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Three cars damaged

Three cars were damaged in Hauxton Road, Little Shelford on Christmas Eve. The vandals jumped on the roof of one car, and a brick was thrown at two others at the same location.
Little Shelford house prices up 13% in 2015

House price in Little Shelford have increased by more than 13% in the last year according to property website Zoopla.

The average price paid for a house in the village in 2015 was £613,333, up 13.23% on a year ago. This was an increase of £83,305.

The current average house value in Little Shelford is £712,807.

 Wale Recreation Ground Access from Courtyards 24 Hour Closure 2015

Little Shelford is the only Village in South Cambridgeshire that still owns its own recreation ground, in our case the Wale Recreation Ground which was given to us by the Wale family. In order to preserve and protect the Parish Councils rights over the Wale Recreation ground, foot access from Courtyards must be prevented for one day each year.

In 2015 the access gate from Courtyards will be locked from midnight on Thursday 24th December 2015 until midnight on Friday 25th December 2015

(Christmas Day).

If you have any questions about access to the Wale Recreation ground you can contact the following members of the Parish Council:

David Martin - 845995

David Jones - 847213

Little Shelford Parish Council

1st December 2015


Fancy something arty and different for the New Year? Then why not join our watercolour group for the spring term (18 January-14 March) on Mondays 10.00 a.m.-12.00 noon. Or if you have any experience or interest in photography, publishing and editorial work we are looking for someone to join our team compiling an historic record of the village.

 To sign up for the term or to find out more, please contact Victor Franklin, tel. 01223 842276, email


Petition for more lights

People power has failed to get a lamp post restored in Beech Close.

Little Shelford lost 26 of its 102 street lights as part of the changes earlier this year by Balfour Beattie. Parish Council complaints were dismissed.

However Steve Clements from Beech Close collected a petition of more than 50 signatures complaining about the changes on safety grounds. His petition was presented to Cambridgeshire's Highways Committee on December 1st when he demanded that at least one of the lights be reinstated.

"Little Shelford lost 25% of its lights, far more than the 10% predicted which isn't fair and I will be supporting the petition," said Councy Councillor Tony Orgee.

However the committee turned down the request.

"We tried, and we are somewhat disappointed, " said Steve.

Beetles cause football cancellation
The Wale Recreation Ground could be infected by Chafer Beetles. They have already caused one football game to be called off.
Chafer beetle larvae dig down deeper after frosts come in November. Apparently crows typically go for these beetles and dig up gradd and mud to get at the beetles.
One Shelford and Stapleford strikers under 8 match had to be postponed recently as the opposition deemed the pitch to be unsafe due to the turf having been dug up.  
The Parish Council agreed at its meeting on November 23 to carry out an urgent investigation.
                                                                                                      Speed limit change

The speed limit between Little Shelford and Hauxton is likely to be reduced to 40mph.

The limit is currently 60mph between the two villages.

There are concerns that traffic is going to fast when it enters both villages because of the current 60mph limit.

The two Parish Councils are putting in a joint bid to get the speed limit for the stretch of road reduced in 2016.

                                                                  Green bin collection changes

As last year, green bin collections in Little Shelford will be changing to monthly over the winter as far less compostable waste is put out for collection.

Monthly collections will start at the end of November, returning to fortnightly in March for the rest of the year. The dates are:

Monday, 9 November, 2015
Monday, 23 November, 2015
Monday, 7 December, 2015
Tuesday, 5 January, 2016

This is the state of the gutter in Whittlesford Road. The Parish Council has complained about the issue at its meeting in September. The county council and the district council are now deciding who is going to clear the weeds away


                              Special Shelford visitors


Four monks from Thailand recently enjoyed a Thai meal at the Navigator.

They were invited by the chef to pray bless and do some chanting.




                                                        Headlines from the September Parish Council meeting

A 20mph limit will be introduced in 2016 in Bridge Lane in the approach to Shelford School. This will link up with a wider new 20mph zone in the main part of Great Shelford. Read more details of those proposals here. The white lines around the Whittlesford Road/Church Street junction are being re-painted after complaints from the council.

The Parish Council formally supported a petition against the withdrawal of 2 streetlights in Beech Close. Several crimes have happened since the lights were withdrawn. Villager Jill Clements will be speaking at the Cambridgeshire Highways Committee about the issue in October.

Proposals for a new footpath along Newton Road from the end of the existing footpath to the bridal path at the end of the road have received the backing of the Council.

A Village Design Statement has been created to preserve the character of the village. It could also pave the way for some new development in and around the village if it is agreed. The draft plan will be published shortly on this website. The Parish Council is holding a public meeting on November 27.

A new Village Green complete with a new village sign will finally be created in November. Read more details about the Green and the sign here. The sign and green are part of a wider village history project that saw the creation of a village history website and the republication of the book  A Record of Shelford Parva by Fanny Wale.

Gardens around the village have hedges and trees that are overhanging the pavement, affecting passing pedestrians. The council is planning to write to the worst offenders, asking them to cut back their foliage. If they don’t react, the council may carry out the trimming and bill the householders.

Proposals to build 2 new homes at 21 Church Street have been opposed by the Parish Council.

Dog owners are asked to clean up after their pets following complaints about the increasing amount of dog pooh on the Wale Recreation Ground.

The Parish Council has offered £200 towards the cost of a defibrillator that could be installed on the outside of the village hall.

A major new science park with up to 1250 houses could be built behind the rugby club in Great Shelford.

Several allotments are available at the end of Garden Fields.   

Read the full minutes of the parish council meeting here.

                                                                       Little Shelford wins 3 times over
Little Shelford has achieved a trio of sporting achievement.

The cricket team are champions of their division and have won promotion.

The Bowls team won the Kenzie cup in the final played against Meldreth, at Foxton last Sunday.

The Ladies badminton team were proud to be presented with a trophy as winners of their league.

After several lean years this is great news for all the teams!

                                                              WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP THE REFUGEES IN CAMPS AT CALAIS?

I am collecting donations for the refugees at Calais for a woman in Cambridge who is organising car runs next weekend. If you would like to donate anything from the list please phone me to arrange drop off at my house in Little Shelford tel 845657 or leave at my back door 49 Hauxton road in a marked plastic bag. Below is a list of items needed. Many thanks Bridget Sumsion

The following clothing is most needed at the moment - all for men:
Underwear - Boxers are the most popular
Shirts & Polos - Small and medium. They have plenty of large & XL
Jeans - Waist size 30-32 if possible.
Shoes - Trainers or Doc Marten style. Wellingtons are not liked and leather town shoes would last about 2 minutes in the conditions. Sizes 8-11.
Socks are also needed.
Ah... just found this list too...
- shoes/trainers (size 7-11)
- jackets (small/ medium)
- socks
- belts
- tents, covers, tarpaulin
- travel bags
- candles/ other lighting implements
What is always needed:
- tracksuit trousers and jeans (32-36)
- woolly hats
- underwear
- blankets/sleeping bags
- soap
- shampoo
- toothbrushes/toothpaste
- plastic bin bags
- pots and pans
What is NOT needed:
- sheets/ pillows
- suits
- town shoes ( posh!)
- jumpers
- wellingtons.
                                                            Shelford parents lose bus campaign

Parents in Great and Little Shelford have lost their battle to save a free bus service from the axe.

Nearly 50 parents appealed against Cambridgeshire County Council's decision to remove the complimentary service from the Shelfords to Sawston Village College.

The campaign ended in disappointment when councillors denied the appeal at a Shire Hall.

Council officials said improvements they made along the route from the villages to Sawston Village College for cyclists and pedestrians justified charging for the buses – but parents disagreed.

A county council spokesman said as the majority of properties in Great Shelford and Little Shelford are less than 3 miles away from Sawston they are not required by law to provide free transport between the villages.

Principal Jonathan Culpin said: "Sawston Village College is extremely disappointed with the decision to withdraw the bus service.”

Parent James Prisk from Great Shelford said while they were disappointed by the failed appeal, they had made their case well and will continue to campaign to create a "truly safe walking and cycling route".

South Cambridgeshire MP Heidi Allen was also against the proposed school bus changes.

                                                                             U-turn demanded over street light loss

The Parish Council is demanding a u-turn on the number of street lights that have been taken from Little Shelford. As many as 27 street lights have been removed from the village as part of the changes.

The Parish is now joining forces with County Councillor Tony Orgee to demand a re-think.

“The village has lost around 25% of its lights and I think that is too much ,” said  Councillor Orgee. The removal of a light in Beech Close and 1 in Courtyards proceeded despite the protests from the Parish Council.

Parish Councillor Mary Palazzo described contractors Balfour Beattie as “appalling” for proceeding without proper consultation with the village and then “lying” about the Parish Council having agreed the plans.

These are the lighting changes that have happened in Little Shelford.

  • Beech Close – 6 lights reduced to 5
  • Newton Rd – 6 lights reduced to 4
  • Courtyards - 9 lights reduced to 8
  • Hauxton Rd – 24 lights reduced to 18
  • High St – 21 lights reduced to 15 (9 removed & 3 new ones added)
  • Bridge Lane – 8 lights reduced to 6 (5 removed & 3 added)
  • Church St – 8 lights reduced to 6 (5 removed & 3 added)
  • Whittlesford Rd – 19 lights reduced to 13 (9 removed & 3 added)

                                                                                             Restaurant shuts its doors

Little Shelford restaurant Sycamore House closed down in September.
"Michael and Susan will be retiring at the end of September having opened Sycamore House in October 1993," said a statement being shared in the popular restaurant. "The restaurant will close but the property will remain our family home. "

The last night at the restaurant was September 26.
MP comes out against bus changes
South Cambridgeshire MP Heidi Allen has come out against proposed school bus changes. The free bus to Sawston Village College for pupils from Little Shelford is due to be withdrawn in September. Parents will instead have to pay for their chiuldren to use the bus, or encourage the stidents to cycle or walk to school.

Around 50 parents have appealled against the County Council's decision to withdraw the free bus service from Little Shelford to Sawston Village College. The appeals are taking place in July.

47 appeals have been lodged by parents against the decision, claiming the route is dangerous. About 180 pupils at Sawston Village College are set to lose the free service.
In a letter of support, our MP stated: "I wish to appeal with and on behalf of all the families against the withdrawal of free transport until such time as the County Council undertakes remedial measures to ensure the route is safe."
Join the Facebook group here.

Christine Ruffles and Penny Saich would like to thank everyone who supported the Arthur Rank coffee morning in the new pavilion and are very pleased to report £400 was sent to the charity.
                                                     Creative Writing classes for Little Shelford

Are you a budding writer? Poet? Blogger? Want to improve your technique or start from scratch?
Join a termly ten-week programme of classes which will develop your writing skills of a range of forms* and allow you to workshop and discuss potential and existing writing projects.
*Forms will include - Fiction - novels/short-stories/flash fiction/poetry; Non-Fiction - biography/memoir/life-writing/travel/articles & reviews; Performance Writing - plays for the stage/radio/screenplays/community plays...
Please send queries or register your interest by emailing: or call 07904 297346
The classes will be held in Shelford - venue/day to be confirmed - please indicate a daytime or evening preference. 

                                                                       Little Shelford is moving

Little Shelford is shifting. It looks as if we will have one county councillor instead of the current two. And Great and Little Shelford will be in the same ward as Hauxton, Harston and Haslingfield.

The draft recommendations have been made by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England. The Commission welcomes comments on the recommendations report by 06 July 2015. Representations should be made:

· By email to:

· Or in writing to:

Review Officer (Cambridgeshire)

Local Government Boundary Commission for England

14th Floor

Millbank Tower




                                                                     Little Shelford resident dies
Village stalwart Eddie Taylor has died. He was 91. These are a few words from his son Richard Taylor.
"My parents, Eddie and Eileen Taylor and I settled in the High Street, Little Shelford nearly 40 years ago after an exhaustive search of the area for a home and my parents found Little Shelford the ideal place to live surrounded by friends and lovely people. They took an active interest in local activities and supported the local youth group and the pavilion project.

Father delighted in competing in the Garden Show, frequently wining prizes for tomatoes, pears and roses. He also enjoyed presenting the Children's Photography prize in memory of my mother.

Sadly my father died suddenly at home on Saturday 13th June after 91 years of active life. Rosemary, Charles and I would be pleased to see his friends at his funeral on Tuesday 30th June 12.30 at St. Columba's Church, Cambridge and afterwards at Emmanuel College for tea (both are next to John Lewis)."

                                                                                    Accommodation wanted

Could you take in a lodger? The Church is looking for someone who has a spare room and is willing to put up a parish volunteer (with some money for board and lodging, of course). The lodger is 18, from Hungary, and volunteering to serve in a church. He would arrive in September and stay till next summer. Please email if you can help.

                                                                                 Village speeding statistics 

It's was a busy time for the Speedwatch team with checks on Newton Road, Whittlesford Road and Church Street.

Here are the stats:
Mon 8th June - Newton Road 0930-1030 - 68 cars, 17 speeding, fastest 45mph
Tues 9th June - Whittlesford Road 1130-1230 - 29 cars, 12 speeding, fastest 46 mph
Fri 12th June - Church Street - 10.00-11.00 - 113 cars , 2 speeding one at 39mph 

No speeders were caught on High Street on the morning of the 19th June. However 6 were caught doing over 36mph on Bridge Lane on June 26. These car drivers have been reported to Cambridge Constabulary and will receive letters in the next 10 days   
                                                                                                 New Shelford art group 

There are plans to start a village art group in our new pavilion on the Wale recreation ground in Little Shelford on 28 September 2015 if there is sufficient interest.

Meetings will be held on Mondays between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon over the autumn, winter and spring terms at a cost of £25 per term (subject to numbers).

Membership is open to beginners as well as artists of all ages and abilities with interests in sketching, watercolour, oil or acrylics, pastels, calligraphy or any other art form or medium. In particular, we would like to start a photography section with a project on the village in mind.

You are welcome to come along and do your own thing or join in with some structured informal tuition, studies and exercises, visit exhibitions or attend demonstrations by visiting artists. 

To sign up for the first term or to find out more please contact Victor Franklin, telephone 01223 842276, email

                                                                       Keep Little Shelford tidy

As some of you may be aware Michael Millar, who does a fantastic job of litter picking in our village, has been in hospital for just over a month. He is making a good recovery and hopes to be home in 2 to 3 weeks time.

Whilst Michael has been in hospital nobody has officially been covering his litter picking job around the village. This entails not only the village itself but right up to the village boundaries.

We could all help by picking up odd bits of litter as we all walk around the village.

                                                                                   Rubbish dumped in Little Shelford


These are photos of the rubbish dumped in Bradmere Lane. They include wrappers from Annabelle's Sandwich Bar in Hills Road and Upper Crusts Catering. The illegal dumping has been reported to South Cambridgeshire Council by the Parish Council.

                                                            Shelford Guides under threat of closure

Shelford Guides could close unless they urgently find a new leader. The fun, adventure and opportunities that Guides provides for girls aged 10-14 years, are there in abundance for the adults too! No previous experience required; training can be provided. To find out more, please contact Lisa MacGregor (; 01223 843021) or visit 

                                                                           Girl injured by fellow cyclist

A 13 year old girl was knocked off her bike by another cyclist during a protest cycle staged to show how unsafe the route from the Shelfords to Sawston Village College is.

 The Year 8 pupil was hit by an adult cyclist, who then launched a verbal tirade against the girl, as she rode with about 50 pupils and parents from Stapleford to Sawston Village College on May 22, acccording to witnesses.

The mass walk and cycle was held to highlight the dangers of the route after the council axed free school bus services from Stapleford and the Shelfords to the school from September.
Cambridgeshire County Council says the route is now safe for pedestrians for cyclists – a claim many parents, pupils and teachers strongly disagree with. 

Stijn van Dongen, a parent who saw the incident, said the cyclist "clattered” into a girl. “The speed at which he was cycling was far greater than the girl's speed. Both fell to the ground.

"Immediately after picking himself up he started vehemently telling the girl that she was in the wrong side of the path and the cause for this collision

The girl needed first aid treatment at the school and the man is believed to have suffered a grazed elbow.
Tony Orgee, a Conservative county councillor for the Shelfords Sawston, said he is coming down on the parents' side in the campaign, who are appealing against the decision of the Tory council's officers

A spokesman for the council said they would not comment before the appeal hearings on June 16, when the safety arguments will be heard.

See the full story in the Cambridge News.

                                                                                Little Shelford lighting changes

These are the lighting changes that are currently proposed for Little Shelford. The Parish Council is currently campaigning to protect the lights in Beech Close, Courtyards and Netwon Road.


Beech Close – 6 lights reduced to 4

Newton Rd – 6 lights reduced to 4

Courtyards - 9 lights reduced to 8

Hauxton Rd – 24 lights reduced to 18


High St – 21 lights reduced to 15 (9 removed & 3 new ones added)

Bridge Lane – 8 lights reduced to 6 (5 removed & 3 added)

Church St – 8 lights reduced to 6 (5 removed & 3 added)

Whittlesford Rd – 19 lights reduced to 13 (9 removed & 3 added)

You can also see the detailed plans here.

You can send your feedback to or ring 0800 783 8247


                                                                               Plans for new homes thrown out

Plans to demolish a house in Church Street and replace it with 2 new homes have been rejected by planners at South Cambridgeshoire Council following a campaign by local residents

They threw out the plans because of the "serious impact" on the adjacent houses and the fact that the development would mean the removal of a Birch tree.

                                                      14% of cars speeding in Little Shelford says survey

The Parish Council has kicked off an anti-speeding campaign in Little Shelford.

In the first survey on May 8th, 10 cars out of the 71 checked on Whittlesford Road were exceeding the 30mph speed limit.

They will now receive a Police warning about speeding through the village. More speed checks will be carried out in the next month.

                                           Shelfords result for South Cambridgeshire Council elections

The Shelfords and Stapleford



Liberal Democrat




Labour Party



Linda Jane

The Green Party




The Conservative Party Candidate


Turnout – 75.85%                                                       

                                                                                                  Shelford School bus service under threat

The free bus service for pupils of Sawston Village College from Great Shelford, Little Shelford and Stapleford is being withdrawn if the pupil lives within 3 miles of the College. This involves around 180 pupils.

Parents can appeal (before 11th May) and a hearing will be held on the 16th June. Thereis no formal process by which other interested parties can put their view forward. However parents can present evidence of support and this can be a statement (which must be in place 5days before the hearing).

Sawston Village College has come out against the proposals; Principal Jonathan Culpin said; "While the College understands that the County Council needs to find substantial savings to its budget, we are opposed to this decision on the grounds that the route to and from the College is not sufficiently safe at key points to cater for the large number of pupils who will be affected by this decision. Furthermore, while we anticipate the vast majority of pupils will walk or cycle, we are also concerned by the potential for increased traffic along New Road at the beginning and end of the school day, increasing congestion and the risk of an accident. "

Great Shelford Parish Council has come out against the changes. This is their statement:

Great Shelford Parish Council whilst understanding the need for the Local Authority to reduce costs considers that the existing school bus service should be retained.

The Parish Council considers the route to be unsafe and that the recent re-assessment by an officer from the Road Safety Serviced is unsound.

The concerns the Parish Council have are:
1. The “traffic light island central reservation” is inadequate (not railed)
2. The “traffic light island central reservation” is not big enough to accommodate large numbers of people at the peak times.
3. The speed limit of 50mph from the “Stapleford Bridge” to the crossing is too high.
4. There is a “narrow pavement / cycle way” in front on the cottage as you approach the bridge at Stapleford when travelling from Sawston, this was a potential accident spot especially if the number of people using it increased substantially at peak times (eg pupils would bunch)
5. The route under the Stapleford bridge is unlit and provides opportunities for criminal activities.
6. The route under the bridge is subject to flooding.
7. The route along “Cambridge Road” after the lights approaching the College, which is open to the elements,is unlit and the cycleway is narrow and in need of repair.

                                                                           Little Shelford hustings

There was standing room only when Little Shelford hosted its first ever General Election hustings at the Village Hall on April 23. All 5 candidates for the South Cambtridgeshire seat answered questions from the 85-strong audience.

Left to right Marion Mason (UKIP) David Martin (Parish Council Chairman), Dan Greef (Labour) Simon Saggers(Green), Heidi Allen (Conservative) and Sebastian Kindersley (Liberal Democrat).
Photos : Alex Martin


Save Great Shelford library update

Over 100 people from the Shelfords and the surrounding villages crowded into Great Shelford Memorial Hall on April 21 to express their concern about the future of Great Shelford Library. The Library Service is faced with a 40% funding cut from 2016, as part of Cambs County Council budget cuts, and in January 2015 County Councillors voted unanimously in favour of accepting the service’s “Vision” for the future of library services in the county, with details to be provided later in the summer.

