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Ivor Pearl memorial page

A permanent memorial is being created for Ivor Pearl, who died in March. Ivor was Vice Chairman of the Parish Council, a Trustee of the Village Hall, Treasurer at the Cricket Club and Vice Chairman of the Bowls club. It will be unveiled on Sunday September 23 at 1pm.
If you would like to contribute twoards the memorial plaque, please ring Parish Council chairman David Martin on 845995 or email
 Ivor Pearl made a huge difference in so many ways across Little Shelford before he died on March 26. Many people have spoken favourably about Ivor, his sense of humour and his huge contribution to village life. This page has been created as a memorial to Ivor's life.
You can add a comment below or email your comments to
Ivor pearl was my Great-Uncle, and i can honestly say i have never met a more selfless man, everything in his life was focused towards the betterment of other and he seldom did himself any favours (much to the frustration of his siblings). but suchw as his way and he was loved by all for it. Little Shelford, and indeed the world, will be a lesser place without him. may he forever be remembered as the kind soul he was. May he rest in peace and happiness. Kieran Eusden
May I and all my brothers and sisters add our tributes to those already given to Ivor. We were all born in the village and Ivor was a friend to all of us. When the cricket club reformed after the war Ivor and I were among those involved in getting the cricket field into reasonable shape and repairing a rather dilapidated pavilion.
Over the years we both helped to remove some trees from the field and dig out and level a bowling green down by the river.  This included digging a trench right across from the Whittlesford road to supply water to the pavilion,the cricket pitch and the bowls green.
Where ever there was work to be done  there was Ivor. I am sure he would have loved to be Involved in the proposed new pavilion. Ivor was a friend for a very long time and I will miss him. 
Jim Cage, Nailsea, Somerset
Ivor remained unmarried all his lifetime but was much loved by his brothers and sisters, neices and nephews. As a young man he was never without a smile on his face even when he just got out of bed.  Always telling the most silly jokes (seldom blue) and absolutely delighting in the howls of derision from the listeners.  As the youngest of his siblings I will miss him very much and am a lot richer for having such a generous soul for a brother. Jenny Brandon nee Pearl
A true and trusted servant of Little Shelford and one whose presence will be greatly missed in so many different aspects of village life. Maurice Palmer, High Street.
I was very sorry to hear the sad news about Ivor.  I always thought that the questions he put to district and county councillors (at the Praish Council meetings) were because he cared deeply about the village and surrounding areas and was pleased that what he did was recognised last year by the District Council. Cllr Tony Orgee, Cambridgeshire County Council
Little Shelford will be less of a place without him. David Martin, Church Street.
l am probably one of the few peple who knew lvor for a relatively short time. l first met Ivor in 2010 when l took over from Muriel Butler as Little Shelfod Village Hall cleaner.He went out of his way to make me feel welcome, would always check that all was in order at the hall and that l had everything l needed to do my cleaning. l was nervous about taking over from Muriel, such a long standing and respected cleaner and both Ivor and Muriel were always at hand should l need any help with anything. As were a lot of other people too numerous to mention.(You know who you are!)
Every month l would go to Ivor's house to pick up my monthly pay cheque. His radio was blaring out and l would be met at the door with a friendly smile and a recycled envelope, within which was a beautifully handwritten cheque. He  always  called me 'dear',was proper and respectful,and friendly too with those lovely twinkling eyes.He always reminded me to put in my receipts for my cleaning materials and would ask if everything was alright at the hall. On numerous occasions he would come down to the hall to sort something out for me.
The last time l spoke to Ivor was on his front doostep. He had my envelpe with pay cheque in as always. He had noticed that one of my pay cheques from 2 months ago had not been banked. He was concerned that he had forgotten to give me the cheque or he had lost it. lt turned out that he had done everything properly and indeed it was me who had temporarily lost the cheque. lt had fallen down the back of my kitchen unit! That explaind why that month was financially more difficult than usual!
In essence Ivor was a kind,thoughtful man who strove to help make Little Shelford a better place for all of us and visitors too.Always with that lovely twinkle in his eye. lf either of my sons grow up to be half the man Ivor was l shall feel very proud. Bridget Sumsion, Hauxton Road