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Little Shelford news from Jan 2020

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Little Shelford Housing Needs Survey

Can you and your family find somewhere to live in the village that meets your needs? Would you like to move but can’t find suitable housing?

Little Shelford Parish Council think that there may be gaps in housing provision, particularly for the young and those looking to downsize. The council has commissioned an external organisation, ACRE, to undertake a survey of housing need to establish whether this is the case.

It is a long time since such a survey was last undertaken. The Parish Plan in 2010 highlighted that there is too little low cost housing that allows young people to stay in the village. The Parish Council also hears that there is a shortage of suitable accommodation for people who want to downsize when they are older. The Council thinks it is time to look at these needs more closely.

The survey will produce a report that:

• profiles the housing requirement (the gap between provision and need) in the village

• shows the need for affordable housing from people who have a local connection.

The Parish Council also want to gauge the level of support, amongst all villagers, for development of some new affordable housing. Even if you don’t have any direct need, you can show your view on this by answering a couple of questions and returning the form.

A separate survey form should be completed for each potential new household. Please contact Cambridgeshire ACRE (details overleaf) if you require additional survey forms. They can send forms to family members living away from Little Shelford who would like to live here and contribute to the survey. The survey can also be completed online - 
http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/LittleShelford  by Jan 31st.

Andrew Hawthorn
Chairman, Little Shelford Parish Council Updated 15 2020