There may be no funding to continue to run staffed branch libraries such as Great Shelford. Possible alternatives which the vision document presents include village libraries wholly run by volunteers, or a move to “community hubs” – multi-user centres housing services such as GP surgeries, Children’s Services, or Post Offices, with a volunteer-run library. Another strand, “Digital first”, aims at providing more material digitally and less in hard copy, reducing the need for readers to physically visit libraries.

Mike Roe, Chairman of the Library Friends Committee which organized the meeting, introduced the meeting: “I think it’s tragic that our library, which is acknowledged by the Service itself to be one of the most successful, with the highest book borrowing figures in the smaller library category and with a librarian of the highest standard, must radically restructure to continue to exist at all”.

Alan Lyne, Friends Committee treasurer, outlined some of the proposals. Of the volunteer-run option, he commented:

“It’s us taking responsibility for resourcing and funding the library going forward - are we prepared for that responsibility?

"Shelford is not your average village library, we’re the busiest in South Cambs – we couldn’t run it as it is with volunteers. Shelford is a special case!”.

Concern was expressed that Shelford library was too small to function as a hub. Who would wish to share the limited space in the library and how would it work?

Speaker after speaker expressed their enthusiasm for the library. There is no doubt that Shelford library is a very popular and well-used resource, of great value to the local community. There was a strong consensus to defend the library against further cuts.

The Library Service is currently consulting on its Library Vision, and a consultation document can be found on the County Council website

Closing date is 10 May. Everyone is urged to comment.

                                                                             Little Shelford burglary

There was a burglary between April 10 and April 14 in High Street, Little Shelford.

Entry was gained by forcing a ground floor window, and an external light was damaged.

An untidy search has taken place and items removed.  

                                                 New SSYI Youth Development Worker

Ollie Leonard is the new Youth Development Worker for the Shelford and Stapleford Youth Initiative. His role is to oversee the youth provision in the Shelfords, Stapleford and Sawston. Romsey Mill is an organisation that is based in Cambridge City that does fantastic work with children, families and young people and has partnered up with SSYI.

He is a professional JNC accredited Youth Worker and studied BA Hons in Youth Work and Ministry at Oasis College. Previously, he had been working in a village in Northern Ireland as their Outreach Worker in a numerically thriving youth centre and my role was to engage those hard to reach young people and those individuals who were not engaging with the youth provision. Before he took this post, he had been working in Croydon as the Lead Youth Worker in a local secondary school responding to the 2011 riots, where he pioneered the youth work within the school, and in the wider community. In addition to these, he had delivered youth work in Tonbridge and Grimsby.

"I am very excited to be working in the Shelfords, Stapleford and Sawston as there is great support in these communities to provide effective youth provision for their emotional, social and spiritual support that will help young people recognise their true worth and encourage young people towards their fullest potential," he said.

"I am someone that is community focused and really values working with other individuals, organisations and families, therefore, if you wish to contact me for anything at all or have any specific questions about SSYI, please do not hesitate to contact me. My details are or 07768 545915."
                                              Little Shelford shed burglaries

There have been several shed burglaries in Little Shelford.

Two separate shed burglaries were reported in High Street, Little Shelford. These occurred overnight on Sunday 29th March. The thieves forced open the shed doors and gained entry. Nothing appears to have been stolen at either location.   

Another shed burglary happened in High Street between Monday 6th April and Saturday 11th April. The thief damaged a lock to a stable used as a shed and gained entry. Nothing was stolen.
                                                                Election candidates

There are 5 people who are standing in the General Election for the South Cambridgeshire seat on May 7 to replace former MP Andrew Lansley. You can question them all at  special Little Shelford hustings at the village hall on April 23 at 7.30pm

And there are 4 candidates for the Shelford and Stapleford seat in the South Cambridgeshire District Council elections on the same day.

                                                              31 bus changes
The No 31 Bus Service which travels through Little Shelford is being re tendered with some changes to the route & times.
The main changes are that it will keep to one route ie via Stapleford & Hinton Way and the journies via Trumpington will go. Also apart from the first run into Cambridge in the morning & the last two in the afternoon/evening, all other journeys will terminate at Addenbrookes. This will mean that there will be one additional journey each way late morning between Addenbrookes & Fowlmere. With frequent other bus services from Addenbrookes into City Centre a change of bus here should only result in a short wait.
As at the time of writing the start date is not finalised but it is expected to be in June. The operator has not yet been confirmed.
See the new Little Shelford bus timetable here
                                             Little Shelford man jailed

A Little Shelford man has been jailed after causing a collision that left a man losing his leg.

Keith Davies of Beech Close, Little Shelford was jailed for 15 months following the incident in May 2014.

Read the full story in the Cambridge news.

                                                      Little Shelford break-in

Outbuildings at a house in Church Street, Little Shelford were broken into between March 29 and 30th. Outbuildings were targeted and several locks broken but nothing was taken. 

                                               Less lights for Little Shelford

Little Shelford will have 7 less streetlights under changes happening in the summer.

The lamp posts are being replaced by Balfour Beatty. The Parish Council was told the village will lose 7 street lights from Beech Close, Courtyards and Newton Road.

Parish Councillors raised concerns about removing lamps from Newton Road as it is a traffic route and very dark. Balfour Beatty agreed to double-check these proposals.

Leaflets and letters with a free phone number will be sent to all residents. The work is done in 3 stages – New columns installed close to existing ones – UKPN team connect the power – old column removed and ground filled. The work is due to start on May 11.

Read about the rest of the Little Shelford Parish Council meeting here.

                                           "Nightmare" traffic problems predicted

Traffic in Little Shelford is going to get even worse for 10 weeks this summer – because of building work in Hauxton.
A new entrance to the housing development at the former Bayer Chemical site on the A10 is taking place in the spring. Temporary traffic lights will be in place for the 10 weeks when the work will be taking place.
County Councillor Tony Orgee told the Little Shelford Parish Council meeting in March that this would lead to more commuters rat-running through Little Shelford and Great Shelford.
“This is going to be a nightmare,” he said.
  • Four block of flats might be built on the former chemical plant.  This site has planning permission for about 250 houses and Redrow have now put in an application for four large blocks of flats.
  • A new planning application has been submitted to build 32 homes and create a country park on the former waste treatment facility at Cambridge Road in Hauxton.

                            Heroes & Villains Weekend


Wale Recreation Ground


Friday 4th – Sunday 6th September 2015


Heroes & Villains Dinner Dance Friday 4th


Sumptuous meal, bar, musicdancing, charity auction, Heroes & Villains” fancy dress competition. All in the Marquee on the Wale.

Over 18s only and tickets available from 13th July

Advance table bookings taken for Little Shelford villagers: e-mail Liz Carrothers( or call Liz on Cambridge 956747.



Heroes & Villains Fun Afternoon - Saturday 5th


Join us from 1pm to 5pm for family fun and games. BBQ all afternoonvillage stalls for all agesLots to do from 1pm so why not join us for lunch?



All Saints Harvest Celebration Sunday 6th at 11am in the Marquee


All ages welcome, there will be songs and celebration for harvest. Non-perishable gifts will be collected for Jimmy’s night shelter. Join us after the service for tea, coffee, cake and conversation. Then stay for........ 


Heroes & Villains Musical Picnic Finale 1pm


Bring your picnic, family and friends to an afternoon of live music and enjoy the late summer sunshine.  FREE ENTRY.


Please come along and support us in bringing the villagers of Lt Shelford, their friends and families together for fun and friendship. 

We are fund raising for our village.


For more information, offers of help or other questions contact:

Gail Pilkington on Cambridge 840581 (


                                                  Playground consultation 

Thank you to everyone who came to support the playground consultation day on March 8. We had a great turn out and was brilliant to see everyone so enthusiastic and interested in the new ideas for the improvement to the playground. We will be keeping you posted on the progress on this website, however if you do have any questions/suggestions/ideas please do contact  

                                               Two casual vacancies in Little Shelford
Little Shelford Parish Council has two vacancies. As an election has not been requested the council intends to fill the vacancies by co-option.
Public elections cannot be held until the May 2016 but for the interim period election to the Council will be voted for by the present Councillors.
The Parish Council would like to invite applications from people who are interested in serving the community and who care about what happens in Little Shelford.
Any person wishing to serve as a Councillor should write to or email the Clerk giving details of interests, experience and reasons for wishing to serve.

Closing date: Saturday 14th March 2015

To qualify, a person must be a British, Commonwealth, Irish or EU citizen, over 18 years old. They must be either in the register of electors for Little Shelford or has during the whole of the preceding twelve months, occupied land as owner or tenant, had a principal place of work there, or re
sided in or within 3 miles of it.
Further details of eligibility, vacancy procedures, guidance on being a Parish Councillor are all available from the Clerk
Penny Tanna, Clerk to Little Shelford Parish Council
Squirrels Leap, Kings Mill Lane, Great Shelford, CB22 5EN
Tel: 07921 139406


                                                  Little Shelford kitten rescue  

A kitten called Gandalf was rescued by fireman after getting stuck on a roof Little Shelford.

Gandalf, who was recovering from an operation, had been stuck on the steep roof overnight. 
Specially trained firefighters used working at height kit and equipment to rescue the cat and return it to its owner.    

                               Gold chain found at park

A gold chain has been found in the Wale Recreation Ground. The chain has a cross with green spots and red flowers. If it is your chain please call at 26 Whittlesford Road.

                                Can you help slow down traffic in Little Shelford?

Do you want to help slow down traffic in Little Shelford as part of the Speedwatch scheme.  Anyone who wishes to take part and be trained (takes under 2 hours for the training) by the Police contact Mary Palazzo at  Volunteers can commit to as little or as much time as they wish.  This is really the best way to address the speeding issues that so many residents are rightly concerned about. And we get a high vis uniform, so who could resist?

Mary Palazzo

Little Shelford Parish Council

                                                             Parish Council update

The Parish Council’s share of the council tax bills will not rise this year. The Council decided at its meeting on February 2 not to increase its budget which will remain £27,900.
The new pavilion is due to be completed in February. The overall budget will be around £380,000. The Parish Council has agreed to additional expenditure on reducing the height of the wall at the entrance to improve safety. The entrance to the Rec will also now be re-surfaced. However, the council decided not to spend any more money on the trackway between the gate and the pavilion at this stage.
Lamp posts in the village are being replaced in May and June. Following issues in Great Shelford, the Parish Council is asking contractors Balfour Beattie to come to the March parish council meeting and explain what is happening and when.
Two Parish Councillors have resigned. Vice Chairman Andrew Ray and Tim Leech have both left the Parish Council. Their hard work was praised at the council meeting. Replacements for the two vacancies will now be sought. 

                                             Shelford school parking to be reduced
Up to 10 parking spaces are to be removed outside of Great and Little Shelford School.
The yellow line on the bend outside the school is to be extended to reduce parked cars and improve safety outside of the school. It is also hoped that the proposal will improve traffic flow outside the school.
The changes were revealed at the meeting of Little Shelford Parish Council on February 2 by District Councillor Charlie Nightingale, who is also chairman of Great Shelford Parish Council.
However there was concern from Little Shelford parent Catherine Sutherland.
“Nobody wants the congestion that currently exists but I fear that removing the parking spaces may make the road even more unsafe as it will speed up the traffic outside the school,” she said. The proposals will have to be formally approved by Cambridgeshire County Council.

                                                            Villagers turn over new leaf

Three villagers got so fed up waiting for the council to clean up leaves in Bridge Lane that they cleaned them up themselves. Charlie Russell, Gaby Barnard and Susie Everett rolled their sleeves up and cleared away the leaves between the 2 bridges on February 3.

"It was just getting dangerous for the kids and adults on the school run," said Charlie. "I think they'll be lots of happy mummies on the school run this morning.

                                                               Guide leader needed

1st Shelford Guides provides fun and adventure for girls aged 10-14 years. We meet once weekly during term time. As the current leader is leaving at the end of the summer term, a new leader will be needed from September 2015 for the unit to continue. Training to be a Guide leader is mainly 'on the job' and role sharing is possible. The selection of haiku poems below written by the girls gives a taste of what Guides is about! If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the current leader Lisa MacGregor on 07523 668731 or at, or look at

                                          Policing in Little Shelford to be reduced


The number of police officers covering Little Shelford is being reduced from 2 to 1.
PCSO Gary Kendall told the January Great Shelford Parish Council meeting that  it was likely that his colleague, PCSO Chris Wiseman, who currently covers this area, would be moving to Linton leaving him to cover Shelford, Sawston and the neighbouring parishes on his own.
“Hot Spot Policing” could involve PCSO Kendall being called away without notice to other areas where problems were happening or expected. If circumstances required, this could bring more PCSOs into Little  Shelford, but it was more likely he would be spending less time locally.
PCSO Kendall that agile working using laptops and local wi-fi availability might mean he could do more in the community. He urged residents to report everything using the non-emergency 101, or calling him personally on 07525 227384. Using 101 ensured all incidents were logged. This would help justify scarce resources. 

                                                      Little Shelford daytime burglary

A home in Little Shelford was burgled by 3 hooded men on January 15. The burglars broke into the house in Church Street at lunchtime and took jewellery, other items and the car parked in the drive.


If anybody saw anything untoward near the Sycamore restaurant at that time, would they please give details to the police.

                                     Water park proposal near Little Shelford rejected


A planning application for a major water park proposed at the edge of Little Shelford has been rejected. The plans included a 35 acre lake.
The development, known as Cambridge Waterside, would have included up to 50 holiday homes rather than 85 as originally proposed in 2012.
The park would also have had a gym, a brasserie and an adventure playground. Great Shelford Tennis Club was looking to relocate to the park with four indoor and four outdoor courts.
The water park would have been situated between Great Shelford, Little Shelford and Sawston close to Dernford House. It would have been accessed from the A1301 at Sawston. The development would have created up to 70 jobs rather than the 50 that were originally indicated. The proposal was based on the Cotswold Water Park.
The planning application was rejected by South Cambridgeshire District Council on January 14.

Shelford twin town visit
The next visit to our twin town in France, Verneuil is on 28-31 March 2015
The 4 day visit by coach is for adults and children. Bookings are now being taken. All participants must be members of the Association. Accommodation, for adults and children, is with families thus providing a unique opportunity to be immersed in French culture. There is a special programme for children of primary school age including a morning in school plus excursion/activity with the French children.
For further information and to join please phone Penny on 01223 842483, email, or contact us via our website:

Christmas bins in Little Shelford
There will be 3 weeks gap between black bin collections in Little Shelford at Christmas.
Black bins will be emptied on Monday Dec 22. They won't then be emptied again until January 12. See the full Little Little Shelford bin timetable here.

                           Footpath from Garden Fields to Bradmere Lane?
A public inquiry is taking place at the Little Shelford Village Hall, on January 20 ans 21st 2015 from 10am. Your support would be very welcome.
After a 12 year campaign the planning inspector is coming to you to decide, once and for all, if the route from Garden Fields to Bradmere Lane is to become a public footpath for you, your children….and their children - to enjoy. 
We have 11 local witnesses that walked the route way back between 1955 and 1975 and they will get the chance to tell their story.
Your support would be very welcome.
If you want any more information please get in touch.
Richard Patterson
Chair, Footpaths Subcommittee, Little Shelford Parish Council; 01223 842 998
                                                             Shelford burglars jailed
The following criminals have been convicted and sentenced for South Cambridgeshire burglaries.
Oliver DALBY – Cambridge City burglar who was convicted of 9 dwelling burglaries travelling into South Cambridgeshire villages during 2014. 3 house burglaries in Landbeach and further burglaries in the following villages, Great Shelford, Milton, Girton, Cottenham, Impington and Willingham. DALBY was sentenced to 876 days in prison on the 5th December 2014 at Cambridge Crown Court.
Tomas DRUNGELAS – A prolific Hertfordshire burglar who was travelling into South Cambridgeshire villages during 2011 and 2012, admitted to committing 199 offences across a number of cross border forces, 7 of these were dwelling burglaries in the villages of Foxton (two offences), Shepreth, Whittlesford, and three offences in Great Shelford. DRUNGELAS sentencing has been deferred, following acceptance onto the C2 project in Hertfordshire.
Reginald HILL – A Surrey burglar who travelled into South Cambridgeshire and has been charged with a burglary in Little Shelford in 2014 and is currently remanded awaiting trial.
Chris Wiseman
PCSO Sawston

                                                Little Shelford Parish Council November 2014
Leaves on the village pavements will be swept up in the next 7 days following pressure from the parish council
The new sports pavilion is on track to be completed by the end of January. It is due to be formally opened by former England cricket captain Tony Lewis on April 25 2015.
A planning application for 2 new homes at 25 Church Street has been withdrawn after opposition from local residents and the parish council.
A speeding campaign will be launched in Little Shelford early in 2015 by the Parish Council
There has been positive feedback about the new Garden Fields road surface which was completed last month
Several allotments are available- please contact if you are interested.

                                                      Bike wheel stolen

Two wheel were stolen from a cycle in Hauxton Road Little Shelford between October 28 an 29.                      

                                             Attempted Little Shelford burglary

A burglar who made off from the scene of a break-in in Little Shelford was followed and arrested near the Dartford Tunnel.

A man was detained by police officers following an attempted burglary at 3pm on October 22 in High Street, Little Shelford.

The suspect was being followed in their vehicle by undercover officers from Surrey Police. The man made off from the scene of the break-in but was followed and arrested near the Dartford Tunnel. He was described as a white male, 25-30yrs, approx.5 ft 9" wearing a T-shirt with blue and grey horizontal stripes. The male was driving a silver Vauxhall Astra (hire car).

    Little Shelford Playground renovation & improvement update 


   Last July’s newsletter gave a summary of the results of the survey of what villagers thought of the current playground and which improvements were sought.

100 replied and apart from repairing impact surfaces and renovation or removal of some of the existing equipment, top of the list for new equipment was for younger children, a frame/tower/slide, followed by a spider’s web climbing frame and possibly a zip wire outside the fenced area.
Since the survey was concluded, building work on the pavilion has started ,and it has been decided that:
We will obtain quotes for a number of options for presentation to the Parish Council by spring 2015.
Work in summer 2015 will be restricted to a few interim repairs. ROSPA’s 2014 report did not identify any significant safety concerns.  
Local fund raising will commence in summer 2015, after the pavilion has been completed and costed options have been approved by the Parish Council. So far we have been promised donations totalling £2500 – but we need substantially more!
Grants will be applied for in autumn 2015 with the objective of installing new equipment in summer 2016. We will, of course, try to bring this timetable forward if we can.
It is all taking longer than we anticipated, but the pavilion has to be the priority and the improved playground will be worth waiting for!

We need to expand participation, especially of mothers with young children, in our playground initiative group. It will not be time consuming. If you wish to join us please contact David Jones, Susie Manning or Robin Haines by email to or phone 841415.

                                                 New MP for Little Shelford in 2015

Heidi Allen will be the Conservative candidate in the General Election in South Cambridgeshire in May 2015. She is currently a district councillor in St Albans.

MP Andrew Lansley has announced that he is standing down next year. Read about Heidi's selection in the Cambridge News here.
                                                  Little Shelford Wildlife Group
To keep villagers up to date with our maintenance work at the Recreation Ground and Bradmere Pond.
You are now able to sit on the seat at Bradmere and see the pond and it's active life!
We have had a busy time pollarding many of the willows which were obstructing the view of the pond and also thinning out some of the yellow Flag Irises. We still have a lot of work to do, several more weekends are needed so please contact me if you can give a few hours assistance at any time. There is a pile of Irises by the picnic table which we have dug up, , so do help yourselves.

At the Recreation Ground we have helped the path down to the river to reappear! The willows were enveloping the playing field end so hopefully it will be easier now. We will also be cutting the hedging around the bowling green which has to be done every year. Earlier this year we had it cut back quite hard to enable us to keep it in good shape.

Please enjoy our lovely village and help to keep it clean and tidy.

