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Steve's challenge

Third and Final Challenge Done!

On Saturday afternoon last weekend I arrived in Lowestoft after 500miles from Lands End and completed the final challenge of my charity fund raiser.

I left the office last Monday at 17:30 and got home in time to have dinner with the family before leaving on my bike and heading for the local train station. Met up with Craig who was also cycling the route and traveled down to Kings Cross. We then had to cycle across to Paddington station, stopping on route at Buck House for a quick souvenir snap with the seven foot copper! At Paddington the bikes went in to their reserved racks on the overnight train to Penzance and wegrabbed a beer in the restaurant carriage!

We arrived in Penzance at 0815 Tuesday morning and headed straight out to Lands End where we were to start our journey from.

First day was full of hill climbs and small Cornish roads. We made our way along the south coast past St Michael’s Mount and through the quaint villages stopping for the odd snack and to catch our breath before arriving at Bodmin for the night. Our accommodation for the night was a local pub that to be honest had seen better days. We were told we could leave our bikes under the dart board as there was no game that night and we ordered our first well earned larger. The rest of Bodmin seemed it had also seen better days and we weren’t sure where to eat. We then came across a Whitterspoons that seemed to have half the town in and enjoyed the steak and a pint for £5.99!

Day 2 started well as both bikes were still under the dart board with all wheels and tyres intact and we headed off to Taunton. It was a tough day but a really enjoyable one. We made the odd wrong turn but made our way using all the small B roads to keep away from the main traffic and dual carriageways. By Taunton we had 100 miles covered and over 9000feet of hill climbing completed that day.

Day 3 was an easier less hilly ride out of Somerset, across Wiltshire, Berkshire and intoOxfordshire staying the Luffington. Great days riding on rolling hills and in perfect weather. A few beers at the local once again well earned.

Even though the next day was still over 100 miles we made Luffington to Cambridge in good time and it was great to be able to stop over at our own homes before the last days ride to Lowestoft. We had hoped to be able to catch a train from Lowestoft at around 17:50 but made such good time found ourselves only 6 miles out by 15:30. We pushed hard for the last few miles before more or less riding straight through the ticket station and on to the platform and train to make the 15:50.

The total raised now including gift aid is over £5500.00. If you have been meaning to sponsor me but haven’t you can still click on either link below and do so.

All the charities chosen and the volunteers who help do such good work for those in need your money will be truly appreciated.