street have gone on the market.

The Five bedroom houses are being marketed at £1.65m and £1.4m.

They are being sold by Redmayne, Arnold and Harris.

Parish Council actions and decisions

These are the actions and decisions from the Parish Council meeting on September 18:

Changes are being considered for priorities for the Whittlesford Road/ Church Street/ Bridge Lane junction after a cyclist was seriously injured there in the summer. But villagers views and comments are needed first.

The priority route is Bridge Lane – Whittlesford Road which is a very tight 90 degree corner. Most of the traffic from Bridge Lane turns right onto Church Street. Most of the traffic from Church Street turns left onto Bridge Lane. When making the right turn from Bridge Lane to Church Street, the visibility of traffic coming from Whittlesford Road is very poor. This is partly due to the low level wall of the garden of the house on the corner on the left of the road as one make the turn to the right. Locals know of the need to pull unusually far forward to be able to see to their left along Whittlesford Road before making the right turn. Some other drivers do not.

The junction is clearly very dangerous.

The Parish Council is considering whether to ask for the priorities to change, with traffic travelling towards Great Shelford on the Whittlesford Road being forced to give way instead of the current arrangement. That would mean that traffic from Church Street would be able to continue into Bridge Lane and vice versa without having to stop. Email your comments and views about the proposed changes  to littleshelfordparishclerk@aol.com by October 15.

A villager's car was written off after it was hit by a commuter's car in Newton Road. The victim has written to the Parish Council asking for traffic calming measures to be introduced. The Council is about to introduce speed cameras at the main entrances to the village. This will provide evidence to see if traffic calming or other measures are needed.

The wooden gates at the entrances to the village are to be painted white to encourage cars to slow down as they drive into Little Shelford.

The Parish Council has asked for our road gutters to be cleaned - some have plants up to 50cms high growing in them.

South Cambs Council is getting rid of the blue bin paper caddy bins by the end of the year to save money - paper will be put into the blue bin itself.

Following a number of break-ins in Little Shelford over the last 18 months, a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is now in place for every main street in the village. If you would like to be alerted about any crimes in your area by your Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator, please contact Parish Clerk Penny Tanna at  littleshelfordparishclerk@aol.com 

The Wale Recreation Ground is to be rolled regularly to try to deter further damage by crows seeking chaffer grubs.

The full minutes of the meeting can be read here.

Winners burglary

Thousands of pounds have been taken in a burglary at Winners Chinese takeaway.

Winners was burgled after the takeaway closed between September 13 and 14. 

Anyone who saw anything suspicious around this time is asked to contact the police.

Neighbourhood Watch progress

More and more people are signing up for their street's Neighbourhood Watch scheme following the news that there has been 16 break ins in Little Shelford in the last year.

  • Beech Close has 75% coverage
  • Manor Rd - 5 out of 7 have signed up
  • In Hauxton Road, 16 households have signed up
  • In Newton Rd – 10 out of 23 homes have signed up
  • In Whittlesford Road and Church Street, 35 households have signed up.
There are also schemes in Courtyards and the High Street.

If you want to sign up and be alerted about any crimes in your road, please email littleshelfordparishclerk@aol.com

Two car break-ins

Two cars have been broken into in Little Shelford.

In the first incident in Church Street, the driver's window was smashed and a laptop taken. The theft happened between 7.30pm and 9pm on September 8.

In the second incident, a car parked on the Recreation Ground for the Village dinner dance was broken into and a handbag taken. That theft happened between 6.30pm and 9.30pm on September 8.

There was an unsuccessful attempt to break into another car on the Rec on the same evening. 

Village book now available

A book about Little Shelford is now available.

‘a snapshot in time’ is a 45 page book about our village has been produced by the Pavilion Art group.

There are a few copies left costing £20. Please contact Sue Fox 842936 orAllen Boothroyd 843313 if you would like a copy.

Blue bin caddies to be scrapped

There will be no need for Little Shelford residents to use paper caddies from mid-December, in a move to simplify the recycling process.