Diana Haines

Parish Council update
  • Garden Fields will be re-surfaced in the autumn now that some of the residents have agreed to pay half of the £14,000 cost. The other half will be paid for by the Parish Council because of the legal agreement connected with the road when the allotments were created.
  • The village’s 31 bus has been saved. There will be more journies from January, but some of them will only go as far as Addenbrooke’s hospital.
  • The Parish Council is going to ask the allotment holders if they want to form a co-operative to run the allotments.
  • A request to introduce a 20 MPH limit in Hauxton Road was rejected. However the council is going to set up a speedwatch scheme. 3 volunteers have signed up. Another 3 are needed. Please email
  • if you are interested in helping.
  • The phone box library will be closed on October 4 and 5 when it is being re-painted.
  • The Parish Council has unanimously opposed the Cambridge South development adjoining Great Shelford which would include a new science park and 1,250 houses.
  • The enquiry about the possibility of re-instating the footpath between Garden Fields and Bradmere lane will take place on January 21 and 22 2015.

                                      Shelford school in walking competition


Great and Little Shelford Primary Schools is competing with 3 other schools as they aim to get as many pupils as possible to school without the car.

Beat the Street Cambridge has been set up to help encourage school children to use active modes of travel to and from school, such as walking, scooting and cycling.
Throughout this month and next, around 1,000 pupils from the Bellbird, Bewick Bridge, Great and Little Shelford and the Grove primary schools will take part in the initiative.
Pupils will be given a Beat the Street key fob from their school. The fob is activated when tapped against the special electronic ‘beat boxes’, which will be placed on lamp posts and posts around each school.
Each beat box is worth a different amount of points depending on the distance from the school, so the beat boxes further away are worth three points.
The school that earns the most points wins a cash prize for their nominated charity. It is part of Cambridgeshire County Council’s Walk School scheme.

                                           Water park to be created near Little Shelford
A planning application has now been submitted for a major water park proposed at the edge of Little Shelford. The plans include a 35 acre sailing and boating lake and a separate lake with a beach for swimming.
It has been revealed that the development, known as Cambridge Waterside, would now include up to 50 holiday homes rather than 85 as originally proposed in 2012.
The park would also have a gym, a brasserie and an adventure playground. Great Shelford Tennis Club is looking to relocate to the park with four indoor and four outdoor courts.
The water park would be situated between Great Shelford, Little Shelford and Sawston close to Dernford House. It would be accessed from the A1301 at Sawston. The development would create up to 70 jobs rather than the 50 that were originally indicated. The proposal is based on the Cotswold Water Park.
The developers of the water park are teaming up with the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust for the environmental elements of the project. A planning application was submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council in August.
You can get more details at or from Edward Smith on 07771 525353 or email

                                                             Little Shelford footpath enquiry
Footpath from Garden Fields to Bradmere Lane. Public Inquiry here 21-22 January 2014.
On Wed and Thurs 21-22 January 2015 the planning inspector will be at Little Shelford Village Hall for our public inquiry. He or she will decide, once and for all, if the route from Garden Fields to Bradmere Lane is to become a public footpath for you, your children….and their children - to enjoy.
We now have three more witnesses than in our 2010 application and hope to have a dozen of them actually having their say at the inquiry. We hope some of you can be there too to give them your support and see the process in action. This does not happen often. It’s the culmination of a campaign started some 12 years ago.
Our ‘Statement of Case’, drafted by Guy Brown and Richard Patterson and polished by our specialist Public Rights Of Way consultant is due in on 6 October. Guy has also done a fantastic job of getting formal ‘proofs of evidence’ from our witnesses and has been assisted by Andrew Ray to get sworn ‘statutory declarations’. BIG thanks.
If you want any more information or particularly if you might be able to help with collecting witnesses on the day, please get in touch.
Richard Patterson
Chair, Footpaths Subcommittee, Little Shelford Parish Council


Here is Rev Simon Scott from All Saints' Church experiencing the Ice Bucket Challenge.



                                                      Little Shelford villager of the year

Steph Hatter, the Chairman of the Little Shelford Entertainments Committee which runs the village fun week-end in September, has been crowned as the villager of the year by the Parish Council. She  announced earlier this year that she is standing down in 2015.

Steph and her husband Dave have been involved in running events for nearly 30 years and helped out on the original LSEC firework nights in their 20's.

"I have decided it is time for me to step down from the Lt Shelford Entertainments committee after the 2015 event," said Steph. "That will be my 15th little Shelford event and I not only want to give a good notice period but I would also like to be a part of the committee for the first year with the new pavilion.
Parish Council chairman David Martin said, "Steph's drive and determination have made the fun weekend a village institution and that legacy will live on for a long time." 

                                                                 High Street theft

A theft was reported in High Street, Little Shelford. This occurred on Wednesday 20thAugust at 12.05pm. The thief stole a green carrier bag full of assorted food/drink from the front of the property.

                                                      Care Network Cambridgeshire


Care Network Cambridgeshire is a local charity supporting older and vulnerable people. Our vision is a Cambridgeshire where people at risk of isolation, loneliness or depression feel supported in their local community and stay healthy, happy and independent for longer.

Need help to find information? Community Navigators are local volunteers who help older people find out about activities and services. This FREE information service could provide anything from finding leisure activities to where to get financial advice, or help to stay independent at home. Contact 01954 212100.

Need help after an illness or hospital stay? Help at Home is a FREE service that offers practical help and emotional support in the short term (usually for 3 weeks) by collecting prescriptions; shopping; arranging meal deliveries or just calling in to make sure you are ok. We can also help with one-off tasks to help you remain independent at home, such as changing a light bulb or taking curtains down for a wash. Contact 01223 714433.

Want to set up a group for older people? The Community Development team work with people who want to set up their own groups, from car schemes to singing groups and social clubs. Contact 01954 211919.

Consider volunteering -we’d love to hear from you! Volunteering can help keep you healthy, active, and engaged with shaping your community. You can make a big difference! To find out more, call 01954 211919. 

                                                         Little Shelford shed burglaries
 There were two shed burglaries in Little Shelford between August 14 and August 15 in High Street, Little Shelford.
Tools and equipment have been stolen from an insecure shed in the rear garden. Another shed that was padlocked was also broken into. Items taken included: Electric drill, drill set, and garden shears.

                   Are you aware that the no. 31 bus service is going to change?

Consultations between parish councils and the County Council have been going on for many months to improve the no. 31 bus service. Pleas have been made to improve the service by making it more frequent and direct. Given the constraints of funding, creative solutions were needed.

 The working party, together with the representatives from the County Council agreed that the best solution would be to terminate the service at Addenbrooke's Hospital for the majority of journeys, but to continue to travel to Drummer St. for peak journeys. This would mean that buses would run at hour and a half intervals from Little Shelford, stoppping at Gt. Shelford rail station on the way to Addenbrookes. Termination at Addenbookes means that a number of additional journeys can be laid on compared with the now very infrequent service. Since Addenbrookes is something of a 'transport hub' passengers can connect with a number of routes there. The link up will continue for the return journeys.

 Watch this space for updates and a start date. In the meantime, please do consider how you can make use of the additional service so that we can keep passenger numbers up on the no. 31 in future.

Mary Palazzo, Little Shelford Parish Council

Little Shelford Parish Council update
This is an update from the Parish Council meeting in July.
The 31 bus will now continue until at least January 2015 while a review takes place.
The Parish Council wants to introduce a speedwatch scheme for the village. Potential volunteers should contact
A decision to resurface Garden Fields was postponed because all the residents required to contribute had not done so by the deadline. A final decision will now be made in September.
Allotments are now available for rent. Email The Parish Council is going to consider setting up an allotment co-operative at its meeting in September.
The village footpath enquiry is now likely to take place on January 21 2015.
A villager reported seeing another resident who they identified allowing their dog to foul the pavement and did not clear up afterwards. The Parish Council asks dog owners to clear up after their pets and will take action against people if they don’t do so.
Read the full minutes here.

                                         Little Shelford house prices keep on rising
House prices in little Shelford have gone up by more than 7% over the last year according to the property website Zoopla.
Property prices in the village have risen by an average of £39,000 in the last 12 months. The average price of a house sold in Little Shelford was £492,000 according to the website.
                                                   Shed burglary in Little Shelford
A shed burglary was reported in High Street, Little Shelford. This occurred between Wednesday 2nd July 5.00pm and 9am on Friday 4th July 9. A shed was broken into, but it is not known if anything was taken.
                                                  Shelford school bus u-turn
Proposals to scrap the free school bus service from Great and Little Shelford to Sawston Village College in September have been scrapped.
Cambridgeshire County Council wrote to parents in the spring saying that they would have to pay from September 2014.
But now they have changed their mind, saying that charges won't be introduced until September 2015.
Posted June 28 2014

                                                                Lost in Little Shelford
 A cream pouch containing medicenes and red framed glasses has been lost in the village. The items were lost on Thursday June 12. The items were lost between Bramley House in Whittlesford Road to Hauxton Road in Little Shelford using The Terrace as a shortcut. Anyone who may have found anything should contact

                                        Green bin collection changes in Little Shelford

The collection of waste from Green bins in Little Shelford is moving to monthly in the winter. During December, January and February, when there is far less compostable waste put out for collection, your green bins will be moving to a monthly collection.
For the remainder of the year (March to November) your green bins will continue to be collected fortnightly and crews will be working longer days throughout the summer when there is more garden waste to collect.
Posted May 29 
                                         Shelford and Stapleford election results
The Conservative candidate won the Shelford and Stapleford seat on South Cambridgeshire District Council in the election on May 22. These are the results:

Ian Couch                              UKIP 388
Peter FaneLiberal Democrats341
Adrian FrenchLabour 396
Ben SheltonConservative1143
Linda WhitebreadGreen437

                       Volunteers needed for ground-breaking research project
For the last 10 years I have watched my son live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), an illness also known as ME. CFS/ME affects 125,000-250,000 people in the UK and about one quarter of its sufferers are bed- or house-bound, often in constant pain. At present the cause is unknown and there are no diagnostic tests or universally helpful treatments. There is little research into this devastating illness, so you can imagine my delight when I heard from Caroline Kingdon, who many of you will know, that she is involved in a ground-breaking research project into the causes and treatment of CFS/ME. However, I was also very concerned to hear that the project has not recruited enough healthy volunteers as controls. Healthy volunteers are essential to the project to validate the research findings as a comparison group.
The UK ME/CFS bio-bank is a unique project funded by the charities
Action for ME, The ME Association, and ME Research UK. The researchers (CURE-ME group) have established a bio-bank of blood samples from both people with CFS/ME and healthy volunteers which will allow research teams around the world to identify bio-markers for the disease, develop a test for it, investigate its cause and develop treatments. The project desperately needs healthy volunteers to provide blood samples for comparison with those from sufferers.
CURE-ME will be holding two sessions for volunteers in Little Shelford on 19th and 26th June. If you are aged between 18 and 60, provided you don’t suffer from cancer, heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, CFS/ME or have a relative with the disease, then you can volunteer. You will be asked some questions about your medical history, be weighed and measured and have a blood sample taken. It will take about 45 minutes and all the information will be used anonymously. As my son has the illness I can’t volunteer so I am trying to make as many people as possible aware of the need for volunteers.
To volunteer email and put “possible healthy volunteer” in the subject line. If you can’t manage these dates please email anyway, as further sessions will be arranged if there is enough demand. If you work in London then sessions can also be arranged at the Royal Free Hospital.
For more information about the CURE-ME project visit the website
Please consider volunteering. Without research this disease will continue to ruin the lives of its sufferers.
Sarah Glauert (Tel 847314)    

                                                        School buses withdrawn

School buses to Sawston Village College are being withdrawn for most pupils in Great Shelford and Little Shelford from September.

Usually, only pupils who live more than 3 miles away from the school are entitled to free transport.

However the rules were changed temporarily a couple of years ago after concerns were raised about pupil safety crossing the A1301 on the edge of Sawston.

The junction has now been improved. Now Cambridgeshire County Council has written to parents in a letter titled “ Notice to withdraw school transport between the villages of Stapleford, Great and Little Shelford to Sawston Village College.”

The letter says that the changes will take effect from September 2014.

Parents can raise their concerns by emailing

                                                                       Hauxton update
The former agrochemical factory in Hauxton which was the subject of a lengthy clean-up operation has been signed off as being safe for housing.
South Cambridgeshire District Council and the Environment Agency on May 9 said they are satisfied remediation works at the Bayer CropScience site in Hauxton has been successful.
Developer Harrow Estates will now be allowed to build up to 380 homes on the land.

                                         Little Shelford shed broken into
There was a shed burglary between May 1 and May 8 at Whittlesford Road, Little Shelford.
Burglers got in via an insecure side gate, a padlock forced but nothing is believed to be stolen at this stage.

                                                       Election candidates
The 5 candidates for the Shelford and Stapleford seat on South Cambridgeshire District Council in the election on May 22 are;
  • Ian Couch – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  • Peter Robert Spencer Fane – Liberal Democrat
  • Adrian French – The Labour Party Candidate
  • Benjamin Joseph Shelton – The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Linda Whitebread – The Green Party. 
                                                          Little Shelford theft

A theft was reported in Hauxton Road, Little Shelford on Tuesday 22nd April at approximately 1.30pm. A man called at the address claiming that he was owed £75 for gardening work. The victim gave him £50. He said he would help himself to the rest and having being handed the purse, appears to have taken a further £100.

Posted April 28
                                          Little Shelford annual meeting - chairman’s report
Building work is due to start on the new sports Pavilion by June
The new village sign and village green will be created before the summer
The Garden Fields roadway will be repaired in 2014 – if some residents agree to contribute.
See the full details of the Chairman’s report here.

       Little Shelford's horse has bolted

Little Shelford's horse sculpture has been removed temporarily so that it can be part of an exhibition at

Blenheim Palace, the former home of Winston Churchill. The sculpture can normally be seen in the garden of a home in the High Street. The Sculpture is due to return at the end of June.

                                                                 Little Shelford CCTV.

Householders in Courtyards have introduced their own CCTV system.
It follows a burglary between 15th February and 18th February when thieves entered a window at the side of a property in Courtyards.
It was smashed with small stones which were found inside the house. Cash and other items were stolen.
In a separate incident, a handbag was stolen from inside a car in Courtyards earlier in the year .

                                                  Book your GP's appointment online
You can now book your doctor's appointment at the Great Shelford practice online. You must first contact the surgery by email or by post to request your own user identity and a password. They will be given to you in person or by post.
A proportion of GP appointments each day will be available to book online from 8pm the night before and some more from 6am on the same day.
The same ID and password is used for online prescriptions so if you have already signed up, you will already be able to book your appointments online.
Posted March 27

                                                     Pay to park at the park and ride
It will now cost £1 to park at the park and ride at the Trumpington and Babraham from April 1st.
All vehicles parking at any of the 5 Park & Ride sites in Cambridge will have a 1 hour free period. This will enable people to drop-off and pick-up for free, to allow for customers of the John Lewis distribution centre based at Trumpington to pick up their purchases for free, and for the parents to drop and pick up their children at the sites for the various Kiss & Ride school minibus services. Any vehicles staying for more than 1 hour will be liable for a £1 charge. This ticket will be purchased from ticket machines outside the main buildings on the sites. The ticket can be purchased at the same time as a ticket for bus travel bus and does not need to be displayed in the vehicle.
The£1 ticket will allow for the parking of one vehicle for up to 18 hours.

Posted March 26

                                                                            Dribble away        
A sponsored dribble took place on the Wale Recreation Ground on March 22 to raise money for the new sports pavilion.
The dribble was organised by the Shelford and Stapleford Strikers. Young footballers were sponsored for the number of laps they complete as they dribble a football.
Sponsorship can be given to Chris Christodoulou at 10 Church Street, Little Shelford.


                                                           Safari supper
There’s already been lots of interest in the upcoming Safari Supper on Saturday May 17th.  This new event in the village should be lots of fun.  We need you to let us know if you are interested so that we can make sure you get further information in March.
The evening will start with drinks and canapés with all participants where you’ll find out the two locations where you are having a main course and a pudding.  There will be in groups of 8, and the Navigator will be open until midnight for those wanting to catch up with friends at the end of the evening.  Everyone will contribute to the evening in some way : We’ll need helpers for drinks, hosts for main and puddings and also people to provide wine for main courses, so you don’t have to host, and you can come as a single or a couple.  I’ll be a great way to get to know people in the village you don’t know and catch up with friends.  If you are at all interested please let either Kate Beaton ( or Shona Keene ( know now.  Firm commitments will be needed in April so that we can allocate what everyone is doing.

                                                       Little Shelford burglary
Between 15th February and 18th February there was a house burglary in Courtyards, Little Shelford. The burglars entered a window at the side of the property. This was smashed with small stones which were found inside the house. Cash and other items were stolen.
                                                          Grafitti in the park
Grafitti has been sprayed around the Wale Recreation Ground. The Parish Council will be cleaning up at the end of the week. If anyone has any iformation about the vandals, the Parish council would be very keen to hear from you. Email

                                                 Green light for new pavilion
Building work is now expected to start on the new sports and community pavilion in April.
The Parish Council decided at an extraordinary meeting on February 13 to support the project by taking out a PWLB (Public Works Loan Board) loan of up to £100,000 to bridge the funding gap.
The decision follows the recent village poll where just over 90% of people who responded said they supported a new pavilion and around 80% said they supported council tax bills being increased to help pay for it.
However, around 25% of people said they thought the building might be overambitious.
Tenders have been received which put the building costs at around £310,000. This comes after around £80,000 worth of items were stripped out of the proposal in response to public opinion. Project manager Vic Franklin explained that the size of the pavilion can’t be reduced any further without losing some of the £155,000 worth of grants.
The Parish Council wants to make sure that no false economies are being made on things like flooring and heating before the building actually starts, which could see the overall costs go up slightly. The Parish Council also wants a realistic contingency fund and to be confident that as many costs as possible are fixed.
The Pavilion Trust, chaired by Maurice Palmer, has raised an incredible £247,100. £92,200 was raised through donations, events and the sale of merchandise.
They have also raised £154,900 in grants from South Cambridgeshire Council, WREN, Sport England, the Football Foundation, Amey Cespa and the Parish Council.
There have also been in-kind contributions of £12,000. £10,000 of the fundraised money has had to be spent during the preparatory work.
Building work on the new Pavilion is due to start in April.


                                                                 Sign up for badminton
Little Shelford Badminton Club invites all keen adults to come to two 'Come and Play' sessions in Lt Shelford village hall on Mondays 17th and 24th March from 7.30 - 10 pm.
These sessions are for anyone who has played before or would like to come and try the game. Feather shuttles will be provided and racquets available if needed.

                                                          Flooding February 2014

These are photos of flooding in Little Shelford on February 8 2014 by David Jones.

Top left - the Bowls Green under water
Above - the water meadow between the two rivers on Bridge Lane completely submerged - fortunately the horses had already been evacuated.
Left - The Riverside Walk in the Wale Recreation Ground under Water.
See David's video coverage here:

The flooding photo below is by Alan Slater

Send your flooding photos to


Great Shelford Library

Great Shelford is one of ten county-run libraries in South Cambridgeshire area and is the busiest one in the district, issuing more than 84,000 items in the year 2012-2013.Children’s books are particularly popular, accounting for almost 55% of all loans.The library stocks around 13,000 items in total, including audio CDs and cassettes and also DVDs; it has had more than 3,000 new items added to stock this year (2013-14).

The public library in Great Shelford is run by the County Council and serves the surrounding villages, particularly Little Shelford and Stapleford, in addition to Great Shelford itself. The library is open for 23 hours each week, including Saturday mornings – full details can be found at:

Great Shelford Library has an active Friends Group which campaigns on behalf of library users. It also hosts regular evening events and raises money for equipment. The library is very well supported by a band of volunteers who help the library staff at every open session - shelving and tidying books, and assisting customers with the self-service computers. Volunteers also run regular Rhymetime sessions for the very young and offer IT support via the Computer Buddy scheme

The library service itself hosts occasional author visits and also arranges monthly afternoon talks for older people –Engage sessions. Recent talks have included the history of St Mary’s parish church and the World of Scalextrics! In the summer holidays younger readers can participate in the national Summer Reading Challenge. They read six library books of their choice during the summer, collecting stickers along the way - all FREE! There is a different theme each year; in 2013 it was ‘Creepy House’ and 121 youngsters took part – children who complete the Challenge receive a certificate with their name on and a medal at an Award Ceremony held at their local library. The challenge is aimed at children aged 4 to 11 years, inspires children to read in the long summer break, encourages them to discover new authors and establishes a regular habit of visiting the local library and reading for pleasure. The 2014 theme will be Mythical Maze created by top illustrator Sarah McIntyre.

For further information about the library services, or to discuss the possibility of visits or talks from library staff please contact the South Cambridgeshire Community Engagement Librarians – Anne Worthington for Children’s Services or Victoria Richardson and Ruth Cowan for Adults – via 0345 045 5225. 

