Planning applications/ design statement

Planning decisions in Little Shelford are made by South Cambridgeshire District Council. The district council gives details of every planning application in our village to Little Shelford Parish Council for the Council to review. The district council takes into account the Parish Council's views and comments on planning applications. These are the current planning applications.
S/0313/15/FLCar Port and Garden Room 29, High Street, Little Shelford, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB22 5ES
S/0420/15/DCDischarge of Condition 4 on Planning Consent S/2834/14/FL (Bat Roost Details) 32, High Street, Little Shelford, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB22 5ES
S/0379/15/VCVariation of condition 2 of planning application S/1704/13/FL in order to substi 30, High Street, Little Shelford, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB22 5ES
S/0163/15/FLErection of 2 no. detached houses following demolition of existing house, togeth 25, Church Street, Little Shelford, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB22 5HG
S/2684/14/VCRe-roof existing dwelling with slate to match extensions 32, High Street, Little Shelford, Cambridge. CB22 5ES
S/2834/14/FLRe-roof existing dwelling with slate to match extensions32, High Street, Little Shelford, Cambridge. CB22 5ES
You can find details of outstanding planning applications in Little Shelford on the South Cambridgeshire District Council website.
You will need to enter "little Shelford into the Location search box.          You can also request to see plans connected with planning applications by contacting parish council clerk Rosemary Humby at

                                             Helping Little Shelford keep its character

A Design Statement is being created for Little Shelford. The document will set out what makes the village great and what we want the village to be like in the future.It should help to prevent inappropriate planning applications.

The Statement is currently being created by a group of Little Shelford villagers chaired by Neil Ruffles on behalf of the Little Shelford Parish Council.

An "exhibition" covering the scope of our Statement will take place at the Village’s AGM on April 25

What is a Village Design Statement

The Village Design Statement describes Little Shelford as it is today, and highlights the qualities valued by the residents. The statement has been written by Little Shelford residents so that local knowledge, views and ideas may contribute to the growth and prosperity of the village and to the high quality of its environment. The aim is to ensure that further development and change, based on a considered understanding of the village’s past and present will contribute positively to the future of Little Shelford and protect and enhance its special nature.

The statement will be arranged in sections with each containing descriptive text followed bya series of numbered guidelines. These guidelines represent the key points that users of the document are encouraged to take into account at an early stage when planning or implementing development or change.

It is hoped that this statement will help promote high quality and locally appropriate development and change proposals.

Who is it for?

Change is brought about not only by new building but also by the smaller day-to-day adjustments to home and gardens, open spaces, roads, paths and hedges which can alter the look and feel of the whole village. The statement is therefore relevant to:
  • Householders and businesses
  • Statutory bodies and public authorities
  • Planners, developers, builders, architects, designers and engineers
  • Local community groups.

How does the Design Statement work?

It is hoped that South Cambridgeshire District Council will adopt this Village Design Statement as a Supplementary Planning Document within their Local Development Framework. As such, this Design Statement supplements the Core Strategy and Development Control policies and should be read in conjunction with them. The Design Statement’s recommendations will be taken into account when planning applications with Little Shelford parish are assessed. In this way, the document supports the Local Development Framework as it affects Little Shelford and assists the Parish Council in its role as a statutory planning consultee.

For more information please contact Neil Ruffles at or email