From 11 December 2017, residents should place used paper directly into their blue wheelie bins for recycling.

The withdrawal of caddies also means fewer waste collection vehicles will in future be needed, helping save taxpayers around £670,000 during the next seven years compared to the existing system.

Trucks will cover around 26,000 fewer miles per year on South Cambridgeshire’s roads than the current arrangement.

After 11 December, residents can keep their caddies and use them however they wish. Alternatively, they can be taken to a household waste recycling centre for recycling. They should not be placed into wheelie bins.

Parish Council opposes new garden village 

A new town development of 5,000 homes close to Great Chesterford threatens to put even more pressure on the A1301 through Great Shelford and Stapleford as well as local rail services to London.

The new development is predicated on most of the residents taking up new jobs being created in and around Cambridge. 

The development is being proposed without any improvements in infrastructure, especially the A1301. The deadline for comments on the development is 4 September. 

Little Shelford and Great Shelford Parish Councils strongly oppose the proposed development and we would encourage residents to contact Uttlesford DC to register their concerns. More details at http://www.stopnugv.org.uk/ 

Residential trip to Cumbria 

This Summer SSYI (Shelfords & Stapleford Youth Initiative) and Romsey Mill took 12 young people from the Shelfords, Stapleford and Sawston areas on a residential activities trip to Cumbria. Led by youth workers Ollie, Zac and Tina they all took part in a week of Ghyll Scrambling, Kayaking, Climbing, Mining and many other adventurous activities, as well as lending a hand in the cooking and cleaning during the week.

The trip was designed to encourage resilience, communication and self-efficacy skills and the outcomes of this residential have been hugely rewarding. We reviewed their ‘distance travelled’ and 100% of the young people explained they had increased confidence and more hope for the future. All the young people enjoyed themselves rating the trip a of 9.3 out of 10 on average! One young person said that the residential was “the best one ever” and he has “overcome my fears because of these people for encouraging me”. The young people boldly squeezed themselves through a lead mine, slid down a chilly river, and spent most of their time kayaking pushing each other in the lake (including the instructor)!

The residential wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of many of the local parishes, churches, charities and regular givers to both SSYI and Romsey Mill. We would like to say a huge thank you to you all.

For more information about both charities, to support our work or to see the full report contact Ollie O’Meakin on ollie.omeakin@romseymill.org or visit www.ssyi.club or www.romseymill.org.

Protection for village's green lung could be changing
Proposals to increase protection for Camping Close in Little Shelford have fallen on deaf ears.

Camping Close is unlikely to be developed. But the Parish Council wanted to maximise protection for the area just in case any plans emerged in the future.

The Parish Council wanted to see Camping Close be designated “Local Green Space” which would give it the same protection as being Green Belt.

South Cambridgeshire Council endorsed the proposals.

But now a Government inspector has said that while Camping Close was recognised to have local value ‘beauty’, ‘historical significance’, ‘recreational value’ and ‘tranquillity’, it was not considered demonstrably special and of particular local significance to warrant the Local Green Space designation.

Whilst the Government report recommends the site is no longer identified as Local Green Space, it does recommend it should be a ‘Protected Village Amenity Area (PVAA)’.

Whilst the not such a high level of protection as Local Green Space, PVAA does ensure the value of a site to the village is recognised.

“Little Shelford is one of the most beautiful villages in Cambridgeshire and Camping Close is a critical part of that beauty,” said Parish Council Chairman David Martin.

“This change is a real shame for the village. It is also frustrating that the Parish Council was not consulted about the final proposal”.

                                                                 Great Shelford library survey

Great Shelford library is facing an uncertain future according to the Friends of the Library.

The group has has decided to seek the views of those who currently use the library and also those that don't use the library about how the committee can respond to future changes.

You can complete the online survey at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/H85R9TF 

Surveys can also be found at the library itself. The surveys need to be completed by September 16.

Navigator rings the changes

A number of changes are taking place at Little Shelford's pub, the Navigator.

The Navigator is now open seven days a week lunchtimes and evenings serving Thai food.