                                                       Parish Council update
The Parish Council decided to increase the village's share of the council tax bills from £45 for a Band D house to £76 at its meeting on January 29, an increase per year of £31 or 60p per week.
The extra money will be used to for the proposed new pavilion, the playground, Garden Fields Road, tree surgery, the wall at the Wale Recreation Ground and on a possible new footpath.
The decision followed a village wide poll (results below) which saw 80% of people support an increase of the village council tax bills to help support facilities in Little Shelford. The council looked at likely expenditure over the next 10 years. That 10 year financial plan is attached as a Word document at the bottom of this page.
Around 50 people turned up to see the important decision taken by the Parish Council.
Other Parish Council issues from the January meeting
  • The Council has now discovered that 5 homes in Garden Fields are expected to contribute any repairs to the road surface. The Council is going to seek 3 quotes for the work.
  • The Council decided to continue its campaign to have the footpath between Garden Fields and Bradmere Lane reinstated. There could be a public inquiry later this year.
  • The new 40mph zone on the edge of the village at Whittlesford Road has been introduced.
  • The next meeting around the future of the 31 bus will be on March 4.
Richard Patterson is pictured received his Villager of the Year award at the Parish Council meeting from the previous holder, Mary Palazzo.

                                                     Council tax survey results
Hard copies of the survey were posted to every home in the village. The poll was also made available online on the village website for two weeks.
A total of 82 people responded to the survey. That amounts to feedback from one in every four homes. However not everybody answered every question.
Question 1
92% of respondents said they supported the development of a new sports and community pavilion. 79 people answered this question.
Question 2
79% of respondents said they would be willing to see the parish precept increased to support the pavilion development. 78 people answered this question.
Question 3
Respondents were asked how much they would be willing to see the precept increase by. (53 people answered the question).
The most popular option was £60,000 (41%) followed by £70,000 (28%) and £50,000 (18%). Three people said a range of £50,000-60,000 and one person said £65,000.
The most preferred length of loan was 10 years (35%), 15 years (31%) and 20 years (26%).
Question 4
43% of respondents (28 people) said they would be willing to give to the Parish Council to support developments in the village. 64 people answered this question.
Question 5
Nine people (13% of respondents) said they would be willing to provide the Parish Council with an interest free loan.
Question 6
50 people offered comments, largely about the pavilion. 26% (13 people) said that they thought the proposed pavilion was too ambitious. 4 people said they wanted to see money spent on the playground.

                                         First Little Shelford Safari Supper 
Do you want to be part of Little Shelford's first ever safari supper in May? You can enjoy a novel and fun evening, see friends and meet people in the village you don't know and get fed in the process!
The Inaugural Little Shelford Safari Supper will take place on Saturday May 17th and the organisers would love to hear from anyone interested. The Safari supper will start at 7.30pm with all the participants having a drink and canapés together before they set off around the village, to one destination for a main course in groups of 8, and then onto puddings and coffee elsewhere with a different group of 8.  You'll find out your destinations on the night, and those hosting will find out who their guests are when they ring on the doorbell!
The evening will end with a gathering and a final drink at the Navigator where you will be able to catch up with friends old and new to find out where you've all been and who you've met.
Everyone who comes will make a contribution- either by hosting a main or pudding, by providing canapés or help for starter drinks, or wine for a main course and you'll be able to give us a preference of what you'd like to do.  There's no need to come as a couple or to have to host, so we hope as many people as possible can get involved.
Please let the organisers know if you want to take part by emailing or,  or ask one of the committee members (below).
Kate Beaton
Vanessa Douglas
Shona Keene
Julie Martin
Christine Ruffles
Susie Fraser
Helen Leech
Sarah Henry

                                                  Car theft
A theft from a vehicle took place  in Courtyards, Little Shelford. This occurred on Monday 27th January at approximately 12.10pm. A vehicle was parked in a garage at the rear of a house in Courtyards. The thieves stole a handbag and its contents.

                                                                 Five star Winners
Winners Chinese takeaway celebrated Chinese new year by by being awarded a five star hygiene certificate.
The owner and manager, Mr Ying Tuan Liu, said that he was not happy about getting the 1*, so he has now updated his hygiene training certificates (displayed on the wall in the Chinese section now) and asked the inspectors back. They visited on January 31 and awarded him the full 5*. 

                                      Roadworks will cause Great Shelford delays
There will be more roadworks on Church Street during February. A gas main replacement outside of Great and Little Shelford School means that traffic lights will be in operation for a fortnight from February 17.
                                       Village stalwart for 60 years passes away
George Finch MC, who has lived in Little Shelford for 60 years, has died. He was 95. His funeral will be held on February 6. Here is a tribute to George from two of his friends.
Our friendship with George is from when we moved here in February 1972. 
George loved traditional jazz and had many 78 records which he used to organise jazz evenings when he was in the army during the war. He much enjoyed the monthly Haslingfield jazz evenings which we took him to until they folded a few years ago. He also enjoyed his membership of Granta Probus, which meets each month at Wolfson college, and of the Shelford Horticultural Club. He mildly disapproved when its name was changed to the Shelford Garden Club. He was a regular attender at the Shelford Royal British Legion meetings and always attended the Remembrance service for both Shelfords held at the Gt Shelford Memorial. The service was important to him and he never missed until last November when he was not well enough to attend.
George won the MC for his role as an Artillery Officer in a survey regiment locating enemy positions for counter bombardment purposes. His amazingly wide army service took him to E.Africa, including Somalia, Eritrea and Abyssinia to remove the Italian occupiers. He was in the North African campaign including a period in the Tobruk garrison when it was cut off by the Germans. He was then in the campaign in Italy and later took part in the invasion of France landing on D+1 and ending up in Germany .
After the war George and Thea came to Lt Shelford and rented in the village while having their own present house built. Building materials were then very restricted as to what you were allowed to use and design which must have been frustrating. George worked for NIAB in Cambridge and with the European Union concerned with seeds development. He and Thea worshipped at St Mary's Great Shelford where his funeral will be held.
He was meticulous in his garden which had a grass tennis court which was much used when the family were younger. When it became a bit worn he dug the whole thing up and re-grassed it. His flower borders and fruit and vegetable plots were pristine and very productive. He and Thea, who was great fun but sadly died many years ago, were very happy together and he never really got over her death. For their golden wedding the family gave them a beautiful bronze bird statue of a crane which was mounted in a yew circle in the garden. A few years ago vandals sawed it off at the feet and stole it for its metal value. A value trivial compared with both its real value and its precious, sentimental value to George. The feet bases remain as a sad reminder of how disgusting thieves can be.
The acme of his life has to be as a founder member of the Little Shelford Mountain Rescue Team which he faithfully attended every Thursday morning at the Navigator until a few months before his death.
George has four surviving children, David, Geoffrey, Clare and William.
George Finch: 27.10.1918 - 19.01.2014
Derek and Brenda Bishop

                                                                             Sports Relief
Do you fancy organising the Shelford Sport Relief Run on March 23? 
The family fundraising run has taken place 4 times. But previous organiser Richard Patterson doesn’t have the time this year to make the run happen successfully. Will you take over the reins? 
You can read more about the runs at  
For more details, email Richard at

                                                     31 bus meeting
A meeting about the future of the 31 bus through Little Shelford is taking place at Great Shelford library on January 21st.
Results of the 31 bus survey carried out by Little Shelford Parish Council willbe presented to the meeting.

On 30thJanuary 2012 the County Council committed to a three-year phased programme of reducing the £2.7 million budget that the Council uses to subsidise bus services and the funding available will gradually drop to £1.5m per annum from April 2014.


Around 90 percent of public transport in Cambridgeshire is run commercially with no involvement from the local authority, with only 10 percent receiving any form of financial support (or subsidy) from the County Council.



The majority of subsidised services operate in the more rural areas of the county where passenger numbers are low or where the lengths of journey mean that operating costs are high, making the services unviable to operate commercially. On some of these services the level of subsidy required is over £10 per person for a single trip.



A project is now looking to work with the local community to investigate alternative ways to provide transport which gives a solution to the transport need but is also cost-effective. It is appreciated that for some, the subsidised service is the lifeline that enables them to access essential services. For this reason the project aims to deliver new transport solutions in places where subsidised services may be withdrawn.

                                                         Library useage dips

The latest official figures for Great Shelford library are that in the period April to September 2013 our Library issued 22,446 items which represents a drop of 4% on the same period last year. Great Shelford library had the highest issues of all ten libraries in the South Cambridgeshire library group.

There are currently two main issues at the village. Firstly, there is ongoing resentment that opening hours remain restricted; and secondly, the use of the computer terminals is periodically compromised by the malfunction of the present IT system. The County Library Service has been endeavouring to deal with the computer issue, but the problem persists. It appears to come down to difficulties with recent network failures. These have been investigated. Unfortunately the overall slowness of the system is less easy to remedy as they are limited by the poor broadband infrastructure in the village generally.
Cambridgeshire County Council is committed to the provision of public computers in libraries and is currently reviewing its IT provision in all libraries; we hope to be able to report a resolution of the problem early in 2014.
The number of paid-up Friends of the library is now up to 60, and they have a volunteer force of 20. Friends membership has increased by 20% in the last year and they continue to recruit more as the months pass. The work of the Volunteers is much appreciated according to a statement from the Committee of Friends of Great Shelford Library.and the volunteers enable our library to function in the face of staff reductions.
The Committee have organised more than half a dozen evening events at the Library this year. We have to be careful that attendances at these, and other events, do not overstep the seating limitations for fire security purposes. We do not anticipate being able to accommodate as many evening meetings this year given the amount of time available to Committee members, most of whom have work and undertake other volunteering commitments.
As a result of our stall at the Village Feast last year the Bunch awarded the library funds to purchase two large children’s’ book boxes, a magazine rack and leaflet holders.
The Friends’ efforts to defend further cuts to our Library funding will be strengthened by users continuing to register their views in the Comments Book in the library.
Committee of Friends of Great Shelford Library.

                                                                   High Street in house price top 10
House prices Little Shelford boasts one of the most expensive streets to live in East Anglia. 
High Street was the 5th most expensive road according to the survey published by Lloyds Bank with an average property price of £832,000.
The full East Anglian top ten is:
1. Barrow Road, Cambridge – £1,487,000
2. Mingle Lane, Great Shelford, Cambridge – £1,294,000
3. Hills Road, Cambridge – £1,019,000
4. Coppice Avenue, Great Shelford, Cambridge – £994,000
5. High Street, Little Shelford, Cambridge – £832,000
6. Saxmundham Road, Aldeburgh – £819,000
7. Long Road, Cambridge – £810,000
8. Tunwells Lane, Great Shelford, Cambridge – £784,000
9. Herrings Lane, King’s Lynn – £752,000
10. Common Lane, Huntingdon – £752,000

                                                           Two village burglaries
Two burglaries were reported at neighbouring properties in Church Street, Little Shelford on Friday 6th December between 10.00am and 1.00pm. The burglars gained access to one of the properties by walking through the garden and going to the rear wooden framed patio doors. Force was used to pull open the doors to gain entry. Offender(s) also forced open an internal adjoining door to the neighbouring property. An untidy search was carried out in both properties.

Parish Council update

A village poll will be held in January 2014 to test the mood for raising the council tax in the village to help pay for the sports pavilion, resurfacing Garden Fields and refurbishing the play area at the Wale Recreation Ground. Currently, the annual council income is about £18,000. Around £6,000 a year is spent on the outstanding mortgage for the village hall. A decision will be made at the parish council meeting on January 28 2014.

Garden Fields residents have asked the parish council to repair the private road outside their homes. The council currently has around £4,500 in its bank balances for the repairs. But the cost is likely to be at least £10,000 according to the residents. A proposal to create a community group and share the cost of the repairs between the parish council and Garden Fields residents has been rejected. The Council knows that at least 3 of the residents are legally required to contribute to any repairs. The Council is now going to investigate the deeds of the other 12 houses to see if they should contribute towards the costs too. A decision on next steps will then be made in January. The council did agree to pay £528 for materials that have been used to repair the road in 2014.

Fifty people have responded to a survey about the village bus service. While current users say they are satisfied with the 31 bus service, most respondents said they would use the bus more if the bus buses were more frequent. A  meeting about the bus service will be held at Great Shelford library on January 20 at 3pm. A decision will be made on the future of the 31 bus in the summer of 2014.

A decision about whether to go ahead with the sports pavilion will be made at the parish council meeting on January 28 2014.

A 40 mph speed limit on Whittlesford Road entering the village from Whittlesford will be introduced in 2014. The council heard that a driver was seriously injured in a collision at the junction of the road with High Street in November.

The Parish Council heard that parking outside of Great and Little Shelford School is to be restricted to make it easier for drivers to get passed the school. Cllr Charlie Nightingale explained that around 10 parking places will be lost.
Bin changes at Christmas
The collection dates for our rubbish and recycling bins are changing to Tuesdays during the Christmas period only.
The blue and green bin collection will be on Tuesday December 31 and not Monday 30. And the black bin collection the following week will be Tuesday January 7.

Car Crash
Photos: Keith Jones/ Cambridge Evening News
A 24 year old woman was taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital after two cars collided at the junction of High Street and Whittlesford Road on November 15.
The Parish Council has been campaigning for a lower speed limit near the junction. A 40mph speed limit is likely to be introduced on that area of Whittlesford Road early early in 2014.

ipads for councillors?
Our district councillors could soon be armed with their own ipads after a suggestion from one of our local councillors.
Shelford and Stapleford councillor Cllr David Whiteman-Downes has challenged other members to embrace modern technology in a bid to save taxpayers at least £34,000 within 12 months.
Councillor Whiteman-Downes is recommending councillors purchase their own iPads to replace out of date Council laptops after he test drove software which allows easy and secure access to emails, agendas, meetings and more at the touch of a button. This would mean paper agendas – which currently cost over £2,000 each year to print and post – would no longer be necessary for councillors.
If plans are approved, councillors who decide to make the switch will be given the choice of using their own tablet and the secure software will be installed on it for them, or for an iPad to be purchased by the Council on their behalf, the cost of which would be repaid through their allowance.


                                                                            Winners and losers

Major improvements are necessary at Winners Chinese takeaway according to the new food hygiene ratings for Little Shelford.
The Navigator and Sycamore House have both been given 5 stars by the Agency – the best possible rating. You can see the results here.  
South Cambridgeshire District Council has moved over to the Food Standard’s Agency scheme from its' previous award winning Scores on the Doors system. he move will mean food outlets, such as restaurants, takeaways and pubs will now be part of a single nationwide scheme.
New green and black certificates and stickers to replace the previous Scores on the Doors scheme are now being delivered to businesses across the area who are being encouraged to display them at the entrance to their premises.
Food outlets are inspected by Council food safety officers to check that their hygiene standards meet legal requirements. The hygiene standards found at these inspections are rated on a scale ranging from zero, meaning urgent improvement necessary, to a top rating of five for very good.

                                                               Who ya gonna call?
A 111 service for Cambridgeshire has been launched. 111 will get you through to a team of fully trained call advisers, who are supported by experienced nurses and paramedics. They will ask you questions to assess your symptoms, and give you the healthcare advice you need or direct you to the right local service.
The NHS 111 team will, where possible, book you an appointment or transfer you directly to the people you need to speak to. If they think you need an ambulance, they will send one immediately – just as if you had originally dialled 999.
You should use the NHS 111 service if you need medical help or advice urgently but it’s not a life-threatening situation.
You should call 111 if:
· It’s not a 999 emergency
· you think you need to go to A&E or another NHS urgent care service;
· you don’t think it can wait for an appointment with your GP; or
· you don’t know who to call for medical help.
For less urgent health needs, you should still contact your GP in the usual way. For immediate, life-threatening emergencies, you should continue to call 999.

                                                  Little Shelford ladies needed
18 ladies turned up for the inaugural meeting of the new Shelford WI group. They are holding another taster session on Thursday 7 November at 7.30 in the community room, St Mary's Church. If there is enough interest they will see if we can get it going that night and it will be the first Thursday in the month as that is the most convenient time for the room.
They need some younger ladies to give it a good mix and while there is quite a lot of interest in Little Shelford not many of the ladies came to the first meeting from there.  

Bus changes meeting
A meeting is being held about possible changes to the 31 bus on November 13.

On 30th January 2012 the County Council committed to a three-year phased programme of reducing the £2.7 million budget that the Council uses to subsidise bus services and the funding available will gradually drop to £1.5m per annum from April 2014.



Around 90 percent of public transport in Cambridgeshire is run commercially with no involvement from the local authority, with only 10 percent receiving any form of financial support (or subsidy) from the County Council. 


The majority of subsidised services operate in the more rural areas of the county where passenger numbers are low or where the lengths of journey mean that operating costs are high, making the services unviable to operate commercially.  On some of these services the level of subsidy required is over £10 per person for a single trip.   


A project is now looking to work with the local community to investigate alternative ways to provide transport which gives a solution to the transport need but is also cost-effective. It is appreciated that for some, the subsidised service is the lifeline that enables them to access essential services. For this reason the project aims to deliver new transport solutions in places where subsidised services may be withdrawn.


There are 4 services in Area G that receive a subsidy from the County Council. All the journeys in Area G could be affected by the subsidy withdrawal. Below is a list of the services affected in each area:





Villages serviced and days of operation




Cambridge, Addenbrooke’s, Trumpington, Stapleford, Great Shelford, Little Shelford, Hauxton, Newton, Thriplow, Fowlmere, Elmdon, Chrishall, Heydon, Great Chishill, Barley


Monday to Saturday




Cambridge, Addenbrooke’s, Newnham, Barton, Great Eversden, Trumpington, Harston, Harlton, Haslingfield, Barrington, Orwell, Wimpole, Croydon, Arrington, Croydon, Tadlow, Wrestlingworth


Monday to Saturday




Cambridge, Grafton, Beehive, Addenbrooke’s


Monday to Saturday





Cambridge, Newnham


Tuesday and Friday only



Detailed timetables for each service listed above can be found at this webpage:



There are several types of transport that could provide a solution to the removal of subsidies services, including:


  • Car sharing - private or a social car sharing scheme
  • Community bus service - parish owned or private
  • Community transport such as dial-a-ride
  • Franchise  - working with a local entrepreneur to develop a service
  • New subsidised bus services that are more viable by using new routes and/or times of operations
  • Parish owned car
  • Rail
  • Taxi sharing schemes and taxi vouchers

·         Travel clubs or car clubs


A description of these transport solutions is provided on the CountyCouncil website:  


The transport solution(s) will vary across the county - one size will not fit all. The project aims to be creative and find innovative solutions to historic problems, but if the best solution to deliver an essential service is to retain the current form of provision, this will remain an option.


The group behind the project seeks to encourage local communities and service providers to become more involved in the process of designing and delivering transport, developing a culture of co-production.  By encouraging community involvement throughout the process and broadening the reach to include potential passengers as well as existing ones, the resulting transport will be more sustainable and viable.


The first step towards this is to work with local communities to assess the transport need in their local area. The County Council will then work with the community and partners (such as transport providers, parish and district councils, key local groups, etc) to design transport solutions that best reflect the identified need.


It is hoped that Councillors will play an active role in developing and supporting the engagement process, using their local knowledge and experience.


It is recognised that Parish, District and County councillors will act as the key agent of engagement, helping to steer and involve groups and individuals who are active in the community to contribute to the project. Councillors will be able to advise and lend credibility to the formation of Working Groups and ensure the most difficult-to-reach are included in the process.


Project schedule



Research and preparation

Oct 2013


Create contact lists (Cllrs, key groups), ride buses, send out Councillor Briefing Packs, arrange Cllr Meeting.



Councillors’ Meeting

13th Nov 2013


Meet with Parish, District and County Councillors to discuss the project plan, existing transport and key groups to consult, identify possible members of a Working Group, identify a Champion(s) to help drive the project through key stages.



Community drop-in event

Dec 2013


Drop-in open to the public to further publicise & discuss the project, questionnaires will be available (paper and laptop; all questionnaires to be submitted before the 2nd Working Group Meeting).



Meetings with key groups

9th Dec 2013 to 31st Jan 2014


Ongoing publicity to community of key stages as well as reporting to CFT Steering Group

Meet with key groups and any other groups that request a CFT meeting, questionnaires will be available (paper and laptop; all questionnaires to be submitted before the 2nd Working Group Meeting).


Working Group 1st Meeting

Jan 2014


Discuss project plan, present data on current services, share feedback received from the community, assess the transport solutions suggested so far.



Working Group 2nd Meeting

Feb 2014


Review all feedback collated by Officer, assess all transport solutions, agree a preferred solution and discuss its design.



Agree decision on final design

Mar 2014


Agree design with Working Group by email, agree design with CCC



Procurement process

Apr – Jul 2014



Launch and publicity

Aug 2014



Monitoring / Community feedback

Ongoing cycle of monitoring, evaluation & modification


Survey 3 months after launch, evaluate & modify if necessary, survey after 12 months, thereafter survey at least every 6 months




Next steps

A meeting has been arranged to discuss the project plans for Area G with Councillors. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th November, 2-3pm at Haslingfield Village Hall, New Road, Haslingfield, CB23 1JP.


It is hoped this meeting will achieve the following outcomes:

  • answer any questions / take comments from Councillors on the plan
  • identify with Councillors existing transport services in the area
  • identify a local Champion(s) for the project - we would welcome enthusiastic volunteers who would be able to spend some time to help drive the project through key stages
  • take suggestions from Councillors on possible members for a Working Group

                                                                 Vote for our guides

Shelford Guides have been selected by Waitrose to be one of three charities participating in November's Community Matters token scheme. Customers at Waitrose are given green tokens that they then use to 'vote' for one of the charities by putting them in boxes in the lobby area. At the end of November, Waitrose will split £1000 between the three charities in proportion to the number of tokens each receives. Shelford Guides are delighted to have been selected and will use the money raised to help with the costs of camps next year. So they would be very grateful if any local residents who use Waitrose would be kind enough to 'vote' for Shelford Guides with their tokens.

                                                                    Shed burglary

A shed burglary was reported in Whittlesford Road, Little Shelford between Monday October 7 and October 9. The burglars broke into a secure concrete shed and stolen various plumbing tools and items. On Friday October 11, police were called to Little Shelford to check out some door to door sellers. They were ex offenders trying to get back into work. They usually sell household goods from a rucksack. Police stopped one of them and ran his details through the system. On this occasion the lad wasn’t in possession of the correct paperwork (they should carry identification and a hawker’s license.) Because of this police made contact with his team leader to advise him he had been asked to stop selling.

Speed limit changes

Cambridgeshire County Council propose to implement a 40MPH speed limit in Little Shelford on the following streets: 

Whittlesford Road – 24 metres South East of its junction with Courtyards, in a South Easterly direction for a distance of 438 metres. 
High Street – From its junction with Whittlesford Road, in a North Westerly direction for a distance of 161 metres. 
If you would like to comment on the above proposals please do so by the 13th November 2013 to






                                                     House prices on the up
The price of an average home in Little Shelford has now risen to £546,057 according to property website Zoopla. The price of an average home has gone up by £17,637 over the last year - that is 3.2%. You can see a street by street breakdown here.
                                          Parish Council meeting summary
The Parish Council has been asked if we should have a survey about the need for more affordable housing in Little Shelford. The Council has said no until the Village Design Statement has been finalised.
A village survey on the local bus service is to be carried out in October 2013 with support of the Parish Council to establish if more people in the village would use the bus if more services were available. The current 31 bus service is likely to end in the spring.
Pavilion Trust Chairman Maurice Palmer provided an update on the pavilion project. £211,000 has been raised to date. It now seems possible that the new pavilion could be built for £300,000. Building work would need to start in March/April/May 2014, to avoid grants being lost.
Little Shelford’s broadband service will be updated in more than one phase. The Parish Council is going to demand that Little Shelford’s broadband service to be updated in a single phase.
Almost all allotment tenants have renewed their tenancies under the new terms. However, there is concern about the state of the site. Andrew Hawthorn and the Clerk will shortly undertake an inspection of the plots and will draw up an appropriate maintenance programme.
Mary Palazzo and Tim Leech had recently inspected the village pavements with Mike Cooper from Cambridgeshire County Council’s Highways Department and the subsequent repair work has now already been completed to a very high standard, which was appreciated by the Parish Council.
There is a vacancy for Parish Councillor. This will now be filled by co-option. It will be advertised locally and an appointment made at the Extraordinary Meeting to be held in October 2013. You can read the full minute sof the meeting here.

                                                         Navigator starts home deliveries
The Navigator pub in Little Shelford has started delivering its Thai food. Deliveries are currently only available through at the moment . The offer is also at Navigator's two sister pubs. 
The pub is also are starting food on Sundays lunch and evening ,as of the 6th October. 
So this means the cheese and port sessions have been cancelled.

                                                                   Digital divide

Some parts of Little Shelford might receive faster broadband before other parts of the village according to new information produced by the Connecting Cambridgeshire campaign.

By the end of 2015, there will be improvements to our broadband that will enable many homes and businesses to receive superfast broadband speeds (minimum 24Mbps) while others will be able to receive fibre broadband speeds of between 2Mbps and 24 Mbps.
Superfast broadband is forecast to be available in Little Shelford between June 2014 and December 2014. But the Connecting Cambridgeshire site states that this will be "over more than one phase". They say this could be because premises in the area are served by more than one exchange and/or different technologies may be used.

The Parish Council will be looking at the situation on September 25 to see if both stages of work can be done at the same time.

You can read more about the campaign here.

                                                          Fun run success

The inaugural Shelford Fun Run on September 15 was an amazing day and the feedback has been brilliant. In the end around 400 runners took part - 120 of them children.
Organiser Jon Salisbury is already talking about organising the event again next year.

                                                                 New WI group
A new Women's Institute group is being set up for Little and Great Shelford.
Do you want to make new friends? Meet like-minded ladies? Learn new skills? Get involved?
A meeting will be held on Thursday 10 October 2013 at 7.30pm in the Community Room of St Mary’s Church, Great Shelford to see if a Shelford WI can be formed.
Go along and find out what the WI has to offer you.

                                                     More commuters travelling through Little Shelford?
There are fears that more drivers might soon be travelling through the village because of changes to the A10.
Network Rail is seriously considering replacing the A10 Foxton Level Crossing with a bridge or underpass. The level crossing is a bottleneck and so removing this barrier to movement will make the A10 route more attractive. This will, however, have consequences for the amount of traffic going through Harston and Hauxton according to County Council Tony Orgee. 
 "If a bridge or underpass replaces the Foxton Level Crossing the consequences are likely to be even greater traffic hold-ups on the A10, " he said. "If this is so, then it is likely that drivers will try to find alternative routes into Cambridge and so this might well lead to greater rat-running through villages such as Hauxton and Little Shelford, leading to more traffic on roads such as Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, in turn leading to traffic delays in the Great Shelford and Stapleford area. 
 "It is important therefore that the Parish Council should consider the Draft Transport Strategy and expresses its views."
Responses to the Draft Transport Strategy can be made by
·                    Completing the online survey at
· or by writing to the following address
Transport and Infrastructure Policy and Funding
Cambridgeshire County council
Box CC1214
Shire Hall
Castle Hill
· The full strategy can be viewed at

                                                            31 bus update

A petition with 250 signatures to save the service has been collected by Angela Cox in and around Little Shelford.

The contractor for this bus service changed from Cozy to Whippet on 2 September, and the contract for the subsidised service will run to at least the end of May 2014.

The County Council’s consultations regarding subsidised bus routes has been delayed as some of the staff involved have been promoted or moved to other authorities. New staff have now been recruited and consultations should recommence early next month.

County Councillor Tony Orgee has promised that no changes will be introduced until there have been extensive local consultations to see how local residents’ travel needs can best be addressed in the future.

The 31 contract will therefore run until such times as local discussions have taken place and alternative / improved arrangements are in place.

                                                         Pavilion start date delayed

The last week or so has brought mixed emotions for the Little Shelford Sports and Recreation Trust in their efforts to provide a new pavilion on the Wale Recreation Ground. Firstly they received the welcome news that the project had been awarded a grant of £27,000 by Sport England (The Lottery), which was a major accolade given the demand from other sports organisations right across the country.

They are also in advanced negotiations with the Football Foundation and Amey Cespa for grants which would have brought the Trust very close to our original target of £250,000.

Having gone out to tender to 6 local companies, the bids which were submitted have forced the Trust to re-align our target to £325,000 and to postpone the proposed starting date until April/May. Whilst the original estimates of costs were very much in line with similar local projects, it would appear that the “Cambridge Effect” of excess demand for builders locally has had a major influence on the bids received.
Naturally, this was extremely disappointing and means a series of re-negotiations with some of the granting authorities, as well as a search for new sources of funds.
The support which we have received from the village, both in terms of donations and support of fund raising events, has been terrific and has been largely instrumental in attracting the grants that have been received to date. We trust that we can continue to rely on your contributions to take us to the revised target.
The future success of the project is in no doubt and we now have a definitive measure on the scale of the challenge which we face and look forward to.

Maurice Palmer, Trust chairman

                                                     New book from former Vicar
A new booklet about swastika-style symbols in the Round Church in Cambridge has been written by the former Rector of Little Shelford, Rev Stephen Taylor.
"The Fylfot-Crosses in the Round Church, Cambridge" explains the symbolism of the swastika-style symbols in the Baptismal window there.
The book explains how the symbols can also be Seen at king's College Chapel, Selwyn College and Westminster College.
The booklet can be obtained from Cambridge Universal Publications PO Box 878 in Whittlesford or from Rev Taylor at

                                                        New speed limit entering the village
The Parish Council is bringing about a new 40 MPH speed limit for Whittlesford Road following complaints from local residents.
Villagers have complained about the speed of traffic entering Little Shelford from Whittlesford.
Folliowing a proposal from the Parish Council, Cambridgeshire County Council is going to introduce a 40MPH speed limit from the village sign on Whittlesford Road near Lismore to the start of the 30 MPH limit near Courtyards. Reducing the speed of traffic entering the village should help to ensure that cars in the village itself are only travelling at 30 MPH.
The changes are expected to cost around £1800, with the Parish Council contributing £180.

                                                              Hauxton Road disturbance
There was a disturbance on Hauxton Road on August 9 after a party was advertised on Facebook. "Hauxton Road was carnage on Friday evening, "said one resident.
"4 police cars and an ambulance were at the scene. There were youths wielding baseball bats and throwing bottles. What a nightmare!!! There were alot of very upset residents on Hauxton Road."

 Allotment rents rise
Rental charges for the allotments in Garden Fields are going up following a decisions at the Parish Council meeting in July. Parish Councillors expressed concern at this meeting that over a number of years these charges had fallen far behind those payable at other comparable allotment sites. The Council also noted that administration costs for the allotment site have for some time exceeded the rents payable by tenants.
The Parish Council has increased the rental charges at Garden Fields Allotments as follows:
Half plot: £24 per annum
Quarter plot: £12 per annum
These new charges will become payable on 29th September 2013.
The new rental charges do not include any sum in respect of the new standpipe at Garden Fields, as the Parish Council has been able to secure grant funding to meet this cost.

                                                            Bowls club boost

 Little Shelford Bowls club has been awarded a grant of almost £1,000.

The club has received £960 for changing room roof repairs. They were 1 of 3 organisations supported by South Cambridgeshire District Council’s community chest fund.

The grants are available to small voluntary organisations, charities and community groups, for purchases and projects which benefit villagers.
Cllr Ray Manning, the council leader, said: “We are very pleased to be able to support these 3 community groups.
“We know that funding is becoming increasingly tough for the community and voluntary sector and these grants will be a welcome boost to local groups who work extremely hard and do an excellent job delivering activities and services for our communities. 

                                                            Theft at Village Hall

A handbag went missing from the Village Hall on Wednesday evening (June 10) during a Pilates class. The bag had been left on the right hand of the stage, and despite instruction taking place in the main hall it had gone by the end of the class. A search took place at the time, but nothing has been found. Nobody saw anything!

The theft has been reported to the police, the lady has cancelled her cards and had her locks changed. This is just a reminder to be very careful where you leave personal belongings, especially as doors are often open during classes in the summer months. 
Whilst this is an isolated incident so far, and hopefully a one off, it must have been distressing and inconvenient to the person involved and we wouldn't wish it to happen to anybody else. Ruth Shah
Booking Clerk

                                                 New Neighbourhood Watch group
A new Neighbourhood Watch group is being set up for Whittlesford Road residents following 2 recent burglaries in the village.
The Co-ordinator, Fiona James, will get crime threats, news of local burglaries, notices that police are looking for a car for example emailed to her and she will then distribute it to people who are signed up to the scheme. There are some insurance companies will offer a discount for households in a registered NHW area
So far 5 households have provisionally signed up. If you are interested in being part of the scheme please contact or on 07801 149329.

Courtyards 50th anniversary
Courtyard residents enjoyed the festivities over Midsummer weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Courtyards. On Saturday the 22nd, the keen gardeners on the estate opened their own personal Edens to their neighbours who braved the showers to get a peek at what was going on next door!! One resident commented that in the 37 years they lived in Courtyards, this was the first opportunity they had had to get an idea of the diversity of plots and gardening styles around them. At the same time as the adults were viewing gardens, the children were having their own 'treasure hunt' event with chocolate gold coins for every little one who took part. Later on in the afternoon, a group of weatherbeaten men took up the challenge of erecting a great number of gazebos -- enough, in fact, to provide shelter for more than 100 people who attended a sit down lunch on the Sunday. Yet another team spent Sunday morning wrestling with crepe paper, balloons and streamers to get the festive atmosphere established. At the stroke of 1 pm Courtyarders trooped in, some with their extended families or with past residents in tow. Delectable offerings were laid out on the buffet table and when our MC, Jim McMenemy said "Go" the banquet began in earnest. Our oldest resident (in years but not attitude), Joan Atkins, did us proud as she cut the celebration cake. The afternoon was such a success that everyone agreed to make a Courtyards summer drinks party an annual fixture on our social calendars.
See photos of Courtyards being built here.

                                                                   Bowls club break ins
There have been two break-ins at the bowls pavilion. The first time a couple of weeks ago they made themselves hot drinks and left the dirty cups in the bowl but did no damage but they did take some keys. This Friday evening (June 14) they broke in again - when people arrived to play on Saturday afternoon the pavilion smelt terribly of possibly cannabis. They also took some new sweaters and a bench cushion. The police were informed and fingerprints from various cups used by them etc.were taken possibly for future reference. The locks have now been been changed.
The Queen meets Little Shelford villagers

Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh took a tour of the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) on her visit to Cambridge in May. She is pictured meeting villager Dr Hugh Pelham, director of the Medical Research Council’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology who lives in Little Shelford.

The Queen was treated to a performance by Great and Little Shelford Primary School’s choir as she entered the new building at the Addenbrooke’s site.

Parish Council decisions and actions

A number of decisions and actions were by the Parish Council at its meeting on May 22.

Cambridgeshire County Council has refused to allow an alleged footpath between Garden Fields and Bradmere Lane to be reinstated. The Parish Council has decided to appeal to the relevant Government department to reverse that decisions. South Cambridgeshire MP Andrew Lansley attended the debate and offered his support to the campaign. 
A no dig, honeycomb, reinforced grass roadway will be built at the Wale Recreation Ground, as part of the proposals for the new Pavilion.
The police have set up a number of speed traps in Little Shelford. Five people have been issued with fixed penalties and five with warnings regarding speeding. 

Following the recent burglaries in Little Shelford, a villager who lives on Whittlesford Rd has offered to start a Neighbourhood Watch scheme for her street. Representatives are needed for Newton Road and the High Street.

The Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner is to be invited to speak at the next Parish Council meeting. 

£4,000 from the money given to the council by people buildingnew homes in the village will be given to the Pavilion project, taking the fundraising total to over £120,000. 

Proposals to hold a fun run through Little Shelford on the morning of September 15 will be allowed, even though High Street, Church Street and Whittlesford Road will be closed for all cars for around an hour.  

There is still one vacant allotment plot.
A complaint has been made to the Council about the aroma coming from Winners Restaurant. The Council will contact the restaurant to see if the situation can be improved.

Dog fouling at the Wale Recreation Ground is getting worse. A notice will be put up on the gate giving suitable advice and asking people who walk several dogs at once to be particularly careful. 


The telephone box may be re-painted, dependent on cost. The Parish Council will seek a volunteer for the work in the village.

David Martin was re-elected as Council Chairman and Andrew Ray as Vice Chairman.
You can read the full minutes of the meeting here.
Posted May 28 2013  

Village burglaries
There have been two burglaries in Little Shelford in the past month. The first one was reported at High Street, Little Shelford on May 3 at 1pm. Offender(s) sed a blunt instrument to force open a wooden frame at the rear of a detached property. They have then climbed in through the window and unbolted a wooden door.
A second burglary was at Newton Road, Little Shelford on May 16 between 09.45 and 14.45. A small amount of cash was stolen.
And cycle was stolen from Hauxton Road, Little Shelford on May 8 between 11.30 and 15.00. A black gents hybrid cycle was stolen from the front of the house. The cycle is described as: 21 gears, disc brakes, straight handlebars, and has a children’s seat carrier attachment to the frame.
Posted May 20 2013

Youth worker wanted

Shelford and Stapleford Youth Initiative (SSYI), a Christian charity, is looking for a support youth worker to support the running of the Friday night youth club and one other evening project for 5 hours a week.They will need to be young people focused with a passion for youth participation and a sense of community. The youth worker should be able to work with a range of young people in a busy environment and able to support young people, specifically young women, in the issues they face.

For further information or an application pack please contact Adam Thoday on 07530467664, email or visit our website Closing date 28th June 2013. Interviews to take place week commencing 1st July
                                                           Our councillor joins the cabinet
Our local councillor David Whiteman-Downes has joined the cabinet at South Cambridgeshire Council. David, who is one of three district councillors for Little Shelford, will have responsibility for Corporate and Customer Services.

                                                       County Council election results
Sawston results electorate: 13156, turnout: 32.24%
CandidatePartyVotes% share
Andrew Robert BillingeUKIP95412.4
Adrian John FrenchLabour88011.4
Gail KenneyConservative1,75422.7
Michael Thomas KilpatrickLiberal Democrat6698.7
Mike NettletonLabour80110.4
Tony OrgeeConservative1,85224.0
Linda WhitebreadGreen81010.5

Fun run proposed for September
A fun run through Little Shelford is being organised on Sunday September 15. The event is a commercial enterprise, but it is supporting a Cambridge-based children's charity called Blue Smile.  
The route includes Church Street, Whittlesford Road and High Street. A map of the route is attached, left. Road closures will only apply to vehicles; therefore anyone walking or intending to park outside the "zone" will be unaffected. Similarly, anyone intending to enter the zone before the closure and exit once the roads have reopened will be fine.
The run will start and end at the Great Shelford Recreation Ground. Liaison is already taken place with the local Churches. 
The roads would start closing just before 10am and reopen when the last runner passes through. This means Wollards Lane will probably be closed for an hour or so (because the runners start and finish there) but High Street and Church Street will be closed for less time. The traffic management contractor will be under strict instructions to apply a "light touch". Their remit is to ensure the safety of the runners while keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.
The proposals will be considered by the Parish Council at its meeting on May 22. If you have a view, you can send it to

Village bus to be axed
The number 31 bus connecting Little Shelford with Cambridge is being scrapped. 
However County Council Tony Orgee pledged at the Annual Village Meeting on April 25 that the service won't end until a suitable alternative is in place.
The bus currently goes from Little Shelford to Cambridge four times a day. 
However, the County Council is currently reviewing subsidised bus services across Cambridgeshire. They contacted the Parish Council on April 25 to say that the service is now likely to end.
The service currently operates six days a week, but not on Sundays. According to an email from the County Council, the subsidy for each passenger is £4.33 They say the annual cost of the subsidy for the 31 bus is  £78,801.59. It is used by 18,219 passengers per year.
The County Council says it is now going to talk to bus users and see if a more appropriate service can be created. You can see more details of the review here.

Little Shelford teenager creates top blog
A Little Shelford teenager who has lost most of his hearing has become famous overnight after his online blog about living with an impairment received more than 2,500 hits.
Jamie Williams, who has a condition called Waardenburg syndrome, decided to write a blog about growing up  in a “hearing world” and posted it on Facebook - and it was shared hundreds of times in a matter of hours. 
He told the Cambridge News: “A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about what I could do because it was the holiday period and I was thinking about writing a blog as I enjoy reading them but didn’t have a clue what to do it on. I was chatting to a friend about it and he suggested ‘you’ve got to so something unique to you that will engage an audience’ and he said one of the best things about me was that I’m happy and content even though I am deaf.
“I had hoped to engage people with it but a couple of hours after I put it online it had been shared loads. In the space of three days it went to 2,500 shares and now has around 3,000.”
The 16-year-old Leys student lives in High Street, Little Shelford. You can read the original article here.
To read his blog visit and for updates from Jamie visit

Parish Council update

Fundraising for the new Pavilion has now reached £113,000 the Parish Council  heard at its meeting on March 27.