The pub now has a new manager - Barry Smith. He has lots of experience with real ale and Thai food he was previously a manager at the Three Tons in Abington for four years.

A few tickets left for 80s dinner dance

There are a handful of tickets left the village's 80’s Dinner Dance on Friday 8th September. 

Come along for dinner from Shelford Deli, dancing to live music from “Back to the 80’s”, fully licensed bar and charity auction with fabulous lighting by Simon Mackinder. Also, “80’s” fancy dress competition. 

For tickets e-mail Liz Carrothers (lizcarrothers@icloud.com) or call on 07808 128037. Tickets £35 per person payable in advance.

New sports storage shed

A new storage shed has been installed at the rear of the Sports Pavilion on the Wale Recreation Ground.

The shed will be used by the cricket nd football clubs.

It will mean that the unsightly container on the rec will soon be removed.

Thanks to Ray Saich for organising the new shed and neil Orpwood and the Cricket Club for laying out the foundations.

Neighbourhood Watch network for Little Shelford

A Neighbourhood Watch network for Little Shelford is now expected to be in place by the end of the summer.

The move follows the news that there were 14 break-ins in Little Shelford in the year April 2016 to March 2017. That included three house burglaries.

Fiona James in Whittlesford Road and Julie Darsley in Courtyards along with Diana Haines in Church Street have already been doing their best to keep their neighbours updated on crimes in their area.

Now the Parish Council wants Neighbourhood Watch schemes in every street in the village so information about crimes in Little Shelford is shared with everyone who wants it.

This means that people who opt-in for the email alerts will be informed if there have been any incidents in the village.

A number of people in Little Shelford have already come forward to volunteer as Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators.

They will be dropping letters through people’s letterboxes through the summer asking to join the Neighbourhood Watch schemes in their street.

Villagers will only receive the information if they request it.

People in Hauxton Road can contact Jo Boyle at joboyle780@gmail.com

People in Newton Road can contact Martin Dinkele at martin.dinkele@gmail.com

Roads improved in Little Shelford

Some of the worst pot holes in our roads have been improved after work between Little Shelford Parish Council and our new County Councillor, Roger Hickford, who lives in Little Shelford. These are the pot holes that have been repaired by the County Council:

  • By the gate of Sycamore House, Hauxton Road 
  • By 12 Hauxton Road Northside 
  • By 28/30 Hauxton Road Northside 
  • By 32 Hauxton Road Northside 
  • By 36 Hauxton Road Northside 
  • By 38/38a Hauxton Road Northside 
  • By 19b Hauxton Road Southside 
  • Junction of Hauxton Road and Newton Road Several holes. 
  • Outside 8 Newton Road West side 
  • Opposite 18 Newton Road East side 
  • Opposite 4 High Street Centre of road 
  • Outside 14 High Street Southside 
  • Outside 20 High St Southside and northside 
  • Outside 22 High St southside 3 holes 
  • Outside 24 High St southside 2 holes 
  • Outside 32 High St southside 3 holes 
  • Outside 34 High St southside 2 holes 
  • Opposite 12 Church Street eastside 
  • Outside winners, 15 Church Street eastside 
  • Outside 14 Church St eastside 
  • Outside 16 Church Street eastside 
  • Bridge lane and Church street Junction 4
  • Bridge Lane opposite entrance to 6 Bridge Lane 3 holes. 
  • Whittlesford Road opposite first (yellow) house called the Lodge. 
  • 36 Whittlesford Road North side ordered

Fun weekend dividend


Cheques totalling £2,750 were given out  at the Annual Village Meeting in May.

The money has been raised through our Fun Week-end activities. 

Recipients included:

Playground campaign £2,000

Pavilion £300

SSYI £250

Wildlife Group £100

History Society £100

Summer Story Time at Great Shelford Library

Does your child enjoy listening to stories?

Come along to the library with your child at 11am for half an hour on Tuesday mornings throughout August starting on August 1st.  

The stories will suit 3-7 year olds. A parent/ carer will need to stay with their child. There is no charge and no booking is required. Look out for posters around the village. 