Concerns were raised at the meeting that the Pavilion might end up in competition for small parties and other similar activities with the Village Hall. Pavilion Trust Chairman Maurice Palmer promised that the impact on the Village Hall would be minimal.

Trustees from the Village Hall and the Pavilion Trust have now agreed to meet soon to resolve this and other outstanding issues.

The next step has been taken towards creating a new village green at the junction of Manor Road and Church Street. The Parish Council agreed to apply for a licence to cultivate costing £82. This will allow some of the tarmac in that area to be dug up and be replaced with grass.

Two allotments are currently vacant and available. The allotments standpipe will be connected up in April.

30mph stickers for villager’s bins have been provided by South Cambridgeshire District Council. They will be distributed to homes close to the edge of the village, encouraging motorists to slow down as they enter the village. Stickers can be obtained from

Rosemary Humby was formally appointed as the new Parish Clerk  from April following the retirement of Jill Taylor. Jill’s significant contribution to the council and village life was praised by parish Councillors, and she was presented with a bouquet of flowers. Rosemary Humby can be contacted at
The full minutes of the meeting can be found here.
Posted March 28 2013

Lawrence Johnston biography
An updated biography of garden designer Lawrence Johnston has been published. He created the world-famous Hidcote Gardens in Gloucestershire. Lawrence lived at Kirby Lodge in Little Shelford from 1883 to 1894. He moved back to the village  between 1902 and 1907 when he designed a rockery at Woodville Lodge at 4, Newton Road. He was also the first person in the village to have a car. The book, "Lawrence Johnston - The Creator of Hidcote"  by Graham S. Pearson includes details about Johnston's time in Little Shelford which have emerged recently for the first time through the republication of the Fanny Wale book, A Record of Shelford Parva.
The biography is only available from Hidcote. It can be ordered by telephoning the shop at 01386-439807 and using a credit card. The book costs £6.99 and postage and packing is £2.30. It will be important to request a copy of the 2013 edition as it is the 2013 edition that contains the extract from the Fanny Wales Short History and the photograph of the rock garden at Woodville Lodge.
The specifying of the 2013 edition is important as the shop is currently selling the remaining stock of the first edition published in 2010
.  You can read more about Johnston's life here.

Village green gets green light
Proposals to create a new village green in Little Shelford have been given the provisional go ahead by Cambridgeshire County Council.
The green will be at the junction of Church Street and Manor Road. It will be the home for the new village sign. It would include expanding the current grass verge over what is now a tarmacked roadway to an island that includes a new tree. An artist's impression by Vic Franklin is included below.
The initial idea to create a village green came from Robin Fox and the Little Shelford History Society. The Society leafleted all 300 homes in the village about the proposals. There were 31 responses. The majority of responses were in favour of the green. Only 16% of residents said they did not support the proposals. The Parish Council voted to support the idea at its January meeting.
The green is lijkely to be one of the smallest in the country. The Parish Council is now working with the County Council to make the green a reality.

Posted March 4 2013

New village sign
The go ahead for a village sign to be situated on a new village green has been given by the Parish Council.
The Parish Council wants to use the style proposed by Allen Boothroyd (left) for its new sign, as long as fits within the existing budget of £3,000.
The Parish Council is to formally approach Cambridgeshire County Council to reinstate the grass area at the end of Manor Road at its junction with Manor Road, in effect creating a new village green.
The Parish Council invited Ray Saich and Robin Fox from the History society along with Neil Ruffles, as chairman of the village design group, to work with Parish Councillors Tim Leech and David Martin to together decide what should be included on the sign informed by the views of villagers that it should have fewer features than the ideas shared around previously.
They decided the sign should include:
  • The Wale Memorial
  • The River
  • The Church
  • The Celtic cross
  • Rope
  • The Manor House
  • The village hall
  • An Apollo rocket
  • A Nobel peace prize medal
The sign will be installed later this year.
Posted Feb 11 2013

Beaver Scouts Adult Volunteers Needed


A new Beaver Colony is being started as part of the Shelfords & Stapleford Scout Group. Beavers as the youngest section within the Scout Association are for 6 to 8 year old girls and boys.


Whilst they already have some adults who have volunteered to become leaders they would like to give adults, from the wider community, the opportunity to become part of the enthusiastic team organising fun activities for these eager, happy young people.


Perhaps you were a Beaver Scout and would like to give today’s youngsters the opportunity to take part in the types of activities you enjoyed or may be you would just like to volunteer to become part of the leadership team helping youngsters have fun and develop to their full potential. They recognise that in these busy days that it is not possible for everyone to attend colony meetings every week but by developing a good sized team this will not be necessary


Shelfords & Stapleford Scout Group, which mainly serves Great and Little Shelford & Stapleford, is a thriving youth organisation within the local community with large and highly active Cub and Scout sections and a supporters committee therefore if you were to volunteer there is plenty of support


If you would like more information and perhaps pay a visit to one of the Colony meetings to experience the fun of a Beaver Colony please contact Jillian Hardwick on 01223840066 or by email:

Library changes
From Monday 25 February changes to Great Shelford library opening hours will come into effect.

This follows feedback from a survey carried out by the Friends of Great Shelford and from customers, which showed where hours could be tweaked to better suit demand.

Great Shelford customers will see the library open an hour earlier on Mondays and stay open for an extra hour on Friday afternoons. On a Tuesday and Friday the library will close between 1-2pm but otherwise opening hours will stay the same.

New Opening Hours







3 - 7

10 – 1

2 - 5

10 – 1


2 - 6

                                                                      Parish Council meeting
There were a number of decisions and  actions agreed at the Parish Council meeting on January 23 2013
A £2,000 ceiling on grass cutting on the Wale Recreation Ground and on village verges has been introduced for the company CGM that carries out the work after the budget was exceeded in 2012.
Two people have so far shown interest in becoming the new Parish Clerk.
75% of cars entering the village on Whittlesford Road were speeding according to a recent speed check.
We are still waiting to hear if Little Shelford will be included in the Super Connected City rollout for Cambridge announced in the Chancellor's budget, which could mean faster broadband for our village
A car in High Street has been vandalised.
Two planning applications, at 28 Whittlesford Road and 9 Newton Road, have been approved
Parish Councillors have agreed to the introduction of a temporary road in the Wale Recreation Ground when the Pavilion building work takes place. But they agreed that they want the grass reinstating once building has been completed.
A water standpipe for the allotments will be built in the next 2 months.
The Parish Council budget will be increasing by 5% to £17,430. This will allow the council to support to be provided for some local organisations.
You can read the full minutes of the meeting here.

Oil buying initiative

Cambridgeshire ACRE have been running a community oil buying scheme since March 2012 which has become really successful both in terms of member numbers, volunteer local co-ordinators and oil prices negotiated.

The scheme is county wide not village wide so is not dependent upon minimum numbers from a given village or parish to secure a good price.

It is a membership scheme £20 per annum for domestic households. This fee ensures that members receive an exclusive price for their oil not available to non members. Members can place as many orders as they require throughout the year.

Orders are placed once a month and all members are reminded of the deadline date in advance. Orders received are amalgamated and one bulk order is submitted to the oil negotiator on behalf of Cambridgeshire. The oil negotiator tracks prices over the course of a few days and buys from the supplier giving the best price. members are then informed of the price secured and supplier along with delivery window. Members pay the supplier upon receipt of their oil order.

A statistical chart of prices is available on our website follow the wellies and radiator picture to the community oil buying page. On average as you will see members have saved 5ppl against the average price found at the time of negotiations. (prices all exclude VAT@5%).

Posted Feb 14 2013

                                                             Navigator opening time changes
Sunday opening times at the village pub, The Navigator, are changing. The pub will now only open on lunchtimes from noon until 3pm (but not for food) and will be closed on Sunday evenings. However, on the first Sunday evening of every month, starting on February 3, The Navigator is hosting a cheese and port session. You supply your own cheese, and for a fiver, the pub will supply the port, crackers celery and grapes.
Posted Jan 21 2013

                                                             Broadband changes
I" have noticed a slow but progressive worsening of the quality of broadband service I’m getting," says Little Shelford broadband champion Simon Conway-Smith.
"I had and had had an email this morning from another chap in the village who is also suffering. In my case it’s the connection dropping, often necessitating restarting my router, and in his case, just a very low transfer rate (0.88 Mbps)."
What has been your recent experience - let Simon know at
                                                            Village burglaries
Two homes in Whittlesford Road have been burgled during December.
In the first incident, between 7.30am and 6.30pm on Monday December 10th, a laptop and cash were stolen.
The second burglary occurred between 16:30 hrs on 28/12/2012 and 09:07hrs on 29/12/2012. Putty was removed from around a single glazed window at the back of the premises and thieves then entered the location, leaving via the back door. Two bags of screws and screwdrivers were found discarded behind the garden hedge having been stolen from the address.
Please take care and secure your property and items of value.
Posted January 4 2013
Village house prices rose by almost 3%
House prices in Little Shelford rose by 2.97% in 2012 according to the property website Zoopla.
     Street                                 Average price paid                                   Number of sales                                      
Beech Close£329,9501
Church Street£965,000
Garden Fields£350,0001
Hauxton Road£317,4005
High Street£581,0005
Newton Road£783,0002
The Terrace£585,0001
Whittlesford Road£239,2502
For more information, see the Zoopla site
Posted January 7 2013

                November Parish Council decisions and updates

The Parish Council is pushing for the speed limit on Whittlesford Road entering the village from the Whittlesford direction to be reduced to 40 mph. This should then help to reduce the speed of traffic in the 30 mph zone.

Little Shelford looks like it will get a new MP. A proposal has been made to switch our village from Andrew Lansley’s seat to the seat of James Paice.

The village has been given 8 new trees. 4 will be planted in Beech Close in the spring and 4 will be put in the Wale Recreation Ground.

Little Shelford’s footpaths are in a “shocking state” according to an audit carried out by the Parish Council. One person is believed to have fallen into the road because one pavement was so bumpy. The full audit, complete with photographic evidence, is being given to the County Council to demand some action.
Water is being provided at the allotments in Garden Fields. The total cost will be around £2,500. The council has received grant of £700 towards the scheme from South Cambridgeshire Council. Money from a Section 106 agreement from a new house in Hauxton Road will be used to help pay the rest of the bill.


Parish Clerk Jill Taylor is standing down after 10 years in the role. Jill’s knowledge of the village, her tenacity and experience will be greatly missed. The Council will be recruiting a new Parish Clerk early in 2013.

Posted Nov 29 2012

                                                          Little Shelford Village Sign

There is a plan to have our own Little Shelford village sign to be erected at the corner by the church.

This is a joint venture between the Parish Council and the History Society and is part of the ‘Bringing Little Shelford Alive’ lottery funded project which includes:
· Creating a digital copy of the Fanny Wale book (now printed)
· Creating a heritage trail to celebrate the history of Little Shelford ( in progress)
· Launching a village history day (30 September 2012)
· Creating a dedicated village website (up and running)
· Transcribing the 1911 census (awaiting data)
· Creating ideas for a village sign with pupils and staff from Gt & Lt Shelford School based on episodes from Little Shelford’s history (ongoing)
As part of the school involvement, at the beginning of the September term you may well have seen groups of well-behaved children plus members of staff studying aspects of the village. Ray Saich went to a school assembly and then spent time in each of the Key Stage 2 classes. Vic Franklin (artist) and Neil Horne (sign writer) also accompanied him. The children’s artistic interpretations were on display at the September history day.
The History Society feel that it is important for all members of the village community to have the opportunity to add their ideas/views/artwork for the composition of the village sign along with the children’s contribution. A circular containing more information will be distributed to all village households before the end of the year.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.


David Martin 845995                                        

Ray Saich 842737         


                                                             School calendars 
Copies of a unique calendar, produced to mark Gt & Lt Shelford (CE) Primary School’s forthcoming 170th Anniversary, are now available.
The calendar journeys through the school’s history, using photographs which celebrate across three centuries:
the development of the building; teaching and learning, key events in the school year; extra-curricular activities.
Priced at £6 each or £10 for two, calendars can be ordered from Brie Lury, ( Proceeds will go to the PTA (Registered Charity No. 1110813) to further fund the development of our outdoor learning environment.

                                                               Library time changing
The opening times at Great Shelford library are likely to change shortly. These are the current and the proposed new times.
 Day Now New time
 Mon 4-7 3-7
 Tues 10-5
 Weds 10-1 10-1
 Thurs Closed Closed
 Fri 10-5
 Sat 10-1 10-1
If you have view on the changes please send them to
Posted Dec 2 2012

  Meals on wheels
Do you, or anyone you know, find it difficult to cook a hot meal because of illness, age or disability?
Meals 2 You is a meals delivery service run by leading disability charity Papworth Trust from its OWL Café in Sawston. It delivers a main course and a dessert on weekday lunchtimes (usually between 12.15 and 1pm) in Little and Great Shelford, Sawston, Pampisford, Stapleford, Whittlesford, Duxford, Hinxton and Ickleton.
Meals can be delivered every day or just one day a week, either short term or long term. Frozen meals are also available for reheating at weekends and on bank holidays. A two course hot meal costs £3.60 and a frozen one costs £3.35.
If you are aware of anyone in your community who could benefit from this service please tell them about it. If you could spare a couple of hours at least once a week we are always looking for volunteers who not only deliver meals but provide vital face to face contact with those who may feel isolated.

To order a meal or find out more, please call 01223 833396 between 10am and 1pm, email or visit our website

To find out more about volunteering please call 01480 357200, email or visit our website
Posted November 7 2012

                                                                                    Volunteers needed

The Shelford and Stapleford Youth Initiative (SSYI) club has now been running for 4 weeks and is slowly attracting more young people and they are getting into a good rhythm of activity provision and positive engagement with the young people. They need more volunteers to help run the Monday evening club. If you can help please contact
The club is holding a bring and buy sale on December 1st in the village hall to raise funds. The SSYI Youth Workers will be present on 1st December so its a great time for Parents and Young People to find out more about what is going on at the North Building Monday club as well as to socialise over coffee and cakes and buy some reasonably priced Christmas presents at the bring and buy.
Posted October 23 2012

Join the cricket club
Little Shelford Cricket Club starts its winter nets programme on Sunday November 4th at 8pm at Hills Road Sports and Tennis Centre Cambridge and subsequent Sundays until April 2013.
They are looking for new players for the 2013 season and beyond so if you are new to the game and want to give it a try, an up and coming youngster or an established player looking for a new challenge, they would be delighted to see you.
Their ECB qualified coaches will be on hand to help develop your individual skills in all aspects of the game.
They are a progressive club with an ambitious sports development plan which includes the building of a new pavilion of their  picturesque ground just south of Cambridge.
They are a friendly, family oriented club with an active social side to our activities
Please call Neil on 01223 842843 or 07866751651, or e-mail for further information or questions
We look forward to hearing from you. Neil Orpwood

Posted October 19 2012

Official ebay service

Did you know Little Shelford has its' very own  ‘ebay’ service? One entrepreneurial young mum in the village has recently set up a new company called the ‘Little Shelford ebayer’,  basically,  ‘ebaying’ on your behalf and doing all the time consuming things - taking photos, putting the ads on line, dealing with enquiries, going to the post office etc.

For those of you who haven’t heard about ebay, its an online auction and shopping website allowing you to buy and sell almost anything from wardrobes to CDs, digital cameras to dresses. It’s a great way to recycle goods and more importantly to earn a few extra pennies.

The Little Shelford ebayer will take a 15% cut as commission.

For more information, email the or contact  07973 778957.

Posted October 15

Bird survey

An experiement to atrtract more birds to a Little Shelford farm has had positive results. Bird numbers in the 10-year survey had been declining on the Bayer Crop[science farm on Whittlesford Road, in line with the national trend. But following the introduction of winter food last year there was an immediate increase in the farmland bird index to its highest level since 2005. Read the full story in Farmers Weekly magazine here.

Posted October 15

Garages available

Six garages are available for rent in Little Shelford. The garages, which are owned by South
Cambridgeshire District Council, are in Beech Close. The rent for the garages is: 
Council Tenants £7.78 per week
Non Council Tenants £12.89 per week
For more information, please contact

Posted October 11

Little Shelford Parish Council September meeting – decisions and information
  • Little Shelford is included in a major proposal to bring fast broadband to Cambridge and some of its surrounding villages – so far 32% of villagers have signed up for the Connecting Cambridgeshire campaign demanding faster internet services.
  •  There is a move to see the 6 vacant garages in Beech Close rented out to help to stop the garages being demolished and a house built on the site.
  • The fundraising total for the new sports pavilion now stands at £38,000.
  • Water is being provided at the allotments. A grant of £750 has been received from South Cambridgeshire. The Parish Council will pay the remaining £1,250.
  • The Shelford and Stapleford Youth initiative started at the North Building in Little Shelford in September with support from the Parish Council.
  • The outstanding mortgage on the Village Hall is now £60,724. The payments take up almost half of the Parish Council’s expenditure.
  • Over and In have been given permission to deliver football training sessions at the Wale Recreation Ground on Saturdays.
  • Traffic lights are being installed at the M11 junction in Hauxton – the work should be completed by Christmas.

Posted September 27 2012

New youth club due to start

A new youth club started in Little Shelford in September.
The Shelford and Stapleford Youth Inititiative was launched in the North Building at All Saints on Monday 24th September 7pm to 8.30pm if everything goes according to plan. Hopefully the club will run  on run every Monday up to Christmas.
It will be different to the SSYI Friday club in Great Shelford, as it will be open to all but with specific activities and open for a shorter time. 
The North Building is being used as the Village Hall cannot accommodate the club.
Posted September 3 2012

Widlife group seeks new volunteers
Are you interested in the environment? If so, you may be interested in joining the village's wildlife group.
In 2003, the Parish Council secured a grant to construct the “Riverside Walk” and after completion formed the volunteer Little Shelford Wildlife Group. Diana Haines headed up the group and it was agreed that it’s task would be to maintain and improve the wildlife habitat at the Wale Recreation Ground and Bradmere Lane.
The Group’s initial job was to plant hedges around two sides of the bowling green, along with protective netting against rabbits, and also clean out the ice ponds.  Following some more fundraising, plants and netting were purchased and the area around Bradmere Pond was also cleared and trees and more plants put in and some of overgrown and unsafe willows coppiced. In addition bird and owl boxes were put up in both locations and a seat at Bradmere Pond. Later on the area between the children’s playground and the bowling green was cleared and reseeded and two picnic tables were installed.
This work has continued to date and involves:
  • A general meeting once a year to organise the display at the Little Shelford Fun Weekend and the work programme for the following year.
  • In January or February hedge cutting and bonfire in the Wale.
  • A spring & autumn tidy-up work session.
  • Manning the wildlife stall at the September Fun Weekend. Not only are there displays but we actively involve children and have organised bug hunts, pond dipping and tree identification walks. 
We are a small group of some 6 active members and are lucky that some are qualified in environmental studies. However, we always need keen volunteers willing to roll up their sleeves a few times a year. So if you want to join a very sociable  group doing thoroughly worthwhile work, please contact Diana Haines, who lives in Church Street, on 01223/841415.
Posted September 3 2012
Newsletter published

The latest newsletter for the Great and Little Shelford Twinning Association has just been published. A version is attached at the bottom of the page.

                                                                   War hero dies

Air Commodore James Coward, who was based in King's Farm, Little Shelford during WW2 when he flew spitfires out of Duxford before serving on Winston Churchill's personal staff has died. He was 97.

The Air Commodore was shot down over Little Shelford in one of the first incidents in the Battle of Britain. He survived the incident although he lost part of his leg when he crash-landed.

After the war, her returned to Australia where he rose to the rank of Air Commodore in the Australian Airforce.

Earlier this year, the Commodore and Mrs Coward moved into a retirement village in Yass, about an hour north-west of Canberra.

He died in the early hours of July 26.

You can read more about the Air Commodore's fascinating career here.

Posted July 26

Workers accommodation rejected

Proposals to build accommodation for up to 50 foreign workers on the Little Shelford boundary have been rejected.

The planning application at Dernford Barn Sawston Road Stapleford sought planning permission for the change of use of agricultural buildings to hostel accommodation for agricultural workers and ancillary office accommodation together with erection of covered external area and use of existing bungalow as warden accommodation
This would have enabled up to 50 workers to be accommodated.
The proposals have been rejected by a planning inspector after they were first turned down by South Cambridgeshire District Council.

Posted August 2 2012

Twinning report

Did you know that our villages of Great and Little Shelford are twinned with a village in northern France? You can read the report of their latest exchange here.


Little Shelford businesswoman Sally Guyer has been highlighted as one of Cambridge's five entrepreneurs to watch by the Cambridge News. Sally set up the brains behind the Cambridge Raincoat Company. Sally has featured on the Daily Telegraph website.

Parish Council decisions and actions

At it's July meeting, the Parish Council made a number of decisions affecting Little Shelford:

£3,000 given to the Council because a new house is being built in the village will be donated to the fund for the new sports pavilion.

A memorial will be created at the Wale Recreation Ground for village stalwart Ivor Pearl. Contributions from people who knew Ivor will be welcome.

Just 13% of people in little Shelford have so far signed up for the Connecting Cambridgeshire campaign.

A new footpath along the verge in Newton Road is going to be pursued.

A small grant is to be given to the local twinning group.

A grant of £750 to provide water for the allotments has previously been announced. Councillors are going to draw up options about how to raise the remaining £700 needed by September.

Posted July 11

South Cambs local plan

A new Local Plan is being created for South Cambridgeshire. While it doesn't propose major new development in Little Shelford, some of the proposals might have an adverse impact on the traffic through our village.

Consultation events are taking place at Spicer's Pavilion in Sawston on July 17 and at Great Shelford Memorial Hall on September 5, both from 3pm to 8pm.

Posted July 11

Broadband campaign

New figures just released reveal that Little Shelford residents don't want faster broadband speeds. A new campaign started earlier this year called Connecting Cambridgeshire. Yet only 13.8% of Little Shelford villagers have so far signed up for faster broadband.

The ‘Get Cambridgeshire connected’ campaign features prominently on the new Connecting Cambridgeshire website at

A survey in November 2011 showed the average download speed for Little Shelford was just 1.48 mps.

There is a call to action for residents, businesses and community groups, who have a key part to play in the success of the project by showing that there is considerable and growing demand for access to faster and better broadband services across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.
By clicking on the ‘Get Cambridgeshire connected’ button, householders and businesses can register their support for the broadband campaign in minutes with just a postcode and landline phone number.
Visitors to the site will also be able to check their broadband speeds, volunteer to support the campaign as Digital Champions, ask for business advice and regular updates.

Simon Conway-Smith, who organised a survey of Broadband speesd in Little Shelford in November, has been appointed as our Digital Champion. You can contact Simon here:

Posted July  9 2012

                                          Missing out on the village magazine?

We aim to deliver the Newsletter to every home in thevillage. If you, or someone you know, do not receive a copy and would like to,then please let us know. You can contact us by email to,by telephone at the church office on 843710 or by leaving a note for Sarah Glauert at 44 Whittlesford Road.


Sarah Glauert

Posted June 26 2012

Main gate at the Wale Rec locked

In order to prevent unauthorised vehicle access to the Wale Recreation Ground, a combination padlock has now be installed on the main gate.

The Chairmen of all authorised organisations who use the Rec (Cricket, Football, Bowls, Ents Committee, Wildlife Group) have been informed of the access number.
If you have any questions about vehicle access to the Rec you can contact the following members of the Parish Council:
David Martin - 845995 or David Jones - 847213
Posted 26th May 2012

Parish Council decisions

Little Shelford Parish Council met on May 23rd. These are the main decisions and actions:

South Cambridgeshire District Council wants to demolish 12 garages in Beech Close and replace them with one house. 7 of the garages are currently being used. The Parish Council received four letters of complaint about the proposals from people saying the changes would add to the parking problems in the close. The Parish Council agreed to oppose the demolition of the garages.

A new picnic bench has been installed by the village pond in Bradmere Lane.

The Parish Council has received a £750 grant to help provide water for the village allotments. The total costs will be around £1700. The Council is going to explore options to bridge the gap at its July meeting. All of the allotments are now being used.

A village litter pick and tidy up is taking place on Saturday June 9th for an hour. Anyone who wants to join in can meet at the telephone box library at 11am.

A display about a Village Design Statement which is being compiled to protect the character of Little Shelford and prevent major developments in the village will take place in the Village Hall as part of the Jubilee street party on June 2.

A meeting with Garden Fields residents to discuss issues regarding their road surface has now been moved to July because some families couldn't make the original date. A letter will be sent to all families in Garden Fields.

Tickets for the Village's fun week-end have nearly sold out. Little Shelford residents have priority to buy tickets until mid-July.

The Shelford and Stapleford Youth initiative is looking to start sessions in Little Shelford on Monday evenings if they can find a suitable venue.

Three new people have joined the Parish council. Here is a full list of Parish Councillors along with the contact details and their portfolios.

New picnic bench arrives

A new picnic bench has been installed by the village pond, at the top of Bradmere Lane. We had a last minute refund on the recently installed information sign for the village pond, Bradmere Lane and the new Clay Pits Path. That was part of the project for the Clay Pits Path, led by Shelagh MacKnzie and Guy Brown. The result: a picnic bench installed by the pond. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Mike Paduano and Martin Atkins for help with its installation.

Richard Patterson, Footpaths Subcommittee, Little Shelford Parish Council.

Posted May 23 2012

                                Do you want faster broadband speeds in Little Shelford?
A new campaign to deliver faster broadband speeds to Little Shelford and the rest of Cambridgeshire has just been launched.

The ‘Get Cambridgeshire connected’ campaign features prominently on the new Connecting Cambridgeshire website at

A survey in November 2011 showed the average download speed for Little Shelford was just 1.48 mps.

There is a call to action for residents, businesses and community groups, who have a key part to play in the success of the project by showing that there is considerable and growing demand for access to faster and better broadband services across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.
By clicking on the ‘Get Cambridgeshire connected’ button, householders and businesses can register their support for the broadband campaign in minutes with just a postcode and landline phone number.
Visitors to the site will also be able to check their broadband speeds, volunteer to support the campaign as Digital Champions, ask for business advice and regular updates.

Simon Conway-Smith, who organised a survey of Broadband speesd in Little Shelford in November, has been appointed as our Digital Champion. You can contact Simon here:

Posted May 9 2012

Beech Close garage changes?

South Cambridgeshire District Council is currently considering our options regarding a number of Council garage sites in the District that are not well used or that are in need of refurbishment. One that is being considered for sale is at Beech Close, Little Shelford. The valuation that has been obtained for this site is around £120,000 with planning permission for one dwelling following demolition of the garages.
Planning have confirmed that a single storey dwelling would be acceptable on the site, subject to evidence that adequate parking could be provided for any properties that currently rely on the garages for parking. 
The Council’s options for this site are: not to sell but to retain and refurbish as a garage block, demolish the garages and use the area for parking or to place the site on the open market as a development plot.
The Parish Council has been asked for its views by Friday 25th May. Youcan email your views to the Parish Council at

Posted May 9 2012

Local election results


The results for the Shelfords and Stapleford seat in the recent polls for South Cambridgeshire District Council were:

Mike Nettleton - Labour - 400 votes
Charles Nightingale - Conservative - 960 votes (elected)
Bill Powell - Liberal Democrat - 363 votes
Linda Whitebread - Green Party - 355 votes

Design Agency raises money for charity


Staff from Redback Design, based in Newton Road, are taking part in a sponsored walk to raise up to £1,000 for the Alzheimers Research Society.

Posted May 9 2012

 Person killed on railway crossing

A person was killed at the Hautcon Road railway crossing on April 26.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said: “BTP officers were called to Hauxton Road, Little Shelford in Cambridge, on Thursday, 26 April following the report of a person being struck by a train.
“BTP and officers from Cambridge Constabulary attended the incident which was reported to BTP at 2.25pm and is currently being treated as non-suspicious.
First Capital Connect say the incident will cause delays of up to 20 minutes between Stevenage and
Cambridge. The incident was covered in the Royston Crow.
Posted May 9 2012

The Manor Road tree is finally replaced


The Manor Road tree has finally been replaced. A new Lime tree paid for by some local residents was planted on April 20 by Robin Fox and Ruth Shah.


The tree previously on the site was chopped down last autumn by the County Council because it was diseased. The Parish Council held a poll on this website to see if villagers wanted a new tree or a village sign. Almost 90% of the people who voted opted for a tree.


A new tree was donated by South Cambridgeshire District Council. But when it arrived, it was found to be quite small. So it was replanted on the Wale Recreation Ground with the three other Jubilee trees and some villagers clubbed together to buy a more mature tree.

Posted April 20 2012


Vice Chairman dies


L to R Valerie Luff (Parish Clerk) Parish Councillors Joan Church, Brenda Bishop, Rosemary Nicholls (Chairman), Ivor Pearl and Charles Day at the reopening of the Wale Memorial.

Ivor Pearl, the Vice Chairman of the Parish Council, has died after a short illness. He was 78.
Ivor (seen at the reopening of the Wale Memorial, second right) was born and bred in the village. He played for the Bowls Club and the Cricket Club before holding senior positions with both groups. He was also a Trustee of the Village Hall. 
"He lived for the Recreation Ground - he was never happier than when he was down there," said Ivor's sister, Margaret Day.
"Little Shelford will be less of a place without him," said Parish Council Chairman, David Martin.


Ivor's funeral was held at All Saints Church, Little Shelford on April 10 at 2pm.


Have your say on a special memorial page.


Posted March 26 2012.

Council elections


On May 3, villagers in Little Shelford will be going to the polls. There are four candidates for the Shelford and Stapleford seat on South Cambridgeshire District Council. They are:

Mike Nettleton - Labour, Charles Nightingale - Conservative, Bill Powell - Liberal Democrat and Linda Whitebread - Green Party. 

There are no parish council elections as there weren't enough candidates to fill all of the council seats.

Posted April 11 2012

Little Shelford student meets Government minister



Little Shelford student Chris from Hauxton Road was one of a number of people who met the Minister for Disabled People when she visited OWL at Sawston this week. Chris is pictured in thegreen outfit.

Maria Miller, the minister for disabled people, dropped in on the OWL Centre in Sawston, run by the Papworth Trust. The centre has a cafe and a bike workshop where unwanted bikes are recycled and refurbished before being sold to the public.

Ms Miller said: “Just under half of all disabled people are in work, but we know many would like to be. That is why I have come to see for myself how social enterprises like the OWL cafe and bikes businesses can be effective in providing fulfilling employment for disabled people from the local area.

“They not only provide job opportunities, but also training for disabled people and are popular with customers from around Cambridgeshire.”

Cambridge News coverage of the visit

Posted March 29 2012


New trees for the Wale Rec



Four new trees have been planted at the Wale Recreation Ground to make the Queen's Jubilee. The trees have been provided by South Cambridgeshire District Council.

Posted March 26 2012

Car crime

Two parked cars were broken into in Church Street earlier this month. The cars were parked near to the Sycamore Restaurant on March 7 when they were broken into. Details of the incident have just emerged.

Posted March 26 2012

Historical drawings up for grabs



Three Victorian drawings of Little Shelford are currently up for sale on Ebay. They include two drawings of the old Shelford hall which was demolished in the 1850s, and a drawing of All Saints Church. Click on the drawings to go to the relevant Ebay page.

Posted March 13 2012.

No hosepipe ban for Little Shelford


The proposed hosepipe ban announced by Anglain Water will not yet affect Little Shelford, as we are served by Cambridge Water. You can doublecheck if you are covered by the ban through this new website.

Posted March 20 2012


Village budget changes


The Parish Council is planning to spend £16,600 in Little Shelford over the next 12 months.  This will cost a family in a Band D property £42.43. The Council's share of the Council tax bill has increased by 2.7%, from the previous budget of £15,900. The extra money will also be used to pay for the £500 cost of the elections in May.

Brownie leader found

The Brownies in Great Shelford have been saved after an appeal for a new leader on this website. The new leader from April 1 is Charlotte Coulson. If you are interested in helping, please contact Jane Kynaston on 01223 842314.

Posted March 28 2012

Car crime in the Little Shelford

A spate of car crimes in South Cambridgeshire has included theft from a car in Little Shelford.


The crimes have included 5 thefts from motor vehicles;

  • 2 in Sawston;
  • 1 in Great Shelford;
  • 1 in Little Shelford;
  • and 1 in Stapleford near the Primary School.

Remember your vehicle security. Do not leave items on display even if they are of little value. Thieves don't know that, and they will still cause the same damage.

Posted March 11 2012

Local water park update 


More details have emerged about a major water park proposed at the edge of Little Shelford. The plans include a sailing and boating lake and a separate lake with a beach for swimming.


It has been revealed that the development, known as Cambridge Waterside, would now  include up to 85 holiday homes as well as a gym, a brasserie and an adventure playground. Great Shelford Tennis Club is looking to relocate to the park with four indoor and four outdoor courts.

The waterpark would be situated between Little Shelford and Sawston around Dernford House. It would be accessed from the A1301 at Sawston. The development would create up to 70 jobs rather than the 50 that were originally indicated. The proposal is based on the Cotswold Water Park.


The developers of the water park are teaming up with the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust for the environmental elements of the project. The initial proposals have now been shared 

with South Cambridgeshire District Council. 

You can get more details at or from Edward Smith on   07771 525353 or email
 Posted March 4 2012

Burglaries alert

Cambridgeshire Police have launched an operation following more than 200 burglaries in South Cambs - but not Little Shelford- and Huntingdonshire in the past four months.
Operation Twist will focus on tackling burglaries in rural villages in the districts.
Since November there have been 115 burglaries in Huntingdonshire and 113 in South Cambs. Detectives believe they are part of a linked series with the offenders potentially travelling in from outside the county.
Operation Twist will see increase patrols in rural villages, as well as investigative and forensic work to target those responsible.
Releasing these figures is not about scaring people, as in reality people living in Huntingdonshire and South Cambs are less than one per cent likely to become a victim of burglary. In fact, there has been an average of one burglary a day across Huntingdonshire and South Cambs. While that sounds a lot, it is worth bearing in mind the population in Huntingdonshire is 167,300 and there are more than 69,000 homes across the area. And in South Cambs the population is 143,600 and there are more than 59,000 homes across the area.
However, it is important that we raise awareness of this series as the public play a vital part in helping us to prevent further offences as well as catching those responsible.
Although a large number of offences have taken place while people have been away detectives believe offenders are targeting homes during the day, often breaking in through the rear of the property.
It’s important people remain alert to activity in their neighbourhood, reporting anything out of the ordinary or suspicious to police.
By taking simple preventative measure people can further reduce the risk of becoming a victim.
To reduce the risk of being a victim:
  • It’s important to make your home look lived in and ask neighbours to keep an eye on it when you are not in. Consider installing light timers. Burglars will target homes in darkness as there is less of a risk of being spotted. If the bins are due to be collected, ask your neighbours to move them on and off your drive for you.
  • Report unusual activity such as people knocking at your door. If you believe someone knocking at your door could be a burglar then contact police immediately. This type of information can be used to gain a better understanding of how criminals are operating in your area.
  • Keep a note of any unusual vehicles parking in your area and pass information onto the police.  
Alarms: Install an alarm - even an empty box on the side of your home can be enough to put off a burglar.
Dogs: A `beware of the dog’ sign can be enough to put off an intruder, regardless of whether a dog is present.
Lock up your shed: Offenders do not like carrying break-in tools as they may be searched en-route to a burglary. They often raid sheds to get their hands on tools to burgle.
Strong communities are also a deterrent for burglars: Make friends with your neighbours or join your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
DI Ian Simmons
  Posted March 3 2012

Computer scams

A Little Shelford resident recently had to pay out £150 to get her computer repaired after a scammer rang her up and ended up installing a virus onto her computer. This is some advice from Courtyards resident Simon Conway-Smith.


It is common knowledge that we need anti-virus software to protect our computers from viruses and from people who are bent on stealing our personal information.


First steps of defence against such people:

·         Always have an anti-virus solution installed on your PC, ensure it is kept up-to-date and runs regularly.

·         Use an external USB disk to store a backup of you data files, photos, documents, etc., and make sure the virus checker checks that regularly too.


However, cybercriminals have now found new ways of getting round all the firewall and anti-virus protection that we have on our computers. These people have now started calling people on the telephone, claiming to be from Microsoft and offering to fix problems on our computers. They often use information found in the public domain like phone books to select their targets - unsuspecting computer users. They might even make a few guesses about you and your computer, for example, which operating system you have.


These people are very persuasive – BUT THEY ARE SCAMS!


They can trick you into installing rogue software onto your PC.


Once installed this software can damage your computer, it may allow them to take control of your computer remotely and steal personal information from it.


** Do not trust ** unsolicited phone calls and do not give out any personal information. If you are unsure of the caller, hang up.


If you get such phone call,

·         If you have BT’s Caller-ID service and the call shows “INTERNATIONAL” or “WITHHELD”,

DO NOT answer with your name and/or number, just an anonymous “hello”.
DO NOT confirm any personal information they ask.

·         DO NOT buy any software or services

·         DO NOT switch your computer on during this call

·         NEVER provide credit card or financial or any personal information.

·         NEVER give control of your computer to the caller

·         Ask them to tell you your PC’s...

o   Windows version AND Service Pack (the Windows update level)

o   Make & model

o   Processor type and speed

o   The amount of RAM installed

If they cannot answer any/all of these accurately, especially the first, or try to fudge the answer, it’s a sure sign that they are a scammer.


No genuine anti-virus or PC ‘maintenance’ company will ever cold-call you, so assume that anyone who does is trying to trick and deceive you.


If you think your PC has been affected, for example it is behaving unusually, shut it down immediately disconnect the Internet connection, and seek trusted advice.


For further information, please contact Andrew Ade-kunle,

Cambridge iT Consultants 07779 758217

Posted January 19 2012

 Speed limits


The Parish Council is working with Hauxton Parish Council to reduce the speed limit on the road between the villages to 40 mph and hopefully reduce the speed of cars entering the village via Hauxton Road. You can have your say by emailing  . This is the letter that has been sent out to Hauxton Road residents.

Little Shelford Parish Council is always endeavouring to obtain support to reduce the speed of vehicles going into and out of the village.

The Parish Council, following discussions, instigated by David Lines, Area Traffic Engineer, Cambridgeshire County Council, with Hauxton Parish Council, has agreed to fund a joint speed reduction scheme. 

The scheme will involve the reduction of the current national speed limit between the villages to a 40 mph limit.  This should lower the speed of vehicles entering the 30 mph speed limits in both Little Shelford and Hauxton.

Little Shelford Parish Council is not having a formal consultation.  However, we feel that this joint initiative can only be to the benefit of Hauxton Road residents and the village as a whole.  The work will commence within the next twelve months; this is dependent on completion of the Speed Limit Order process and availability of staff.

Posted January 10 2012


Parish Council decisions

The Parish Council met on November 23. This is a summary of what was decided and discussed.


The Parish Council is going to plant a tree at the end of Manor Road to replace to the tree chopped down by the Highways Department because it was diseased. In a village poll asking residents whether they wanted another tree or a village sign, around 90% of people who voted favoured a replacement tree.


30 MPH stickers for people’s rubbish and recycling bins encouraging commuters through Little Shelford to slow down are being obtained by the Parish Council. If you want a free sticker, please contact the Parish Council.


The average Broadband download speed in Little Shelford is only around 1.50 KHZ according to the recent survey carried out by Simon Conway-Smith. The full results from all 48 participants can be found on the village website. The Parish Council is now going to send the results to Cambridgeshire County Council as well as meeting with the council official in charge of the county’s broadband project demanding that we are given the highest priority in Little Shelford.


The Shelford and Stapleford Youth Initiative is looking to work with the Parish Council to create a new regular Youth Club in Little Shelford. More formal proposals will be developed in 2012.


Fundraising towards the new community sports pavilion on the Wale Recreation Ground is really gathering pace. The total now stands at £14,000 thanks to £3,000 from the village fete and almost £2,000 from the recent hugely successful  Ascot race night. A planning application is due to be submitted by the end of the year.


Robin Haines is leading a campaign to improve the play equipment on the Wale Recreation ground. The Parish Council gave its wholehearted support to the campaign and offered3250 towards any new play equipment.


Four allotments are currently free in Little Shelford.


The Parish Council is opposing plans to chop down a tree in the garden of the Navigator public house. The final decision will be taken by South Cambridgeshire Council.


The enquiry into the possible footpath from the end of Garden fields and Bradmere Lane is due to start in January according to Cambridgeshire County Council. A child’s orange bike has been left locked to a bench in the Wale Recreation ground, probably following the September fete.


There have been two planning applications this month

·         There are proposals for a new house at 8 High Street

·         And plans to extend 32 Whittlesford Road have been approved by South Cambridgeshire Council.