Organised by the Friends of the Library.

Attempted burglary

There has been at attempted burglary in the High Street in May.

"I have recently had an incident at my home where I woke in the middle of the night and found lights and front door wide open," said the householder.

"Luckily nothing taken. Police have put it down as an attempted burglary."

The householder is now planning to speak with someone to discuss a Neighbourhood Watch for the area and talk about extra security.

Parish Council update
Actions and updates at the May Parish Council meeting included:
  • The Council has agreed to give another £5,000 to the playground campaign -if the group is successful in winning other major grants.
  • After 15 burglaries and break-ins in Little Shelford over the last year, the Parish Council is going to push for every road in the village to have its own Neighbourhood Watch scheme
  • Several homes are about to be contacted because their hedges or trees or overhanging the pavements
  • There are growing concerns about increased dog fouling in the village. Dog owners are being asked to take more care to clean up after their dogs
  • Mary Palazzo has resigned from Council after 5 years - the council is now looking for a new Parish Councillor.
Annual Village meeting headlines
There have been 14 burglaries in Little Shelford in the last year. Parish Council Chairman David Martin told the Annual Village Meeting that they are so concerned that they will be campaigning to create Neighbourhood Watch schemes in every street this year.
Parish Council highlights from the last 12 months:


  • A 40mph speed limit has been introduced between Little Shelford and Hauxton, which will help to reduce the speed of traffic entering the village on Hauxton Road.

  • After a public meeting, we said no to joining in the Neighbourhood Plan with Great Shelford and Stapleford, largely because we were wary that it could lead to too much new development in Little Shelford

  • The Parish Council has backed the new playground campaign by pledging £5,000 towards it

  • The Council has given £1500 to the Bowls Club to help pay some of the bills to eradicate the Chafer grubs which are damaging the bowls green

  • Improvements were made by the Parish Council at the entrance to the Rec costing around £8,000 and we also enhanced the track to the Pavilion

  • The bridge over the Ice Pond in the Rec was repaired thanks to £900 from South Cambs

  • David Jones organised a village spring clean on behalf of the Parish Council in March.

Parish Council priorities for the next year:
  • Increasing the number of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes
  • Reducing the speed of traffic through Little Shelford 
  • A tree survey and taking action where necessary
  • A possible community orchard next to the allotments
  • Supporting the ongoing playground campaign
  • And the possibility of setting up a warden scheme for older people in Little Shelford.
You can read David Martin's full speech here.
Post Office update
Royal Mail will no longer leave undelivered large items of mail at the new Post Office at the Kash Stores in Hinton Way it has emerged.
The Post Office says there is insufficient storage at the Post Office/Kash Stores. (See the notice, left).
Any items that cannot be posted through letter boxes will have to be collected from the Royal mail depot in Clifton Road, Cambridge or redelivered by the post person at a date & time when someone is at home to receive them. John Wakefield

Two new County Councillors for Little Shelford

Little Shelford has two new county councillors after the elections on May 4.

Conservatives Roger Hickford, who lives in Little Shelford and Kevin Cuffley were elected. Roger is the Deputy Leader of the County Council.

Previous sitting councillors Tony Orgee and Gail Kenney both retired.

The village falls in a new constituency called Sawston and Shelfords.





Kevin Cuffley



Peter Robert Spencer Fane

Liberal Democrats


Councillor Roger Hickford



Brian Milnes

Liberal Democrats


Mike Nettleton



Sue Whitney



Broadchurch it ain't
A bizarre case of vandalism in Little Shelford being investigated by Cambridgeshire Police has been solved.
In April, Police issued a statement: "Between the dates of 21/04/17 at 17:00 and 22/04/2017 14:00 in Beech Close, Little Shelford.
"Unknown offender has entered garden of aggrieved's property and 'deadheaded' number of plants and flowers with malicious intent."
They even gave it a crime number - CF022060417.
Now we can unmask the "unknown offender" behind the malicious intent- a Muntjac deer!
"This happens all the time in Beech Close," said one resident.
 "It gave us a laugh when we read about the Police appeal."
We are now waiting to see if the deer is going to be apprehended.
After this story was first published on Little Shelford Online, it went on to appear in the Cambridge News and The Sun