(Posted Nov 29 2011)

Body found in Little Shelford


Police searching for a missing pensioner discovered a body in Little Shelford on Saturday November 12. John Lumbers, 82, was reported missing after leaving his home in Hauxton. Police officers found the body of a man in a small lake just outside Little Shelford at around 3pm after searching the area including the village pond in Bradmere Lane..

A spokeswoman said: “The death is not being treated as suspicious and will be passed to the coroner.”

It was thought Mr Lumbers had gone out on his bike.

                                                                Broadband survey

 How good is the broadband service in Little Shelford?

More than 40 households took part in a daily broadband survey to establish how fast or slow the Little Shelford broadband service is. The average download speed was around 1.5 mps.


A full copy of the results and the Parish Council report are attached at the bottom of this page.

Broadband Survey Week featured on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
Thursday 13th October 8:25am

(Interview recording available here. It's also available via the BBC Iplayer here. Interview is approx 2 hours 25 mins into the program.)



The tree story

While undertaking some tree works in the village a local tree surgery company parked up by the Lime tree located on the junction of Church Street and Manor Road and noted that the tree was in decline, on further inspection they noted the tree had significant deadwood up in the canopy associated with the significant decay at the base where the bark was dead and peeling away. The decay agent was a pathogen know as Kretzschmaria deusta formally Ustulina deusta.

This is a pathogen which takes on an appearance of bird droppings or splashed tarmac, see picture below - fairly insignificant in appearance however the effect it has on trees is rather more significant. The action of the decay produces a 'ceramic' failure which is unpredictable and it is difficult to determine the extent of the decayed wood as the rate of decay of the cellulose and lignin is at the same rate and does not directly lead to obvious decay characteristics e.g. cavities, exudate, large fruiting bodies.
From a legal and safety aspect the owner of the tree being Highways have a 'Duty of Care' under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 and a duty of keeping the highway safe for all users, the tree surgeons contacted the Parish Council, who in turn contacted South Cambridgeshire District Council to establish ownership. Once Highways were informed of the tree a site visit by their officer concluded that the tree had to be removed with immediate effect - this action is permitted as Highways have the power of 'Statutory Undertakers' meaning they do not have to seek consent for such works to a tree afforded statutory protection as it is a matter of making the highway safe.
It is a shame to have lost a tree in such a prominent position within the village however it may be possible with the co-operation of the Highways, parish council and South Cambridgeshire District Council that a replacement may be possible
. Roz Richardson, Tree and Landscape Officer, South Cambs District Council

Topple test results

A topple test has now been conducted at All Saints Church graveyard and a few gravestones have been laid down due to their dangerous state. Relatives and Friends who visit or look after graves in the Churchyard should pay a visit soon to see if they have been affected by the topple test. If they have been affected they should contact Simon Scott in the Church Office or by e-mail as soon as possible, to discuss the best way of repairing the affected gravestone. Simon can be contacted on 841998 or email

Phone box library theft

Sometime during the week leading up to the Bank Holiday, or possibly over that weekend, the whole of the Children’s Section of the telephone box library was taken from the box.  In addition, all the audio books also disappeared.  A green baker’s tray which housed overflow books on the floor of the box has gone as well.  This is obviously very disappointing and a bit of a blow for the village.  I would appreciate it if anyone who has any information about what might have happened could contact me on 01223 844289 or by email:  I would very much like the items back as soon as possible if they have indeed gone missing within the village. In the meantime, if any generous residents would like to make a donation of books for young children (i.e. picture books),books for primary age children or of audio tapes, this would be greatly appreciated so that we can restock as soon as possible.  If anyone has a spare plastic box kicking around their attic or garage, that would also be great! Adolescent fiction is also in great demand. Please bring the items to me to sort at number 5 Courtyards, rather than leaving them in the box itself. Many thanks for all your generosity and your help.  You have made the telephone box such a success to date that it would be shame if we let this setback defeat us. Please do remain vigilant, especially those villagers who live near the box and do feel free to challenge anyone (in a polite way) whose behaviour towards the scheme concerns you. Mary Palazzo

Parish Council meeting
At the July Parish Council meeting, there were a number of decisions and updates that affect Little Shelford
Pavement repairs have been carried out in Newton Road and the High Street following pressure from the Parish Council. Three pot holes are also going to be repaired outside of the Sycamore House restaurant.
There are moves to improve the Neighbourhood Watch scheme so villagers can be alerted quickly, possibly by email, if there is any crime in the village. However several volunteers are needed to help make this system more joined up. If you are interested in helping, please email the Parish Council at
The Parish Council was told that the changes to Great Shelford library might not now go ahead next year. There were proposals to reduce the opening hours of the library to 23 a week and use volunteers to help run the library. The Parish Council had previously been asked to help subsidise the new-style library. However opposition to the changes here and elsewhere has made the county council reconsider the proposal.
A plan setting out where new developments will happen across South Cambridgeshire over the next 20 years is being created by the District Council. The Plan will look at what is needed and where new houses could go. While there is not expected to be any main developments in Little Shelford, proposals for Hanley Grange near Sawston could be resurrected.
The Parish Council is going to put eight wooden posts at the entrance of the Wale Recreation Ground to stop cars driving across the middle of the park and playing area.
Villager Robin Haines has won the support of the Parish Council to put a new piece of play equipment in the play area at the Wale Recreation Ground. He will be canvassing opinions at the fete in September before starting the fundraising.
The Parish Council will have a stall at the village fete on September 10. A calendar with historical photos of the village will be on sale at the stall.
Fundraising for a new sports pavilion on the Wale Recreation Ground has now reached £10,000. A golf day is taking place in September and a Race Night is taking place in November
A Jubilee street party is being proposed for Little Shelford next June, led by Andrew Stephenson. If you would like to help, please email the Parish Council at
The telephone box library needs more books for children between 9 and 12 years old. Please drop them off at the box in High Street if you have any.
And the Church is about to carry out safety tests on its gravestones.
You can read the full minutes of the meeting at
The next Parish Council meeting is on September 28 at 8pm.
Broadband problems
Have you experienced a very marked degradation in your broadband service recently, particularly over the last week or two? Several Courtyards residents have found the speed has dropped considerably very recently, even down to ~100Kbps, and one or two have been experiencing regular drop-outs. Please let me know what your experience is, then we can hopefully get on to BT as a village and encourage them to sort out the problem. I would also encourage fellow surfers (or is that fellow sufferers?) who have experienced a drop in service speed/quality to report it to their ISP – and don’t let them fob you off by saying it may be your micro-filter or router, but insist they escalate it to their engineers and BT, citing that many people locally are suffering the same poor service. I have just changed both my filter and router (I keep spares for both), have nothing else on my broadband line, and it’s still very slow. Simon Conway-Smith
Email your experiences to

Curate promoted
All Saints curate Tony Heywood has been promoted. He has been appointed as the Team Vicar of the Abbey Estate, Thetford Team Ministry in the Norwich Diocese.

Tony’s last Sunday in his current parish will be the 26th June and he will be licensed to his new parishes on the 14th July, 7pm

 Library changes

The opening hours at Great Shelford library are being cut. Under new proposals, the library will be closed on Wednesdays and not open after 5pm. The new opening hours are:
Monday     2-5pm
Tuesday 10am-5pm   
Wednesday  Closed   
Thursday     2-5pm
 Friday 10am-5pm   
Saturday  10am-1pm   
or see the PDF form attachedat the bottom of the page.

Tesco decision

Tesco has won planning permission for more changes for its new store in Great Shelford.
The company’s plans for a refrigeration condenser and air conditioning units at the former Eaden Lilley premises in Great Shelford have been given the go ahead.
South Cambridgeshire District Council's planning committee approved the application by nine votes to five today, May 11.
Residents opposing the plans said the units would lead to more traffic in Woollards Lane and say fresh traffic research is needed.
But planning officers told councillors they do not have power to control vehicle movements at the site.

Little Shelford elections

Conservative candidate David Whiteman-Downes won the seat for Little Shelford, Great Shelford and Stapleford in the South Cambridgeshire District Council elections on May 5. The results were:


David Whiteman-Downes Conservative 1503
Michael Kilpatrick Liberal Democrat 621
Mike Nettleton Labour 545 
Linda Whitebread Green 390

Two new footpaths opened
Councillor Charlie Nightingale, ably assisted by Chairman of the Parish Council, Maurice Palmer, cuts the ribbon to open two new footpaths for Little Shelford on Sunday, March 27. The creation of the Whittlesford Verge and Clay Pits paths has been made possible thanks to an award through Defra’s Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund. 
The event was attended by over 70 people. Adults, children and dogs all assembled at the local Navigator pub and walked through the village to the new paths for the opening ceremony.
Some fascinating information on the history and wildlife of the location were provided by the Local History Society and the Wildlife Group and after the ceremony, many joined in bug hunting and pond dipping round village pond.
The Whittlesford Road Verge Path runs from Courtyards along the Whittlesford Road down to the turn-off to the Dernford Farm path. It also provides access to Bradmere Lane and the bridle path to Newton. The path has been levelled and grassed and overhanging brambles cut back. The road drains, which had presented a hazard for pedestrians, have been adapted. The path will be maintained by the parish council.
The Clay Pit Path provides a short loop at the end of Bradmere Lane. It accesses an ancient village space, which has been used by the community in the past and today supports a wealth of wildlife.
Parish records say:
‘The Clay Pit, containing 2 roods and 33 perches, is to be used in common by the proprietors of lands in Little Shelford and their tenants for their use and for the repair of public and private roads and to dig clay for their present and future buildings and fence walls in the parish and elsewhere'. 

                                                     Village roadworks

'Contractors will start work on Wednesday 30th March at the Bridge Lane, Church Street and Whittlesford Road junction. There will be some disruption as the contractors will have to use temporary traffic lights to enable them to construct the island; the work should take one week to complete.'

Library meeting

A meeting to discuss the future of Great Shelford library will take place in Great Shelford Memorial Hall on March 30 at 7pm. It is one of a number of libraries being named as being under review by Cambridgeshire County Council.

                                                 Tesco proposals update

Tesco's applications for a new shop in Great Shelford will be considered again by South Cambridgeshire councillors in April.

The retail giant wants to open an Express outlet in the former Eaden Lilley premises in Great Shelford.

528 residents wrote letters of objection, accompanied by a 395-signature petition.

Tesco already have permission in principle to open a store in Woollards Lane.


                            Footpath launch                                      

The two new footpaths, one running along Whittlesford Road verge and the other looping round Clay Pits will be officially opened next month. These paths have been funded through Defra’s Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund.
The event will take place at 2.00pm on Sunday 27th March 2011. We will start at The Navigator and walk to the Clay Pits for the opening ceremony. You will be able to explore the area and there will be activities for all, including pond dipping courtesy of the Wildlife Group. There will be fascinating facts provided by the Local History Society and the Wildlife Group.

                                 Little Shelford bus service faces the axe

The future of the bus service connecting Little Shelford with Cambridge is under threat. The county council is looking to cut the annual subsidy of £88,000 for the number 31 bus.

Cambridgeshire county Council decided on January 26 to cut £3 million of bus subsidies over the next four years. There are 57 routes that will
lose their subsidies, including the number 31.
The bus service is currently provided by Meridian Line Travel. The 31 leaves Little Shelford at 7.45am and 10.07am.
You can email your views to county councillor Tony Orgee at   or county councillor Gail Kenney                                

                                            Library under threat

There is a question mark over the future of Shelford library. It is one of a number of libraries being named as being under review by Cambridgeshire County Council. Councillors decided on January 26 that the library will need members of the public to carry out some of the library staffing.

You can email your views to county councillor Tony Orgee at   or county councillor Gail Kenney

A Facebook group has been launched.!/home.php?sk=group_160390267346537

                                                        Footpath work starts

Work has started on two new footpaths in the village. Following the award of the grant from COMMA, the Little Shelford Footpaths Committee, has moved ahead with the Whittlesford Road Verge Path and the loop path round the Clay Pits. 


The paths will formally open on March 27. The event starts at 2pm at the Navigator.


The £7,000 cost of the work has been funded through the Aggregate's levy Sustainability Fund.


The Verge Path has been cleared and levelled and the overhanging brambles trimmed.  In addition, the road drains, which were a potential hazard to walkers, runners and horse riders, have been covered and grips installed to allow the water from the road to drain safely.  The path will be reseeded in the spring and the Parish Council will then continue to maintain the path.


The short loop path around the Clay Pits at the end of Bradmere Lane has been cleared and drainage installed under the path where needed.  The surface has been improved with road planings and the Parish drain entrance strengthened.  There is a little more work to be done on this path and once this is complete, we will install a sign and may put up some nest boxes. The path looks a little drastic at the moment but will bed down well when spring comes and the undergrowth no doubt will fight back! With the Wildlife Group, we are hoping to set up a Clay Pits group to help look after the path and perhaps develop this area further.  If you are interested or have any suggestions or comments, please contact the Footpaths Committee.


Shelagh MacKenzie, Guy Brown and Richard Patterson

Footpaths Subcommittee


Contact us via or 01223 842 998

Wildlife appeal

The Little Shelford Wildlife Goup wants to have some pollarding work carried out at Bradmere Pond and the Wale Recreation Ground. The work will cost £2,000. They are appealling for donations of £5 or more from every household in the village. Cheques or cash to Diana Haines at 19 Church Street ( 841415) or Judy Boothroyd at 4 Newton Road (843313).

Tesco Planning Applications – an update

Tesco's applications for a new shop front, a cash machine and a lit sign at its planned new store in Great Shelford have been turned down. But the shop is still likely to open in 2011 creating 20 jobs.

The retail giant wants to open an Express outlet in the former Eaden Lilley premises in Great Shelford.

The refusals came after 528 residents wrote letters of objection, accompanied by a 395-signature petition.

Tesco already have permission to open a store in Woollards Lane.


                                            Water park proposal
A major waterpark is proposed at the edge of Little Shelford. The plans include a sailing and boating lake and a separate lake with a beach for swimming. The development, known as Cambridge Waterside, would also include holiday homes, a gym, a brasserie and an adventure playground.
The waterpark would be situated between Little Shelford and Sawston around Dernford House. It would be accessed from the A1301 at Sawston. The development would create up to 50 jobs. The proposal is based on the Cotswold Water Park.
The waterpark would be situated between Little Shelford and Sawston around Dernford House.
The waterpark proposal was discussed by the parish council at its meeting on November 24th. There is no formal application at this stage. The Waterpark is unlikely to happen until at least 2012.

A brochure and map are attached at the bottom of this page.

You can get more details from Edward Smith on 07771 525353 or email



Faster broadband campaign

BT is starting a fibre based broadband rollout under the banner “BT Infinity”. This is something we as Little Shelford residents should be very interested in, given how poor our current broadband provision is.


However, rather than just rolling it out across the country, perhaps with priority based on the current proportion/density of existing broadband connections within an exchange, they have set up a voting system to give priority to those exchanges with the most votes.


This is a call to arms, to ask if you would add your vote for the Trumpington Exchange.


To vote, visit and follow the instructions, initially with your postcode CB22 5...


Time is limited, and it’s a competition, and to quote the BT Infinity web site…The five areas with the largest percentage of votes by December 31st 2010 will win the chance to bring superfast broadband to their area. BT will also donate £5,000 of computer equipment to a local community project.”.


                                  Little Shelford in the Guardian

Little Shelford mum Sarah Hall featured in The Guardian on October 16 telling her story of how she is trying to balance the family's budget.

Gritting changes

Gritting changes have been announced for Little Shelford this winter. All of the main roads through the village will be gritted regularly. Newton Road was originally gong to be omitted from the list. But after a complaint from the Parish Council, the change was scrapped.

The Parish Council's traffic survey in 2009 found that over 200 vehicles per hour pass along this road during peak times in the morning and afternoons. The Council has asked for Newton Road is added to the gritting priority list. The Parish Council has also said that the village would welcome the provision of Grit Bins, provided they can be funded by the District Council.

Tesco comes to town

Tesco has leased the former Eaden Lilley store in Woollards Lane, Great Shelford, Little Shelford Parish Council heard at their meeting in September. They are planning to open a Tesco Express store. However this could have an impact on the future viability of local shops including the butchers, the bakers and the fruit and vegetable shops. You can express your views to your District Councillors - you can find their details in the left hand column, under Councillors.

Sycamore House development

Permission has been given for a new three bedroom home to be built on the car park of the Sycamore House restaurant. The Parish Council had opposed the development because of the loss of car parking spaces at the restaurant and the impact on the village's Conservation Area. South Cambridgeshire Council turned the planning application down.But planning inspectors have now given the proposals the go ahead.

Blue Bins

The new Blue Bins will be used for recycling paper, glass and plastic in Little Shelford from the first collection day on Monday October 11th. The Blue Bins will replace the three green crates. Paper will go in the caddy at the top of the bin. In the main part of the bin, you can place plastic bottles and packaging, plastic bags, glass jars and bottles, food cans, aerosols, tin foil and trays, cartons and cardboard.

Footpath success

Little Shelford Parish Council  has been awarded a £7,000 grant from COMMA (funded by the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund), for two new footpaths paths in the village, thanks to lots of hard work by Shelagh Mackenzie, Guy Brown and the Little Shelford Footpaths Committee.


The Whittlesford Road Verge Path will adapt the current verge route to a grass path suitable for walkers and runners etc, which can be more easily maintained in subsequent years by the Parish Council.  The path will run from Courtyards along the Whittlesford Road for 1km, connecting with the Dernford Farm path to Sawston and the ‘cinder track’ to Newton.


The Clay Pit, situated on the left at the end of Bradmere Lane, is an old village site, which was used to supply clay for roads and buildings.  The plan is to create a short circular path around this site leading back to Bradmere Lane. The existing very rough track will be defined and extended, but much of the growth will be left as it supports the area’s birds, butterflies, orchids and other wild life. 


The Footpaths group is working closely with the village Wildlife Group and intend to follow the natural style of the village pond, which that group maintains.


If you are keen to join a group to help make this happen or would like to contribute in any way, please send an email to and we will let you know the date of the first meeting.


Election results

Ben Shelton is the new South Cambridgeshire district councillor for Little Shelford. The Conservative candidate won the poll on May 6, taking the seat from the Liberal Democrats.


Candidate Political Party Votes cast Elected?
Michael Thomas Kilpatrick Liberal Democrat 1517 No
Michael Robert Nettleton The Labour Party 444 No
Benjamin Shelton The Conservative Party 1942 Yes
Linda Jane Whitebread The Green Party 329 No



 Beating the Bounds

A walk to the boundaries of Little Shelford to support the footpaths campaign is taking place on May 15 2010. The walk starts the at the corner of Manor Road and Church Street at 10.30am The route will include the bridge on Bridge Lane, the Wale Recreation ground and Hauxton Road. Moredatils from Richard patterson  on 842998 or




There is currently one allotment available for rent. Anyone interested should contact Gillian Taylor.


Traffic Survey

As a result of pressure from the Parish Council a census of traffic was carried out in Hauxton Road last October between 7am and 7pm. The results are summarised below.


 Hour started  Peds  Cycles  M/cycles  Cars  LGV HGV   Buses  Total
 7.00  9  15  6  349  50  7  5  432
 8.00  26  26  5  528  63  10  4  636
 9.00  5  5  2  318  39  6  0  370
 10.00  12  7  0  194  41  3  2  247
 11.00  13  7  1  210  34  5  1  258
 12.00  8  6  0  196  26  3  1  232
 13.00  2  7  1  276  39  2  1  326
 14.00  7  3  2  225  39  4  1  274
 15.00  29  11  1  260  40  3  3  318
 16.00  8  17  9  438  62  0  2  528
 17.00  4  22  9  510  36  0  0  577
 18.00  5  7  1  363  17  0  1  389
 Totals  128  133  37  3,867  486  43  21  4,587


The idea of this census stemmed from the need for us to have quantitative data available to us when discussing the traffic problems in Little Shelford with the various authorities. We are also concerned at the effect the new Addenbrookes Access Road will have on the ‘rat run’ through the village. Once this is opened we will have another census to compare traffic volumes.  The above data does emphasise the traffic problem we have in Little Shelford, particularly at rush hours in the morning and afternoons.


Councillor Dies
Little Shelford Parish Councillor David Eagle has died. He was 80. 

David was best known by many people for the work he did at the Ministry of Agriculture where he specialised in pesticidal residues and their impact on ground water.  The book which he co-wrote with colleagues entitled "Soil Management" became a best-seller in its field and it is still the bible text for young agricultural students.

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