All Saints Celebration
A special All saints Church Celebration took place on April 20.
The photo shows (left to right\) The Bishop of Ely, Stephen Conway, Simon Scott, Current Rector, Christopher Ash, Rector who lead the Church Growth initiative 20 years ago and The Bishop of Maidstone, Rod Thomas and also a very large cake that we used to celebrate the occasion along with the supper in the Village Hall and a service in All Saints.
Robin Church said there were about 36 Church members before the growth initiative and there are now over 150 so its seems to have worked, (with a third living in the Village).
Bin collection temporary changes
The Easter bank holidays mean that the bin collection days in Little Shelford are changing temporarily.
These are the revised changes:
  • Blue and Green bin collection - Thursday April 20th
  • Black bin collection - Wednesday April 26th
  • Blue and green collection - Wednesday May 3rd

Collection days will then revert to Tuesday. Full details here.

Another Shelford theft
A car wheel has been stolen in a bizarre theft.
A Beech Close resident was working on his car on April 10. He had taken off a front wheel, went inside, looked out of his landing window and saw a white van slowly driving round the Close.
The van stopped outside his driveway, a man got out came onto his property and stole his wheel befor the resident could get downstairs.

Parish Council headlines

Actions from the March Little Shelford Parish Council meeting included:
  • Villagers in Beech Close want to see their street lights reinstated after 5 burglaries in March
  • The Parish Council is going to push every road in the village to have a Neighbourhood Watch scheme
  • Little Shelford has been awarded £3,400 by the County Council for a mobile speed activated time
  • £1500 is being given to the Bowls Club to help pay for their issues with Chafer beetles
  • The council is keen to have a warden scheme for older people in the village. Read the full details of the meeting here.

Little Shelford burglaries
Jewellery was stolen when a house on Whittlesford Road was burgled between 1.30pm and 4.30pm on March 12.
At least five out buildings or garages have also been broken into in Little Shelford using bolt cutters.
Three of the break-ins took place in Beech Close between March 5 and 6. The The thieves broke through the back fence from the High Street.
Two further break-ins happened in in High Street. Burglars entered two sheds, stealing tool boxes of carpentry and wood turning tools, plus an outboard motor. 

Police say that the burglars were well equipped with a patrolling hire van collecting the stuff from the on foot thieves. They were also wearing gloves.

* Sometime between February 11th and 15th a house has been broken into in Hauxton Road, Little Shelford. The burglars first broke into a shed and used tools from there to gain entry before jewellery was stolen.

Post Office update

The new Post Office at the Kash Stores in Hinton Way opened on Tuesday 7th March. Opening hours 0700 till 19.00 Mon to Sat and 07.00 till 13.00 Sunday. It was then officially opened by MP Heidi Allen (pictured with owners Jayshri and Kash) and March 24.

For those residents living in Little Shelford who don't have transport or have difficulty with mobility, the Whippet No 31 bus service runs four journeys per day Monday to Saturday that are convenient for the Post Office.

 They run as follows:
Little Shelford Church Street 09.55 11.25 12.55 14.25
Great Shelford High St (Square & Compass) 09.57 11.27 12.57 14.27
Great Shelford London Rd (Freestones Corner) 10.00 11.00 13.00 14.30
Great Shelford Hinton Way (Chaston Rd) 10.06 11.36 13.06 14.36
Returning from:
Great Shelford Hinton Way (opp Orchard Rd) 10.34 12.04 13.34 15.04
This leaves sufficient time to walk to/from bus stop & do business at the Post Office
John Wakefield

Village spring clean
More than 10 sacks of rubbish were collected by villagers and parish councillors in a  special spring clean on March 12 organised by David Jones.
The most unusual find was 6 pairs of shoes.

Van fire
There was a van fire at the junction of Newton Road and Hauxton Road on February 24.

Photos by Allen Boothroyd and Pamela Stewart.

Little Shelford Fun Weekend – Thank you for 2016 and Hold The Date 2017

As we begin our planning for the 2017 Little Shelford Fun Weekend (Fri 8th to Sunday 10th Sept), I wanted to say a big thank you for all those who helped make it possible – whether it be planning, sponsoring, providing prizes, helping on the day, or manning stalls. At the risk of typos around names, and the even bigger mistake of having left someone accidentally off the list, I would like to say a big thank you to all those who helped last year. Here goes…
 To the committee members:
Kate Beaton, Jo Boyle, Liz Carrothers , Mel Chaplin, Chris Christodoulou , Diana Haines, Steve Henry, David Jones, Brie Lury, David Munro, Gail Pilkington, Andy Stephenson. Sadly Steve Henry is retiring from the committee (he had to move out of the village to achieve this) and Rosie Ferrandino is kindly joining.
To our helpers nearer the time, and over the weekend itself:
Sandy Boyle, Jayne Briggs, Gordon Cameron, Erica Christodoulou, Simon Conway-Smith, Ian Douglas, Andrew Hawthorn, Andy Hopper, Graham Keane, Ollie Leonard, Jill Lury, Nick Lury, Andrew Muir, Neil Ruffles, Ray & Penny Saich, Bill Savin, Robin Skinner, John Stanton, Jo Stephenson, Bridget Sumison, Val Varty
 To Simon MacKinder and his glorious squadron for their sound, lighting and showmanship on Friday and Saturday evenings
To The Eye (the band) for a cracking performance on the Friday night, and Shakey Breaks The Ice for their wonderful jazz on the Sunday picnic


To Drew and the gang at the Shelford Deli for the lovely food on Friday and the youthful helpers who wait the tables on the Friday night
 To all the stallholders who showed up in some pretty atrocious weather at the Saturday fete
 To all our prize givers and sponsors:
The Square & Compass, The Queen’s Head, Winners, Cambridge Canteen, Crown & Thistle, Waterlillies, Blossom, Penny Gray-Mele Piloxing, Esse, Cheeky Monkeys Playbarn, Rayments Garage, Frog Software, Cambridge Mini Motorworks, Calne Vehicle Rentals, The Little Shelford Panto, Milan Fitness, Cambridge Arts Theatre, Stapleford Granary, Cambridge Fine Arts, Cooke Curtis, The Plough, Barkers, Hairforce 1, Tina Sondhi, Zara, The Navigator, Days, Solutions, Scotsdales, AK Fisheries, The Gog Farmshop, The Rose, Shelford Drycleaners, Over and In, Shelford Tree Service, Quy Mill, Steve Morrow, Steve Henry, The Beatons, David Jones

And finally, to all those who came along and had fun over the course of the weekend!

Calling helpers:
We are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help, especially: handymen who can move/set up/take down staging and heavy equipment, those with catering experience to help on the Friday evening, and people with offers of auction prizes. If you can help, we would love to hear from you. The weekend can’t function without the village supporting it.
Please contact either Jo Boyle at: joboyle780@gmail.com, or myself at: ian.beaton@arkunderwriting.com 
I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the 2017 fun weekend, 8-10 September.
Ian Beaton, Chair, Little Shelford Entertainment Committee

Parish Council update

The Parish Council’s spending from April will rise to almost £31,000. That will mean a 1% increase in the village’s share of our council tax bills. The rise will pay for a survey of trees in Little Shelford and a new mobile speed sign.

Volunteers are wanted for a special tidy Little Shelford day on March 12th at 2pm. 
The Parish Council is also organising session at the Memorial Hall on the same day at 5.30pm where villagers can meet their Parish Councillors and also find out about different groups and societies in Little Shelford.
The Parish Council is paying £700 for a new pedestrian gate at the Wale Recreation Ground.
A house at 42 High Street is to be demolished, to be replaced with two six-bedroom homes.
There are several spare allotments in Garden Fields which are available for rent.
Read the full details of the January Parish Council meeting here.

Read news published before February 2017 here